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  1. It's a great little kit!! - I built one earlier in the year (the Junior edition, built OOB with Hataka paints (also Polish ;) ) Arma Hobby PZL.11c Junior edition build page I have their Hurricane now - REALLY looking forward to build some of those :)
  2. Great Info!!! - thanks a lot!!! I'll reply to your build thread to stop a lot of duplication
  3. The ORB from Feb 43 681Sqn Shows ops for N5-143, N5-144 'B', N5-145 'C' and N5-148 all with a crew of 4 From November 43 just after 684 Sqn had formed shows ops by 2 airframes N5-144 and MA957, with listed crew varying between 3 and 5. If you PM me your email I'll send them over to aid your research (about 5mb each)
  4. That is fantastic Tony!! Many thanks... I'll probably be looking at an ex-10AF to start with then likely the Royal Blue later on I've got copies of the ORB for 681 from Sqn February 1943 and 684 Sqn from November 1943 (from the AIR27 files in the National Archive) and that mentions the Mitchells (along with various Hurricanes, Spitfires and Mosquitos), it's good to pad this out with more info
  5. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:B-25_bomb_bay_gas_tanks.jpg I found this image on wiki which appears to be the B-25 long range ferry tanks ready for fit in the factory - are these likely to be the ones fitted as the PR overload tanks?
  6. Thanks!!! I've just found the topic and commented
  7. Coincidentally I've just posted looking for info on the 3PRU/681/684 Mitchells... Which livery are you looking at doing? Do you have any references as to where the cameras were mounted on these and if they carried the bomb bay fuel tank (I'm assuming they did) - All I've found so far are a couple of Black/white mages from "Battle for Burma" which aren't that good for detail... I hope to be home Saturday eve from my latest work trip and hope to get stuck in then!
  8. Hi All, I'm trying to find some info on the 5 ex-NEIAF Mitchells that ended up at 3 PRU, 681/684 Sqn in India. I've managed to find a couple of b/w images of a Royal Blue one and a later PR Blue example but would like to know the camera and fuel tank fit on them... were they mounted in the bomb bay or fuselage, did the aircraft have a fuel tank in the bomb bay too, was the belly turret deleted and faired over? I hope you can help a bit Cheers Craig
  9. What is Vallejo Model Air 71.143 UK Light Stone like as a colour, is it close to the Gulf I British AFV colour?
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