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  1. Fantastic job! The seat looks great overall and will defintiely get better when the decals come in. The color of the headrest is spot on and how you have made it look like a worn one is spectacular
  2. Just try cutting the supports close to the part with a very sharp blade, moving it back and forth slowly and several times. Otherwise these parts, especially those microscobic ones, will jump off into the carpet and be gone forever. Ask me how I know
  3. I have received my first copy last week, absolutely gorgeous kit, two more to come. Definitely worth all the wait and I simply do not care about any delays as long as they continue to bring such wonderfully designed and produced kits. Speaking of dimensions, panels, shape... all look ok. And excellent details...
  4. 1:32 X-3 Stiletto after the Learjet, that's what they say.
  5. Sorry, I didn't see the other two topics related to their poll so I thought this was the only thread. Yes, I have been building in 1/32 for many years now and it's been a long time that haven't built in 1/48, but I'll definitely go for this one. alreay voted for it.
  6. Are we a bit early to say that it is about the B-47?? This seems to be a poll on which one to make first and the winner to be announced on February 14, I take it. So the Neptune or Fiddler may come out of it as well and to me the Neptune seems to be a bit ahead given the people's comments on their Facebook page.
  7. Just placed a reservation for three. One for C-21, second a Japanese U-36 and third the tigery stripy Phoenix. I do not know it they issue decals for the Phoenix bird, but it is not a tiny paint job for the stripes so I can go with masking if necessary.
  8. Looks wonderful. I have to buy two, I think, especially if it would be possible to make one of those pseudo-fighter Phoenix birds with tiger stripes.
  9. Looks great. Folded wings make it look double great.
  10. That is absolutely amazing. Couldn't say which is better, the aircraft or the figures. Hats off !!!
  11. Fabulous! Great model with very impressive paint job and weathering.
  12. Thanks for the info. Waiting is what I am used to when it's about a good kit, so ok. A kit is not an easy thing to produce, contrary to what a lot of people think, such delays can be tolerated, if especially the kit is worth the wait.
  13. Less than USD200 + shipping... well, that sounds quite reasonable, considering new tooled 1/32 IM kits sell at around 150.
  14. A Lear 35 in 1/32?? I must say Jetmads is proving to be a manufacturer to release unexpected aircraft in unimaginable scales. I had thought their next kit would be something like Mirage F1 or a Draken, but maybe these surprises are becoming their tradition. 1/32 Learjet 35 / C-21A was not what I desired badly but I guess I will not be able to resist when design images appear, considering that their cad presentations are self-selling. Now I am getting warmer to the idea of a C-21, freshly painted and shiny. And I might also have a second one if they include parts and decals for a Japanese U-36A, which would be an eyecather in that glowing orange livery.
  15. This is probably the best Tornado I've seen recently. Wonderful jobe here !
  16. Ahhh, I know. That is the F-4 virus, without any slightest chance of cure
  17. Looks splendid despite the shortcomimgs of the kit.
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