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  1. Thanks. That clears up things very well. I already have it coming my way (Meaning i purchased it) actually, so unfortunately there's no going back. Even though it might not turn out to be the best, because scale modelling is not that easy as i found out the physical way (Meaning i actually tried it), i at least want it to turn out to as good as i can make it. At this point i can't simply buy another kit anymore due to logistics and finance. Anyway some extra questions is someone is willing to answer: Has anyone ever seen an F-22A with a different paint scheme then the standard two color metallic paint? Maybe a simpler paint job with a black fuselage and a white nose/radar? (I am aware that the link is not an F-22A)
  2. Hello, First and foremost, this is my first post on this forum so bare with me. I'm getting Hasegawa's 1:48 scale model F-22A kit soon. I'm still quite new to scale modelling and i have some questions that hopefully the community here will answer. I have experience with kit modelling before, Kitty Hawk's LM F-35B. It didn't work out as great as i expected to be, but nonetheless, i had injuries but i had fun. It ended with a lot of errors in fitting, some parts broken, some parts with way too many glue, and... No paint... Not even decals. I heard the the F-22A is not a good kit to start with as a beginner, but i am willing to be patient for it, as i am very interested in military aviation. Anyway, on to the questions: 1. Tools. Probably a dumb question, since i should Google it myself. In this case though, i'm asking if i should get more advanced tools. Is an X-Acto knife necessary? I did my F-35B kit with a simple office cutter and it worked okay. And if it is, what blades should i get? Should i get a putty/filler? Sometimes i do accidentally damage a kit. It would be really terrible to break the landing gears. What putty/filler should i get? Do i need decal solutions? Quite serious question. I never tried decals before, but i'm planning to practice decals on my unpainted F-35B. The question is, do water slide decals necessarily require decal solutions? Or will they just 'stick'? If i do need decal solutions, which one should i get? Glue. I have a scale modelling glue from Tamiya that worked pretty okay with the F-35B, but is that enough for the F-22A? Should i get a special glue? And if so, which? Is there a special tool to remove excess glue? What kind of tweezers should i use? I used a set of 'electronic tweezers' for my F-35B, it's not that bad but needless to say, i prefer fingers more due to dexterity. Do you know a special pair of tweezers for modelling that provide extra dexterity? Or are standard tweezers sufficient? Sanding stick or sanding file? I've been using 'electronic sanding files' for the F-35B. They're... Okay i guess... If rusting and bending is normal... But anyway, which one should i get? What kind of brushes should i get? Do simple ones do? I'm also planning to use brushes to paint the model. Do i necessarily need special brushes or will normal ones do? 2. Photo etch. Thin metal parts, used for specific parts that are too thin to be made with plastic. The first time i tried to install a photo etched part, i didn't even know the exact point to 'stick' it, and lost the part. Now i'm too scared to even touch the ladders for the F-35B since it requires folds which i am not confident enough to do. Do you have any tips on them? I heard some boxes of the Hasegawa F-22A comes with photo etch, but even if mine doesn't, it's probably not that bad, right? 3. Model position. Weapon bay open or closed? Kind of want it to be a show unit similar to air shows. Canopy open or closed? Also, with or without pilot? Exhaust nozzle up, down or leveled? In case you didn't know, the F-22A can actually move it's exhaust nozzles horizontally, hence thrust vectoring, hence supermaneuverability (Yes that is a correct word). Flaps and elevators downwards or leveled? Honestly i don't even know if the F-22A has options for downward flaps and elevators, but i heard scale modelers can always cut it and do it manually. And, is there a special stand/case any of you know that is fitting for the F-22A? Personally i'm alright with just letting it stand on top of a table, but it would probably be nicer to write "Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor" somewhere. 4. Painting. I am not planning to get an air brush since i am not planning to make scale models for a long term. I am only planning to use simply brush paints or even simple spray cans combined with water slide decals. I have never painted a scale model before, and my hands are quite unstable. (Bad at drawing circles for example) Any advice would be appreciated. Anyway, what paint should i get for the F-22A? I'm not planning to get an arsenal of them since i wouldn't need them beyond the F-22A. What do i paint the cockpit with? Also very important - Paint the cockpit tub after installing it or before installing it? Apply decal and 'mask' it first or paint first and decal it later? I heard there are paints that specially replicate the metallic look on the real F-22A, that is 'changing' depending on the angle of incidence. Can anyone confirm this? Can it be done without an air brush? Hopefully just a normal paint brush, because as i already mentioned, i am not planning to get an air brush. What happens if i painted wrongly? Is there a special solution to remove the paint? Or should i just paint the correct color on top of it after it dries? What kind of tape should i use for masking? Normal 'masking' tape? Also, try to list as few paints as possible, notably the essential ones, since i do not intend to buy so much paint and to go as far as mixing them to get one RGB color. I've heard about gloss coatings. Are they important? If so, can anyone explain which layer to add in order? Which is first and which is last? (Example: Colour, gloss, decal, metallic finish) That's pretty much all of the questions i can think of right now. I might have forgotten a few questions but i'll get into that if i need to. Thank you for your time. Also, apologies if i sound like someone who shouldn't be scale modelling. I am very interested in the F-22A Raptor in particular and willing to spend time away from the computer to do something else; making this F-22A. I am asking kindly for help, not forcibly requesting.
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