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  1. Thanks for all the answers everyone, although from the sounds of it there is no particular answer! I've got some white spirit kicking around and some old sprues (unused weapons off a recent plane model) so I'll try some tests with the white spirit and see how I get on.
  2. Hello, Could anyone tell me if there's any particular difference when brush painting between using a branded thinner (eg. Humbrol) compared to normal white spirit? Thanks
  3. Bertiee

    New to priming

    Bit of luck, got some yesterday and tried it today! Just waiting for it to dry
  4. Been working on this for several months now on and off and I'm fairly pleased with the result considering I've not done that many models (I not been happy enough to post any of the 4-5 I've done before!). Still learning and (in this case) I didn't prime it so the paint is a bit inconsistent, and I need to try some scribing on my next model since as you can see a lot of the detail has faded. I'm really happy with how the decals ended up though, as I spent ages doing those. Few issues with it that I do know of: - It's missing the aerial at the front, snapped it off at some point and couldn't find it - Missing the missiles at the end of the wings. Ironically I'd glued one on and was moving the model out of the kids reach and managed to drop it, and the missile hasn't turned up anywhere yet! - The rear of the cockpit should have been painted a darker grey, think I'll probably black it out at some point - Part of the engine assembly should have been orange rather than silver, so I've just trimmed the decals to make it work I'm sure there's more that's wrong / could be improved, so if anyone has any comments then they'd be welcomed!
  5. Bertiee

    New to priming

    This stuff? http://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-body-repair/car-spray-paints/halfords-plastic-primer-grey-spray-300ml
  6. Bertiee

    New to priming

    Ok thanks, next question - is it worth priming if you're using enamels? Again it's not something I've thought about before (I've just bought whatever paint was the right colour)
  7. Bertiee

    New to priming

    Hello, I've made a few models and I've never primed anything. Not intentionally, I'm just inexperienced and wasn't aware it was something you should do. I was going to grab some spray paint to prime my models, but should I be priming everything? So by that I mean little details such as undercarriage components on an aircraft. Also can anyone recommend any (fairly inexpensive) primer? I've seen some people say that it doesn't really matter what you use as it's more about technique, but if I'm going to be buying some I might as well get something recommended! Thanks
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