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  1. Martlet complete, this was a lovely little kit with plenty of detail, no real fit issues and brilliant decals, it was really good as a Mojo booster and something different from my usual subjects. Airfix 1/72 Grumman Martlet Mk IV Tamiya XF 77 (EDSG), XF 73 (DSG), Mr Color 26 (Sky) Uschi Fine rigging thread for aerials Weathering with oils.
  2. yes very interesting, it seems they were literally taken off the ship and put back into US service! Here’s the pics below gathered from various sites on the Internet. Hope they’re of interest
  3. This one was built from an initial Eduard boxing (2000) so I added their etch set to it and CMK exhausts, the heavy weathering was guided from reference of the same aircraft, these things got real dirty over in the Guadalcanal.
  4. This is my Hobby Boss 1/48 FW 190 D9, a nice kit and relatively trouble free build, I managed to keep the canopy moveable and the rigging wire drops down when opened which is a nice touch. Finished in MRP and Mr Color Lacquers and weathered with oils and pigments. Eduard belts and brass tubing for gun barrels were added.
  5. Hopefully there are a few points I can help out with, as mentioned above the larger tanks were in their own battalions but from the point of view of continuing your stepsons interest you'd want to throw in some heavies! So.....: Panthers are the A late type with Zimmerit Tiger II B Porsche turret (very limited use and mostly in overall dark yellow), Henscel turret widely used, again with zimmerit Tiger 1 E late (with and without steel wheels) with zimmerit then there is a whole host of Panzer IV (Ausf G and H) with varying stages of side armour and zimmer
  6. Manufacturer: Avi Models Subject: D.H.83 Fox Moth Scale: 1/72 Paints Used: Tamiya XF83, XF24, XF85, MRP white, Mr Color 8 Details: Uschi Super Fine Rigging Thread, Albion Alloys 0.5 Tubing, Custom Masks. This is a new release of the D.H.83 Fox Moth and it is a typical short run kit. It was tricky in places but most of the issues came from me rushing the build a little, I messed up the decals on one side so had to cut a mask to fix that, I’ve filmed this build for my channel on YouTube so that is why there is a lack on in progress shots. I have depict
  7. Ha! I just googled these figures for a picture and was surprised to see this pop up, it’s mine! I can confirm those figures are great and available from Historex in the UK
  8. This is the reveal of my Eduard 1/32 Messerschmitt bf 109 D using the Alley Cat Conversion. A tricky build in places but overall very enjoyable. I have linked my full video build for this one below if you’d like a more detailed look at the build. I used Kora Decals for the Prop blades, not totally accurate as they should be slightly different but a good attempt, I also added an Eduard etch set and Quickboost gunsight as well as the Conversion kit.
  9. Interesting that it made it on a postage stamp, it must have captured the imagination, the only info I have found is: These are the only ones I have been able to find that were in Spain in 1936, this picture is from Valiant Wings, The Spanish Civil War, Airframe extra no5. Apparently the only pilots capable of flying the thing were shot just after the war broke out. It certainly was used pre-war, most notably in Asturias during a rebellion in October 1934. So it was there, it probably didn't get used but looks very cool, I was happy just to go with the kit o
  10. Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A Spanish Foreign Legion, Granadella 1938. This vehicle is ‘214’ from the Spanish Foreign Legion Tank Brigade, 2nd Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Platoon. This machine was based in Grandella in the province of Alicante in 1938. The Panzer 1 was a very light armoured and under gunned tank even for the 1930’s, it was best suited to a role of infantry support as it was inadequate against other tanks. Dragon’s Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A is a great little kit, I found no fit issues and enjoyed the simplicity of the build, the etch exhaust shrouds are supplied i
  11. This is the 1/72 Azur short run release of the Cierva C.30 Autogiro. A curious looking aircraft which is unlikely to have seen use during the war, there were a few in the Spanish Air force before the war broke out but their fate is unknown. The kit is what you would expect from Azur and didn’t cause any problems, it is best to take your time around the under carriage at the front as its very delicate, I also had a slight issue with the rotor blades as the resin part in the middle was damaged, I replaced those parts with stiff wire. I finished the model in Mr Metal
  12. Hi all, would anyone have any reference material for the Opel Blitz being used in the SCW, would these have been painted in the early three tone camouflage or the generic field grey/green? Also the kit I'm planning on using would be: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/181439-icm-35401-typ-2-5-32-1-5to I know they were used quite widely by the Condor Legion but information is a little scarce
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