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  1. That looks fantastic. Sorry to hear it did not go into auto-rotate when it took flight! Tempting to finish the job with a size 10 when that happens but you must be pleased you didn’t! Pat
  2. Superb job on both the Whirlwinds. What orange did you use for Protectors aircraft? Pat
  3. Nice one Fred - although I can’t help but notice there are quite a number of potential schemes still to be added to the collection!! Which kits are your others? pat
  4. Was there an airshow nearby ? I saw a Skyvan accompanying the Wessex that displayed at this year's Yeovilton Air Day after the show. Looked to be a silvery or light grey colour. Pat
  5. Nice job and good to see the finished product! Strange looking beast - they changed the cockpit to something more conventional I think? Pat
  6. Thanks Andy - I think 60 is 30 just viewed from the other side of the protractor!! Pat
  7. Was trying without success to decide if there is any logic to when the USN/ USMC used code letters with the 45 degree cut offs vs the 60 degree cut offs on post-war aircraft and would be grateful for any insight from BM'ers. I had assumed the USN always used the 60 deg letters but have found lots of pics where it looks like 45 deg letters as used by the USAF are in evidence, and sometimes a mix of both on the same aircraft. And forgive the real idiot boy question - are code letters on USN aircraft are black rather than Insignia Blue? Pat
  8. That is looking very nice!! Grey and white one next ? Pat
  9. The kit is also missing the tail bumper and the distinctive probe below the cockpit on the starboard side - but both are reasonably easy to scratch from the spares box or spare plasticard. Getting the barbershop red stripes on the probe was quite challenging I recall!! Pat
  10. Great builds Heather and as others have said the B&W pics with the figures are superb!! pat
  11. Worse than the Frog? I would suggest Hobby Boss as the way to go for a modern Sea Hawk kit. Venom looking good BTW!
  12. I Have you sorted the undercarriage yet? I built one of these on RFI last year and chopped the nose wheels and fork off and attached them to a piece of plastic rod to form the basis of the new nose gear with a couple of plastic scraps added to look a bit like the diagrams on Tailspins site. I also snipped off part of the main gear so that they can Be pushed further into the wing a little which helps to get the nose up stance. Great work so far by the way!! Pat
  13. Looks fantastic- you have done a great job on the tail. pat
  14. The SAM special on the Gnat says Signal Red for all of them so I think that can be dispensed with as a source! Maybe people saw faded aircraft and assumed they had been repainted? I always though it was a strange thing to do to repaint the Gnats in a different shade of red!!
  15. There are certainly plenty of threads on here that maintain that there was a changeover to Signal Red however. I will dig out the Gnat SAM when I get home.
  16. You mean that the Gnats were never painted Signal Red in their last few seasons or that they were painted a colour that was neither Signal Red nor Post Office Red?
  17. I believe for that season it would have been Signal Red - Humbrol 174. Have a look at some photos of that seasons Gnats - if the roundel red is darker (it should be Cherry / Post Office red) then that should confirm it.
  18. Very nice - beautifully sharp paint job. Pat
  19. After scouring the Naval Fighters book I decided on a VF-94 machine with a white striped red tail and red wingtips. I have the old Microscale sheet 72207 which has a tartan tailed VA-46 machine on it - if you would like it PM me. Pat
  20. Very nice build - my grandfather flew these with 27 Sqd over the NW frontier and I have always wanted to make one. Pat
  21. And it’s not as if the High Planes kit is an easy build in the first place!!!!!
  22. Thanks Tommy that is great - it was that pic in particular that had me scratching my head as to whether there was any method to the USNs madness!! Pat
  23. Am doing a Grumman Cougar in the Light Gull Grey over white scheme and have noticed some differences in the top side colours of the controls surfaces. Some machines seem to have white spoilers on the wings and some also have all white horizontal stabilisers. Was wondering if there is any logic as to when these areas should be painted white or not? Was it mandated after a certain date or for certain BuNos? Pat
  24. Harry - link to my FAW1 below. Actually I think this does have serious shape errors particularly around the cockpit area and the decking over the engines, plus the booms being nearly 1cm too long, but it does build very nicely. Pat
  25. Having bought sheets of stars and bars from several decal manufacturers I have noticed that none of them agree on how big 15” is in 1/72!!!!! Or any other measurement for that matter. Xtradecal seemed closest IIRC.
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