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  1. Please help, using Tamiya paint what is the correct code No/bottle No For WWII RN ships deck colour? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the replies, the modifications required for the Fujimi kit is way, way beyond my humble abilities but I'm sure a new 1/700 kit will be well received. I will definitely be looking out for it
  3. I find my magnifying headset heavy and uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. If you are a spectacle wearer anyway I have just got a new pair of specs with "occupational lenses" sometimes called "enhanced readers" what a difference they make from reading to computer screen distance.
  4. Does anyone know if there is or has been a model of the 4th HMS Ark Royal R09, the one scrapped in 1980?
  5. omega333

    Easy model

    Hi Thanks everyone for you advice, I guess that most cheap kits would probably achieve keeping him away from the electronic gizmo's for a while and hopefully sow the seed of alternative interests. For the benefit of mankind maybe 'Martin Baker' could deal with 'Pokémon'
  6. omega333

    Easy model

    Hi Not sure that this is the appropriate place for this question but a modern aircraft would fit the bill. I am trying to encourage my 8 year old grandson to become involved with a build and so I am seeking suggestions for a model which would not be too daunting/complicated but also look the part any guidance would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi everyone - thanks very much for your contributions you have all been vey helpful Hunted down the source of my info to thin Future clear with Windex, it was within a 'YouTube' tutorial on the use of 'Tamiya' 'panel line accent colour'. A thinning ratio of 60 future:40 Windex is recommended, but I think I will try without thinning first and see how I get on - what sort of pressure do you use with Future? Thanks Phoenix I'll remember to get in touch for some lengthy (free?) demonstrations when the little lady finds out I have a load of floor polish... and enough spare time on my hands to be
  8. I recalled reading about thinning future, however, the author may have only found it neccessary because of needle/nozzle size combo, If Windex is only used for cleaning after using Future then I may have missunderstood what was going on.
  9. Can anyone help me with a thinning ratio for Future and Windex assuming the Windex available here in the uk has the correct ammonia solution, if not is household ammonia at 5% solution suitable and what would be the thinning ratio for that? It is to be used for a gloss finishing coat on top of acrylic.
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