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  1. Looks pretty good to me !! Which parts on the kit did you find problematic? Pat
  2. This was from the 5 kit boxing which I was unable to resist buying . I know what you mean about the Mk XV !! It went together fine and didn’t put me off building the others in the box although am currently doing a Jays Mk47 which is a little more tricky.
  3. Shockingly I think this is my first completed Spitfire family kit in the 45 odd years since I started building kits!! This is from the Sword family of Seafire kits, and I think the XVII is the best looking mark of the Seafires, particularly in this colour scheme. Seafire Seafire One tip I picked up from this site is to insert the cockpit after the fuselage halves are joined - it can be inserted from below. Much easier to get it to fit that way. Make sure to do this before attaching the wings . Seafire Otherwise this was a relatively straghtforward build - paints used were Gunze Aqueous Sky and Xtracrylix XDSG with decals coming from the Freighdog Brits At Sea II sheet. Pat Seafire Seafire
  4. Bear in mind Caseys recipe was for Humbrol 96 which is not the same colour as RAF Blue Grey as found on RN Helicopters. Shouldn’t be a problem getting the Hataka paint from Poland - I’ve ordered from that particular Polish EBay shop without difficulty before. But looks like there are also UK stockists who would sell just that paint if you do a bit of Googling Pat
  5. You can get individual Hataka paints - I can see RAF blue grey on EBay at the moment - would be £5 incl postage from Poland. I have that paint and it looks a pretty good match. Pat
  6. Thanks Dave - much appreciated. Pat
  7. I’m using the Falcon one although will not use the front fuselage. As am doing a late Neptune with the big glazed nose and sting will just move the radome, build up the cockpit area to take the new vac canopy and add a couple of windows to the Hasegawa front end.
  8. Happy New Year folks!! Have seen a number of pics of RAF Neptunes that have a lighter patch at the front of the radome (and also on the front of the port droptank). I know that the colour at the rear of the "sting" is a browny colour and that would be my guess for the radome too, but wondered if anyone knew for sure? Have just taken a saw to the Hasegawa Neptune to commence the conversion Pat https://www.verslo.is/baldur/p2/british/WX553_35-F_640.jpg
  9. It certainly does - it has all the airframe mods - despite having decal options that would not have had the mods Pat
  10. Thanks chaps - have ordered myself a copy! Pat
  11. And some versions instructions have you put the bulged cabin window in the wrong window too
  12. Is there a guide anywhere to at what point in time the various upgrades to the F-105D airframe got implemented or became standard fit for new build aircraft? I am thinking of things like the fuselage side scoops, the venting on the gun housing, the thin cable duct along the spine, various scabbed armour plating etc? Pat
  13. That looks great Colin - I’m actually in the process of doing one of these myself (with Air Graphics engine and bulged doors) and will pinch some of your ideas for improvements as well. is that some stray masking tape on the port side or has the co-pilot drawn the blinds??!! Pat
  14. That’s brilliant to hear that someone flew the aircraft that I modelled!! Thanks for letting me know Ha! No although I’m doing a 3D printed Andover in 72nd which is a big old bird. The Neptune I think is bigger still but the good news is we are in the process of having our garage converted so I’m hoping for some extra shelf space !!!
  15. Lovely job - would like to see the Frog kit and the newer Revell offering next to each other. Next job maybe?
  16. Was very sad to hear about the passing of Mel Bromley recently so this is a small tribute to Mel who ran S&M Models and gave us 72nd modellers a lot of pleasure producing kits like this, the Canberra B2 and the Sycamore. RIP Mel. This was a lovely little kit to put together with the one criticism being the very spindly prop which had broken on the sprue. I replaced this with a reshaped prop from an Airfix Skyvan. Not all Provosts have the ribbing on the control surfaces portrayed on the kit which seems to be restricted to certain serial blocks - check your references!! I decided I wanted to portray a machine in the silver and day-glo scheme with the CFS and finding pics that definitively showed the location of the code letters and the demarkation of the day-glo areas was quite difficult. There seemed to be a number of variations of day-glo around the tail area in particular. In the end this is a little bit of an informed guess - In know that XF892 carried the pattern shown and was coded "P-B" when in the earlier silver and yellow scheme and I know that many CFS Provosts retained the same codes when they switched to day-glo. The model was given an all-over coat of white primer and the day-glo was a 50/50 mix of Humbrol acrylic Orange H18 and Fire Orange H209. The day-glo was then masked off and Citadel Chainmaill was used for the silver areas. Markings came from the spares box. Hope you like. Pat
  17. Up until my most recent order fine but not had recent order 3 months after ordering
  18. It’s Modeldecal 115 - actually it’s not one of the Gulf War specials. Air Graphics also have this aircraft on their Lynx sheet.
  19. Another one for my Gulf War collection - this the old Airfix Army Lynx kit as the base, with the Air Graphics set to create an AH1GT with TOW missiles and exhaust diffusers. There is not a huge amount left of the original kit with the upgrade set giving you new interior, upper fuselage, tail, nose and rotor head. Although I find these extensive conversions somewhat intimidating, this was actually a very well thought out and well fitting set - you definately got the feel that the mould designed would have actually completed one of his own creations whereas some conversions are so ill-fitting you wonder if the designers ever bothered with making one!! I did sand down the upper door rails a little - these had faithfully replicated the Airfix ones designed to allow the doors to slide but as a result are more prominent than on the real aircraft (unlike the Hobby Boss Lynx where they are totally missing). You need to build some of the TOW missile bracing from bits of sprue although you cant really make it out in the pics. Paint was Xtracrylix Desert Pink over Light Stone, with the decals coming from one of the old Modeldecal sheets. Hope you like!! Pat
  20. aha - Thought I had seen the answer somewhere on here!
  21. I was pretty sure it was related to serial blocks - for example I have never seen any XF block Provosts with the ribbing. Pat
  22. @TEZ what did you think of the pic of the GA11 with the T4s? They appear to have a different hue although On closer inspection the T4 wing looks a different hue to its fuselage so I wonder if it’s just light reflecting differently.
  23. @bentwaters81tfw oops - Ive removed it and will replace with a different pic
  24. Pics all from public sources - what do we reckon? I would say these all look the same colour - however, check the pic linked below which has thrown me somewhat. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/368943394445533808/
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