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  1. Hi all, Here is my last build: a Panther Ausf.D (tamiya kit from 2015). I have added Master Club tracks. And for the first time I have a video of all the weathering steps: For the next one, I'll try to do a video of the build and airbrush parts :)
  2. You're completely right what a dumb mistake...I remember now that I revert a track during the mounting. I forgot the other one.
  3. Hello, Here is my version of the StuG.III. I was very inspired by the german armor without any camo painting. I'm not sure if any StuG were in the field with this red primer but I love its unusual look. Since it is a Dragon kit and its color is red, I called it "Red Dragon"
  4. Hello, Here is my first kit in the Ma.K universe. It was really fun to do !!! Hope you'll like the result:
  5. whaou! Thank your for the feedback and the kind words. I didn't expect that! It motivates me to do more ! @Bucckit: you're so right. Some ewoks and graffiti can match perfectly this diorama...but I really have no clue where to find 1/48 ewoks...
  6. My first modelkit since a long time! Here are photos of my interpretation of the AT-ST. Comments and critics are welcome!
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