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  1. Oops guess I should have done some research. I just thought it looked terrible. Oh well live and learn for the next one.
  2. Thanks Pete. I used Alclad II Duraluminium for the fuselage. Alclad II Aluminium for the wings and Alclad II White Aluminium for the highlighted panels. I used no primer and I had zero liftoff when masking. I used to use Testor's Metalizer but it's too fragile. However the metalizers work well with brush painting. Alclad II not so much. I noticed that most examples have the highlighted panels darker but I decided to go lighter. I was happy with the contrast
  3. Brush painting you say Amazing build. Those figures are fantastic!
  4. Thanks Joacim. Didn't know that. It would've made the decal on the wing a lot less burdensome
  5. Great build other than a couple of issues. I didn't like the big slot for sliding the canopy so I filled that in. The 2 piece bubble canopy was kinda a pain and as usual I had trouble with the decals lifting.....even after multiple applications of microsol. Any suggestions for the decals would be appreciated. Thanks for looking. 5D2F9ADF-0970-4442-BC8E-6BE219D10FCC by Robert Pederson, on Flickr D6480057-69C0-408C-85A2-A28FB813021E by Robert Pederson, on Flickr E67ECAB8-FE9D-4EE8-A425-1F8446DC86FB by Robert Pederson, on Flickr
  6. Thank you Not now. I'll be looking forward to your take on it. Other than the decals I had zero issues
  7. Great Job. I've never seen this plane before, and you've created a beautiful reference model
  8. Thanks Guys! This is what I was shooting for. IMG_1687 by Robert Pederson, on Flickr Note to self. When cutting all those little pieces out do so in some form of container with a raised lip. Might be slightly easier than picking up small white paper bits
  9. Absolutely Fantastic work. For some reason after viewing I had an urge to go on a picnic.
  10. Like all Tamiya's that I have built, this one went together like a dream. I used the supplied mask template and cut the markings out using a fine ballpoint pen against a metal plate. Tedious but more true. IMG_1695 by Robert Pederson, on Flickr IMG_1699 by Robert Pederson, on Flickr IMG_1698 by Robert Pederson, on Flickr IMG_1701 by Robert Pederson, on Flickr
  11. Great build with a different scheme.....Thanks for sharing
  12. What an amazing built! It’s absolutely fantastic. Just the canopy masking would give me nightmares for a month
  13. Beautiful build with and interesting scheme. The exhaust staining and weathering look fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
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