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  1. Crikey! A lot less of that old Hawk Lizzie than the last time I peeked in I must say! By the time you're done all that'll be left will be the wheel pants and a few square inches of fuselage. Crack on!
  2. Crikey! and Bikkie crumbs! That IS a brute isn't it? I applaud your endurance! Oh, and the build is brilliant sir!
  3. Very pretty build! Freighter models are a bit more popular around my parts (middle of the Great Lakes) but, as you say, nearly all scratch built. The Edmund Fitgerald is about the only one with a prayer of being made into a kit I'm afraid. Sylvan models does a few large (1/87th) scale kits though, including a gorgeous old tramp steamer that I wish I had time to build. Q
  4. I would love to. However I should be sensible ( for a change) and clear away all the stuff I am supposed to be getting paid for before I take on anything fun. I have a really hard time saying 'No' when someone comes up and asks if I can "just do a quick build" for them. Currently on the bench I have a P2V Neptune, a '68 Camaro, a '55 Studebaker Commander and a 1/9th scale B-17 radio stack and some marker lights that were all due last X-mas... In actual point of fact I should be working on them right now instead of being distracted by these forums... I'm slow but at least I'm inefficient! Thanks for all the compliments guys! Q
  5. Your conversion looks pretty good so far. I'd speculate on the jacket being some kind of civilian canvas windcheater. Doesn't really look like a military jacket. (the knotted buttons on the cuffs and the collar specifically) Faded olive maybe?
  6. Hmm, never noticed that the kit came with a human. Does he have feathers? There is a current hypothesis that they did you know... Oh and Bethany...def'nitly Bethany....
  7. Considering what an awful kit you started with, that is darned impressive. Me likey! Where did you get the skeletal trike from? I snabbed a few of the Glencoe skellington kits a while back but I never found a Triceratops.
  8. Never did hear a settled on name for your trike. 'Tubby' and 'Trixie' seemed to most often heard. If nominations were still open I'd like to suggest 'Geraldine' but not seriously. Oh, and sympathies on your burgeoning plastic addiction.
  9. It's been said before but I'll say it again. WOW!
  10. Very Nice! You may be on to a whole new career!
  11. I know there are people out there who do not love their fellow man. I HATE people like that!

    1. Procopius


      Tom Lehrer!

    2. Tzulscha


      Give that man a shilling! :)

