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  1. I meant flat in the sense of low contrast (sorry for the confusion!).
  2. Very well done. I like the somewhat exaggerated shading on the skin, gives the model a noir kind of tone. Of course the details (tattoo, tartan, axe) are absolutely superb.
  3. Goofy sculpt! I very much like how you finished the base; looks great (I'm a sucker for well made scale flowers...). The model itself has a solid paint job: The fur and hair look especially good. The only suggestion I would make is that a couple areas look too flat (the boots and the metal) and could benefit from some more washes/dry brushing to make them pop a bit more. Also, he needs some gore! Look at the rage on his face; Get some glossy transparent red and splatter it onto his axe and shield, maybe add some hacked off body parts to the base! Go nuts! It's those little details that give the model a story.
  4. Very well done. Busts are very good presents
  5. Love it. Great weathering. Great idea.
  6. Yeah it's a rough cast and I didn't do a great job of cleaning it up, to be honest. Thanks for the compliments!
  7. I've had the same problem of darkening the color by too liberally applying washes... It's very difficult to imagine the final color of tank when you're putting on the first layers. As others have said, it's just part of the learning process! Also, after doing a quick google search your shade seems completely plausible...! And maybe it's just an overcast day Overall though, it looks very good!
  8. Love these micro scale models! And I thought 1/72 was minuscule... Seven parts actually seems like a lot considering the scale..
  9. It's practically too good for words... I particularly like the grime on the hitch (Is that the right word?) and the mudflaps... but honestly everything is great.
  10. Superbly done... I really enjoy your weathering. And the functioning tracks are the cherry on top. Keep it up, looking forward to more!
  11. Ignore me? What? Is that really how people interact with each other on this forum? I never said that the original poster MUST do anything. Just gave a suggestion. Furthermore, did I say it was a bad model? Absolutely not.
  12. Finished this guy today. There are a couple things I don't like, but overall I'm satisfied. C&C welcome as always!!! Adding a close up of the face... Had a hard time getting a decent photo that realistically shows the fleshtones. This is the best I could do:
  13. You can look at the Churchill bust I just posted if you want an example of much too white eyes!! :)
  14. Hi everyone. This is a bust I painted at the beginning of the year. Thought I would upload it here. There's a lot of i've learned since them but I'm still overall happy with the result. C&C welcome as always!
  15. Echoing the praise of the water droplets. The figure is painted with oils? The colors looks superbly smooth. Great work.
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