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  1. SC2015

    F-100F WW

    Hey Don, sorry for lack in response but I haven´t checked on this topic since October. Thank you very much for offering help, really appreciate. Will shot you an email. Thanks again. SC2015
  2. So, what´s the deal here? Dont want to read all 5 pages... Will it now be a Tiger I oder Panther or StugIII, or not?
  3. Thanks, for the pictures. Not sure about the text as I am not fluid in russian...... What happened to the Mig-23 that shot the PAF F-16 down? Has it been scrapped?
  4. According to my sources the sharkmouth was added after Afghanistan for aircrafts used in the Aerial Combat School
  5. That´s the interesting part about the Vietnam area. Technology and technics Air Forces still relays on today were invented (or made their first steps) during that timeframe. Unfortunately the guided weapon program was highly classified so not too many information and images are available or have been published since. Think about the TOW. Also made its combat debut in South East Asia during the Easter offensive 72 but I only know two pictures showing it on a Huey. Same for the Pave Spike. Heard it has been evaluated during the last days in Vietnam but never saw any pictur
  6. Thanks Yari, good picture on page 12. Did you see the Bolt-117 on the other inboard pylon? That would make a nice project.
  7. Thank you Collin, I already figured it was just operational evaluation. Seems I will have to cancel my project "USAF A-7 with Mavericks in Vietnam" and look for something different to put on it.
  8. Hello, after great help here on a future project I like to ask you for help on another potential future project. I´m a huge fan of Vietnam war aviation but am not a big friend of the typical load outs with unguided ordnance. One of the projects I have in mind is a Vietnam area aircraft with AGM-65 Mavericks. As far as the literature goes the first combat use in SEA was around end 72/beginning 73. Aircrafts used were USAF A-7 and F-4. But what I can not find are pictures and what kind of targets it was used against. Can somebody here provi
  9. SC2015

    F-100F WW

    Thank you Gentlemen, that is great information. You´re right about the D&S picture. It´s worth to purchase the book. If I measured right the length (metric) is: Fuselage excluding the afterburner: 452mm..........Check out the value on the box......it says 367mmm Intake lip to leading edge edge of the wing: 191mm Length of canopy: 108mm (measured just the canopy frame)
  10. SC2015

    F-100F WW

    Good day dear Modeller fellows, finally I got my F-100F in scale 32 and intend to build a Wild Weasel in Vietnam. Two questions on that projects I need your help: 1.) I lack of pictures of the F-100F Wild Weasel rear cockpit. Can somebody here provide some? 2.) I only find one documented operation in which the F-100F carried AGM-45 shrike. Can somebody here confirm it was only one strike or is the information false. Cheers SC2015
  11. It´s very simple: For the manufacture it´s not a hobby but business. They launch the kit they see the best chance to make money with. There is no other justification for releasing a kit than making money. Period. As a builder I have so many wishes. As a manufacture I can´t live from making wishes come true but have to pay my employees, lease rates, energy cost, insurance, tool maker, loan rates....and by the way I need to earn money to work on the next kid. To make a long story short: The manufacture looks into the average market and figures out wha
  12. I said not at this high price point. For a decent price it will find some buyers But it´s not popular enough in the US that a decent amount of buyers spend as much money as they would for other aircraft's.
  13. Which would be even more stupid as the US is considered to be the biggest market for 32 scale.
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