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  1. I was!.........at least I was going to attempt it!
  2. The word "gullible" is not actually in the dictionary.
  3. Oh definitely...........with some smoke coming from that troublesome no.1 engine(if I can manage it!) Andrew
  4. Mine too! I probably won't get much done until after I'm back from my hols,but if all goes well I might try & complete other projects. such as 007's Little Nellie,or Starbuck's Viper,or maybe there's room for another Angel Interceptor?..........lots to choose from! Andrew
  5. My choice for this group build is USS Balao wearing pink primer. There were 3 Balao class subs used in the movie,but only USS Balao itself was painted pink. This is what comes in the box........not much!.........& I'll be using even less,as I plan on doing it "waterline" on a small base with sea effect. Andrew
  6. Yeah that tickled me too,at least back then I had the excuse that I was an immature callow youth.......guess I never grew up!
  7. Oops!.......better get started. Looks like there's going to be 2 USS Sea Tigers,as that's what I was planning on doing too @Tim R-T-C Hopefully I'll be able to make a convincing smoke effect coming out of the troublesome engine............"Always that number 1 engine"
  8. It wasn't the 1/24 Bf110 I was hoping for,but I'm VERY happy all the same. Need to save my pennies & practice my weathering techniques to make that single tone camouflage stand out if I'm to do it justice. Andrew
  9. All the previous suggestions sound great,but I'm living in hope for a 1/24 Bf110. Regardless of what it is,I'm sure I'll end up adding it to the ever expanding stash. We're certainly living in a wonderful modelling era,so many great kits........so little time!
  10. That looks great,gunna have to get myself one of these! Andrew
  11. Lol.......he's obviously not the sharpest tool in the box,but I guess every unit had one. If you didn't know who it was,then it was probably you. Great idea & well executed,top notch work. Andrew.
  12. Lovely job,I like the paint scheme too,think it's my favourite.........now if only Airfix would do a 1/24 Bf110!!! Andrew
  13. How about that weird Blohm & Voss thing?........preferably in 1/48. I found a piece of the 1/72 version when I was digging my mother's garden,I used to have fun with old kits & fireworks when I was slightly less responsible than I am now! Andrew
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