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    Need a Name

    I really like the colours, I might just use that. Thank you very much. Good names. I assume they are all real places? I am a bit tempted by Le Rouge et le Noir... Hah! Le Sheepdip! How about Trempe des Moutons? Hmm, can anyone of you French guys tell me if that works? Thanks guys, you are giving me things to think about that I wouldn't have come up with on my own! Any other thoughts, bad jokes or puns are welcome!
  2. Tzulscha

    Need a Name

    Don't think I haven't considered that! I even have a gendarme that looks rather like officer Crabtree. I am thinking about having him writing a parking ticket.
  3. Tzulscha

    Need a Name

    Working on a diorama featuring a French Char B1bis. It is April 1940. A lovely spring day They have stopped their tank at a bar in a small city. I need a name for the bar. Thanks guys!
  4. Startin' ta look real good! Heck, it 'minds me of the time me an a couple buddies wuz a-tootlin' along in tha ol' hunk-a-junk an mah fren , he says "Hey looky thar et thet ol' moon yonder!" An' I says, heckfire ol' Ben! That ain't no moon, that there's a space station! Ahem, sorry. The little brown outhouse building you put in there set me off. (Sixth greebly from the right) (Or is it a birdhouse?) So Lazer turrets? Pew! Pew!
  5. I gotta get new glasses. I read the title as "Aussie Wombat Bobsled Diorama". That would have been interesting but this is better...
  6. Plastic enthusiasts trading airplanes?
  7. Hmm, that looks like a VW floor pan. I wonder what the built the prop on... Looking good. I'm STILL looking for a Spinner kit. Crack on!
  8. yelling and waving contracts
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