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  1. Thank you all for the kind words!
  2. Exactly I think the only thing Tamiya in the box was the 3 pilot figures
  3. Another safer at home build. I used mostly AK Real Color paints. Not a particularly fun kit especially with the poor fitting engine panels. Landing gear and tail wheel are very fragile so I installed them last. I used Montex masks for the insignia but I had to make homemade stencils for the letters Thanks for looking Untitled by Robert Pederson, on Flickr Untitled by Robert Pederson, on Flickr Untitled by Robert Pederson, on Flickr Untitled by Robert Pederson, on Flickr Untitled by Robert Pederson, on Flickr
  4. Fantastic work. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Anderson at the EAA fly in a few years back. He is a fantastic man who like many of his generation is extremely humble and doesn't feel like he did anything great. He always says that the hero's were the ones who didn't come back.
  5. Oops guess I should have done some research. I just thought it looked terrible. Oh well live and learn for the next one.
  6. Thanks Pete. I used Alclad II Duraluminium for the fuselage. Alclad II Aluminium for the wings and Alclad II White Aluminium for the highlighted panels. I used no primer and I had zero liftoff when masking. I used to use Testor's Metalizer but it's too fragile. However the metalizers work well with brush painting. Alclad II not so much. I noticed that most examples have the highlighted panels darker but I decided to go lighter. I was happy with the contrast
  7. Thanks Joacim. Didn't know that. It would've made the decal on the wing a lot less burdensome
  8. Great build other than a couple of issues. I didn't like the big slot for sliding the canopy so I filled that in. The 2 piece bubble canopy was kinda a pain and as usual I had trouble with the decals lifting.....even after multiple applications of microsol. Any suggestions for the decals would be appreciated. Thanks for looking. 5D2F9ADF-0970-4442-BC8E-6BE219D10FCC by Robert Pederson, on Flickr D6480057-69C0-408C-85A2-A28FB813021E by Robert Pederson, on Flickr E67ECAB8-FE9D-4EE8-A425-1F8446DC86FB by Robert Pederson, on Flickr
  9. Thank you Not now. I'll be looking forward to your take on it. Other than the decals I had zero issues
  10. Great Job. I've never seen this plane before, and you've created a beautiful reference model
  11. Thanks Guys! This is what I was shooting for. IMG_1687 by Robert Pederson, on Flickr Note to self. When cutting all those little pieces out do so in some form of container with a raised lip. Might be slightly easier than picking up small white paper bits
  12. Absolutely Fantastic work. For some reason after viewing I had an urge to go on a picnic.
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