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  1. Pat C

    Fairey Delta 2

    Wow! Hand painted markings? You must have a very steady hand!
  2. Pat C

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    Chaps - grateful for your thoughts on interpreting this photo. Does this look like it may have had a replacement port wing fitted? The cammo pattern on the port wing looks to be more like that associated with the alternative pattern with the fuselage stripes going the other way, plus the roundel looks to be a different size to that on the stbd wing. Is the entire outer wing in Dark Earth or does the Dark Green just look faded out because of the lighting? https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205210195 Pat
  3. Pat C

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    Well the IWM site is a treasure trove. Here is AH896 nearest the camera with 403 squadron as mentioned by Buz. Cammo pattern is clearly visible on outer port wing. Something has definitely gone on between the two pictures!! Pat ROYAL AIR FORCE FIGHTER COMMAND, 1939-1945.. © IWM (CH 2573) IWM Non Commercial License
  4. Pat C

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    Looking at this, I wonder if that is in fact the answer - the light/ dark demarcation on the wing appears to be just inboard of the roundel. You can just make it out on the first pic but it appears to have less contrast. I'm struggling to see the light/ dark demarcation by the MGs that shows on the first pic so perhaps it is shadow. Apologies as I cant figure out how to embed the larger pic as Troy did!! AMERICAN AIRCRAFT IN ROYAL AIR FORCE SERVICE 1939-1945: CURTIS HAWK 81A TOMAHAWK.. © IWM (CH 5874) IWM Non Commercial License
  5. Pat C

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    But it is the port wing that has a cammo pattern that doesn’t match the fuselage pattern and also appears to have just one large dark green area and one large dark earth area. There is another pic of this aircraft on the IWM site with two other 26 sqd aircraft and I must say that it is still the port roundel red section that stands out to me as being slightly different in size and tone from the others. pat
  6. Pat C

    A 1/72 Gloster Javelin that isn't rubbish

    THey are one and the same. I hated the way that it was perfectly flat accross the top of the fuselage - you could safely balance a pint on it! Plus the nasty grainy plastic - yuk! I felt slightly guilty about selling mine on. The Plastyk Lynx was so bad I didnt want to inflict it on a fellow modeller and it went straight in the bin.
  7. Pat C

    Filling advice

    Milliput - dries rock hard, can be shaped with water before setting and doesnt shrink. Pat
  8. OK Chaps - after your great help with Wildcat VIs this is my latest attempt to find pics of an aircraft that features in profiles. As Mrs Pat C is "Elaine I" was hoping to do "Elaine II" which features in several profiles as HD196 "GQ-B" of 134 squadron. But can find no pictures of this aircraft including in the Geoff Thomas book. Grateful if anyone can think of any other sources that may have a photo of this aircraft. Pat
  9. Pat C

    AW101 Merlin HM2

    Very nice Merlin and the paint job really captures the look of the real thing - big beast isn't it!! Pat
  10. Pat C

    A 1/72 Gloster Javelin that isn't rubbish

    Go for the Heller / Airfix T3 or the Airfix FAW9. Both long out of production but pop up regularly on EBay or at shows. The Frog FAW9 is cruder in comparison (although I think may represent the afterburning cans of the FAW9 better) and the Plastyk FAW7/9 is horrid. Edit - Mistercraft is the Plastyk mould reboxed. The rebox won’t make it any less horrid!!! Pat
  11. Superb result - I know that must have taken a great deal of effort. Pat
  12. Pat C

    Hasegawa 1/72 P-40N

    Very nice and the distressing of the white looks great. I wouldn't worry about the canopy frames - wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it and actually it accentuates the frames in quite a nice way. Pat
  13. Been a while since I posted anything so here goes another eggbeater for the collection! huey5 by pat cauthery, on Flickr huey1 This is the Italeri UH-1N Twin Huey kit as an Army Air Corps Bell 212 operating in Belize. huey9 The kit is pretty much OOB although I did blank off some of the intakes in the top decking which otherwise would have been see-through, plus the aerial suite was added from bits of scrap plastic. Each of the AACs Bell 212s seem to have slightly different aerial fits and these also look to change over time so best to find a good picture (of which there are lots online) to check against. This is a massive tail sitter and the glazing prevents the front being loaded with weight. Mine has a plastic "crate" in the cabin which is filled with steel shot and you can get some weight under the cabin floor. huey6 Paints were Hataka BS Olive Green over Xtracrylix Medium Sea Grey. The upper decking was Humbrol 209 Fluro Fire Orange over white primer. Decals were from the spares box with the yellow dashes around the windows being individually applied. In fact they should be dots rather than dashes but my sanity was tested enough putting the dashes on!! Hope you like!! Pat huey4 by pat cauthery, on Flickr
  14. My Wessex in overall XF-58. The RN Olive is a different shade to the Army Olive Green I think, but probably close enough for Government work
  15. thanks Steve - you would probably have worked on this very aircraft then! I think Hataka is the only source of the Olive Green used on things like the Lynx and the 212 in acrylic. I had seen mixed reviews but I found the Hataka behaved very nicely although as a water-based acrylic it does need to be handled carefully afterwards (same as Xtracrylix). Hataka also the only source of acrylics for RN helos - Olive Drab and RAF Blue/ Grey I believe. Pat
  16. Like the Whirlwind in particular!!! For the grilles on the engine covers if you paint them yellow and then spray black through a fine mesh you get quite a neat effect that is certainly passable in 72nd. I pinched some gauze material from the Mrs sewing box which later turned out to be critical for something else!!!
  17. Looks very nice - have recently bought this kit - were there any particular areas of poor fit that stand out or was it a case of easier to mention the bits that do fit??!! pat
  18. I didn't realise until relatively recently that the Army used the Huey. I assume that they were cheaper to operate than having something like a Lynx in that role?
  19. Nice Wessex David - I understand the Frog kit is reputed to be more accurate in outline than the Italeri one. Pat
  20. Pat C

    1/72 Sea Fury F10

    Great looking Sea Fury and I like the improvements you have made. Pat
  21. Pat C

    GSB Wildcat VIs

    Have been looking for pics of FAA Wildcat VIs in the all over gloss sea blue scheme and struggling to come up with much. I have Sturtivants Squadrons of the FAA book which has a nice pic of a mangled Eglinton based aircraft but that's about it. Grateful for any pointers to any references that might have more pics (particularly BPF) aircraft as Google is also not much help !!!! Pat
  22. Pat C

    GSB Wildcat VIs

    Seahawk - in the pic of B1S going overboard would you say the roundel outlines are white ? Does it appear that the upper wing roundel also has a white surround? Pat
  23. Pat C

    GSB Wildcat VIs

    I note the photo description says that this is JV836.
  24. Pat C

    GSB Wildcat VIs

    What colour are the roundel surrounds on B1S? Yellow or pale blue as per the profile in the link shared by Mike above? ordered a copy of Browns book for £3 to add to the collection! Pat
  25. Pat C

    GSB Wildcat VIs

    Bill - except it looks like JV815 is in fact JV851. Maybe they copied Techmod......