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    Mostly aircraft,but I'll give anything a go,in any scale.

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  1. dreadeddrew

    ICM 1/48 Heinkel He 111H

    That looks great,gunna have to get myself one of these! Andrew
  2. Lol.......he's obviously not the sharpest tool in the box,but I guess every unit had one. If you didn't know who it was,then it was probably you. Great idea & well executed,top notch work. Andrew.
  3. dreadeddrew

    Airfix 1\24 Mosquito

    Lovely job,I like the paint scheme too,think it's my favourite.........now if only Airfix would do a 1/24 Bf110!!! Andrew
  4. How about that weird Blohm & Voss thing?........preferably in 1/48. I found a piece of the 1/72 version when I was digging my mother's garden,I used to have fun with old kits & fireworks when I was slightly less responsible than I am now! Andrew
  5. A job well done sir! I love dio's like this,lots of detail to look at,& always fresh as there's likely something missed,to be discovered next time you look at it. Andrew
  6. This is a great idea,count me in please. A brief search threw up the Caspian Sea Monster,now that'd be fun!.......price might be an issue though! Then of course it was the year West Ham Utd won the World Cup for England......maybe a diorama using the Airfix 1/32 footballer set? Andrew('66)
  7. dreadeddrew

    1/48 Airfix De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2

    Fantastic job,well done! Andrew.
  8. dreadeddrew

    Hurricane wingtip lights

    I thought they just used a yellow bulb shining through the blue lens to create a green light?.......don't know for sure,so don't take my word for it. Andrew
  9. dreadeddrew

    US Navy SEAL "Duck feet" Vietnam 1/35

    Awesome figure painting skills,that's just brilliant,well done! Andrew.
  10. dreadeddrew


    If suggestions really are taken on board,can we please have a 1/24 Bf110......lol,think the price of bacon has gone up! Andrew.
  11. dreadeddrew

    Most memorable film scenes..

    The dog-fighting scene set to music towards the end of The Battle of Britain. The special effects were a bit hokey,but as a young boy,I loved it! Andrew
  12. dreadeddrew

    Show us your stash!?

    I hope everyone's Home Contents Insurance is up to date!!
  13. dreadeddrew

    Show us your stash!?

    I would if I could get it all in the same room! Andrew(serial shopper!)
  14. dreadeddrew

    Messerschmitt Bf 110 G-4

    Gazza, That's a thing of beauty,well done. Andrew.
  15. dreadeddrew

    Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: at 30!

    I have a Big screen/Little screen idea I'd like to resurrect,so count me in please. Andrew.