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  1. I flew in an Islander of Aurigny, from Southampton to Cherbourg in 1973; then many years later I worked for four months on Alderney and flew in the Trilander. The island was fog bound for the first two days the flight was attempted, we got used to, "Oh well, please return to the airport at 7:30am tomorrow" after we landed. At least I got three trips in a Trilander before I stepped foot on Alderney! Nowadays I volunteer with the NCI as a Watchkeeper at the Needles, so the cliffs mentioned earlier would be the ones in Scratchells Bay. Our station is on top of those and we are at 425 feet when on
  2. I sort of fell in love with the Shack on my fitter's course at Cosford back in 79/80. It was big, solid and had an interesting smell, a mixture of leather, fuel, electrics and long gone aircrew...lol. In particular I remember the ashtrays on the armrests of the pilot's seats, clambering over the wing spars to get from the back to the front and the fact you could have a crafty 40 winks in the nose gunner's seat on the MR2, much harder to be seen from the ground than the MR3! My task on it was to locate a fault on the intercom system, which turned out to be a cunningly hidden two pence piece acr
  3. I was doing some research for a bit of artwork about my time at TWCU back in the 80's. In the background will be A shed at Honington, but try as I might I am unable to find a photo of it showing clearly the airfield side in particular. The period would be 1984 - 88; can anyone help?
  4. You could always put a jury strut in... and claim the wind was above a certain number of knots. My memory has faded, it may have been 40 knts. I was on TWCU back in the day at Honington and seeing your model brought back some memories - though it looks a bit clean....lol.
  5. I worked on them from 84 to 88, before heading off to the land of the petrodollar to train their technicians for 12 years... Nice to see someone doing a green/grey GR1! I know what you mean about getting old, some I worked on are in museums...lol.
  6. Ah, memories of childhood. Every year I was transported from the south coast to my grandparents in Grantham for a week of the summer holidays; it was quite a journey back in the early 60's especially in a motorbike and sidecar! There were a few things I always looked out for on route, the excavators at Corby, buses that were not green, an Air Force base in Northamptonshire surrounded by aerial farms and a glimpse in the distance as we neared Stamford, of large white aircraft on the horizon.... It was a few years later I found out they were Victors at Wittering. Great seeing that magnificent ta
  7. A blast from the past as they say... Brought back memories from an overland trip to India and Nepal; I did do a little plane-spotting and my log book reveals: 18/2/75 G-APFL Dehli - Damascus via Tehran G-APFB Damascus - LHR via Munich Both wore Syrian Arab Airlines markings; interiors were a little tired, but then I was too. Did an aborted landing at Munich as a Volkswagen minibus trundled onto the runway as we were about to cross the threshold. Entertaining is a word that comes to mind!
  8. Did a tour of Belize back in '77. One of the squadron aircraft went down in Norway at that time, but that was due to one of the cabin doors coming off and hitting the rear rotor as I recall. Wonder if a fenestron would have saved it? As Belize was so warm, it was decided to remove the cabin doors and continue flying. The cockpit doors had been wire locked shut for a reason that escapes me, but again a hazy memory was something about they would detach themselves from the airframe if a certain speed was exceeded with the cabin doors open... I bet someone here knows the details!
  9. Nice to see a workbench as tidy as mine...lol. Beautiful model, from the interesting period of aviation and a spy version too! looking forward to the finished model.
  10. I read an account in Aeroplane magazine about the Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya. The chap who wrote it also prepared the account for their Lordships at the Air Ministry. As a light aircraft being used for observation was brought down by small arms fire from the ground, he summarised that the Mau-Mau had won the air war on the the grounds that they had shot down one of ours, but we had not shot down any of theirs.....lol. Their Lordships were not impressed!
  11. Found a Williams Brothers one in a local collectors shop a week or so ago for £10. Whole bunch of stuff in there, but haven't been able to get back yet. Amassing references before I start; looking carefully at setting up the undercarriage for an 'on ground' option. The instructions are helpful in this regard, a case of having to trim a couple of struts, but.....lol
  12. And our local one has been replaced by an AW 189 - now there's an impressive noisy beast... Love to do a diorama featuring one with an image of the Needles behind it and a lifeboat doing an exercise.... Guess it's 'Dream on, Pilgrim......' (though an Airfix lifeboat would match the Yarmouth one I believe.....)
  13. Pity I left TWCU in 1988;as we were 45Sqn if anything happened... When on 'teas and keys' late at night, I would sometimes pop into the 'other' crewroom and look through the photo albums... Fascinating stuff, Fairy IIIF's, Venoms and Hornets etc. Tried photocopying some, but not very clear, so no use for modelling.... Could the finish be anything to do with being in Ceylon, or official paint schemes in 1947?
  14. And the bonus of possibly the worst painting ever of the Isle of Wight on the box art of G-AVCN.... My house would be under water! But great to see 1:48th Islander, love to see a Trislander too -that will be in the markings of the one I was on, that took 3 days to get from Southampton to Alderney.... To be fair the first 2 days were: fly to Alderney.... I'ts fogbound.... fly back to Southampton... The beginning of some of the best few months I had teaching.
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