  12. I won't presume to offer advice on the cab itself but I'm not completely awful with figures and I'd be more than happy to try and help with Mr Welch if I could offer my humble services...
  13. Hey Flag-overlord. Uniform colour started as Testors 1164 Flat OD green. A little black wash to do shadows and outline equipment. A little light grey drybrush for high lighting. As for microwaving the ground cover.. hmm well I dunno. Not very long as a heap of grass will catch fire if you leave it in too long.. Set it for about a minute and keep an eye on the stuff. Dry stuff will only take a few seconds but wet green stuff will only take a little longer since water absorbs microwave radiation REALLY well. Sand and dirt will depend on what they are actually comprised of. Basically keep an eye on it and stir it up every few seconds until it's dry eh? Oh, paper plates may keep the wife off your back. If the microwave explodes, just stop there. BTW never slice a grape almost in half and put it in the microwave....
  14. A little PVA glue, some sand and a blast from a can of Tamiya flat black. A mist of light tan out of the airbrush to finish. Sprayed at an angle it's just enough to give a bit of texture and contrast. The ground litter is dead grass out of the back yard. Side note: If you are using natural ground cover like sand and leaves and grass and junk, ALWAYS microwave the stuff. It dries the stuff out, preserves colour and makes sure no giant beetles or the like erupt from the ground to attack your soldiers. Thanks for all the nice comments guys!
  15. Thanks for the nice comments guys. This was a fun one. The snow would probably come off the car if I scrubbed a bit. The base would need a chisel.. No Jessica there is no sandy claws.. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Snow goons are much easier to make in real life than it is to find scale Calvin and Hobbes figures and I'm afraid my sculpting skills are not up to the task... Out of frame however.... yes, yes there is... Q
  16. Dang Kallisti, you are a prolific wee bugger aren't you? (I didn't see the date at first but still...) The bus looks terrific by the way. Anything dirty and worn. Me likey! I have solved the opacity problem on occasion by simply stacking images. What I mean is multiple copies of each image stacked one atop the other. Even three layers of decal film is still pretty thin. How are the real graphics done anyway? Paint, stickers?
  17. More gubbins! Or the same ones with a bit more colour anyway. The turbines snuggly wrapped in their little foil jackets like a couple of baked potatoes. Shot of black, shot of aluminium and a bit of gunmetal before wrapping in BMF actually. I swear the wrinkly foil is intentional! Just about ready for some fuel lines. I thought a little posing might be nice. Just to give an idea what everything is meant to look like I mean. Lots of silver and black but hey this is the FUTURE!. Right? I mean, innit? I take solace in the fact that all this will be tucked inside, mostly out of sight except for the nosey bugger that opens up the hatches to look. Tucked just behind the rear passenger seat is HORSEPOWER! Ever sat two feet away from a jet engine? The soundproofing will need to be amazing. Maybe some kind of bulkhead.. Made of kryptonite... And last but certainly least, a quick shot of the seats and upper body in place. Yeah, gonna need some kind of bulkhead. Black boxes and fuel tankage. Hydraulic pumps and retract mechanisms. Batteries and compressed air bottles, electronic boxes and and and... Dashed if I know what all. Looks cavernous don't it? Right. That's about all I got for now but allow me to request suggestions for both interior and exterior colours. I'm getting tired of black and silver.. Thanks for looking! Tune in next time for more of THE FUTURE!! Q
  18. I appreciate your patience gentlemen. A small amount of progress has been made. The advancement of perhaps another hour or so of actual building. Well, more paint and fettling than any real construction. So filling of sink marks, a bit of paint sprayed randomly into the air some of which even landed on the model. So, more pix Nose gear doors, fan shroud and rear inner doors all fixed in their places. So far everything fits quite nicely without a lot of tweaking. (I almost said twerking which I assure you you do NOT wish to see) The front motor is basically assembled and given a quick shot of semi gloss black and an even quicker shot of polished aluminium. (see that? I know how to spell aluminum.. oh sod, never mind) A closer, (too close, yikes that looks awful, much better twenty five feet away let me assure you), look at the turbine generator which is somehow connected to both the fan shaft and the individual wheel motors. It looks a bit lonely and forlorn in there but much space will be filled by the wheel retraction mechanisms I expect. I could and will probably need to make some electronic boxes to jam in there just to take up space. The engineering is a bit ...um... well let's just say 'simplified' and be polite about it shall we? Ah! The main control panel again. A quick dressing with a sanding stick shows a wee bit more detail in this latest image. I expect I'll just look at a few jetplane panels and whip the odd random colour on it here and there. Maybe some red "Danger! Do Not push this Button!" warnings and suchlike. To be frank I have no idea what all these buttons and sliders are meant to do and I suspect the the guys who engraved it had no idea either. The only thing I am sure of is the reel to reel tape unit. Maybe it's just the stereo controls. I wonder if there is an ejection handle. Hmmm. The center overhead console here. Well at least there are some bits recognizable as dials. Lets see, Clock, compass, speedo and fuel gauges? Durned ef I know. The whole canopy lifts on that end hinge. Probably meant to be powered, The canopy is massive and would weigh more than granny is gonna lift by herself. Maybe a bit wobbly, (the canopy, not gran) I guess we'll find out. Well anyway, so far so good. The doors open and close and fit tolerably well. Colour me hopeful.
  19. Ooh! Shiny! I'd love to have a go at this one. However since I have a squillion other things to build and far less time than I'd like, I shall live vicariously through you. So...is it done yet? Sorry.
  20. I like the idea of a dio. A bit shiny for a barn find now though isn't it? A grubby little garage with bits spread all about while the car gets puttered back together strikes my fancy.
  21. That came together very nicely. Fast too. Now you'll have to find something else to build for us to drool on. Well done sir.
  22. That's one of the new Airfix tools eh? Surface details look not entirely awful. With the efforts you are making it should be a nifty little bird when you are done. Good show! Q
  23. I seem to recall building a Merlin "kit" at some point but I'll be dashed if I could tell you which one. I think someone asked me to build it for them... Mercifully, both they and the model have been blotted from my memory. I'd wish you luck but you've brought this upon yourself. Still, in all it IS starting to look like an aeroplane so I suppose there is some hope after all. Hals und beinbruch! Q
  24. The snow is Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow bound with PVA glue and Hair spray. The car is the old AMT 58 Impala. Frosty has styrofoam balls... Bricks by Frosty. Thanks for the likes guys, this was a fun one.
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