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  1. Hi, thank you very much for your comments. Built is rather easy if you don't follow the instrutions! The main advices I can provide are : -If you to build a non folded wings plane you must glue together upper wings an wings roots and stengthen with plastic card by the inside. - You must also glue together all the parts of the same side from the tail to the nose to be sure all the shape and engraved lines are in line.I forget to do that for the nose and I waisted a lot of time ! Less important, it's better to modify the exhaust to fit it into the fuselage after paint. I hope it helps. Alain
  2. Oops you're right, It's Kitty Hawk !! To answer to Helios, as i'm currently buiding the Kinetic Mirage III E, i'm a bit disgusted by this model, I found the same flaws, despite some coment read on differents forum Kitty hawk quality is much higher than the Kinetic one. Alain
  3. Hi, Finished some weeks ago a very pleasant model to built when forgoten the tricky intructions! It's OOB and paint with gunze acrylics. All comments appreciatted. Cheers Alain
  4. vall

    Piaggio Pc 7 1/48

    Thanks again, , I didn't imagine have such a sucess with this odd thing! JamesP, on 30 Nov 2015 - 7:46 PM, said: I confirm, no other kit.... Unfortnately !! In matt black and gold, 2 Mg on the cowl and a long exaust... Why not. Cheers. Alain
  5. vall

    Piaggio Pc 7 1/48

    thank you for your kind comments§ Yes it is the same , Roadrunner is a menber of the french forum"Master 194" who made the pattern, sell a little batch under his own brand and then gave the production to Italian model. Best regards. Alain
  6. Brilliant built and pictures Alain
  7. One of my latest model, resin from Roadrunner model : It's built OOB, doesn't take too much place and add colour among camouflaged planes. Hope you enjoy. Alain
  8. Very good choice . I found this adress, seems interesting : http://mrpaint.sk/eshop Alain
  9. vall

    Sd.Kfz Italeiri 1/48

    Thank you very much for your kind comments, next AFV : a Gasoline resin VBCI. Alain
  10. Hi all, here is one of my latest model and my first attempt in armour. The kit is very nice, I add only some accesssories from Hauler and Gaso-line, the figure comes also from Gaso-line but paint is not a sucess, I have to improve my skill!Arial are made with Albion Alloy wires and tubes. Comments welcome. Alain
  11. Hi John, I realised that when I took the pictures, after checking pictures of actual planes, I saw that they are always closed on the ground. I will modified that. Best regards. Alain
  12. Good mornnig, Thank you very much for all your comments. Actually yes, I preferred to put together upper fuselage, upper wing and upper flaps to prevent misalignement and to have a correct dihedral , I also strengthened this group of part with sheet of plasic inside. When perfectly strong ,I used this part as a jig to do the same for the lower parts. I also improved the very visible outlets in front of the windscreen, and the main landing gear but in this case it's useless, it's hidden by the doors. I hope it helps you . Best regrds. Alain
  13. Hi all, this is my latest model, very pleasant to built, the only improvement to do is to make new canons exit, the original ones being too awful. the cockpit and wheel well are from Aires with no major issues to instal. Hope you enjoy. Alain
  14. vall

    P38 Academy 1/48

    Hi everyboy, With lot of late for some of you:oops:, thank you very much for all your kind messages. Alain