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  1. impressing work, result is gorgeous especialy knowing th original model. Congratulation. Alain
  2. Nice result, it's always nice to see transport plane. Alain
  3. Hi all, thank you very much for your kind comments Yes, he was. Alain
  4. Very Nice. Loock forward its relaese. Alain
  5. Wrong section! Maybe a moderator could move it.
  6. Hi All, first of all , all the best for 2020. My last model finished in 2019, an order, my client wanted something realistic even not historicaly speaking perfect. Nothing special to say about the model, painted with Gunze acrilic, most of marking is done with home made stencil. I didn't paint the figure, I'm lucky enough to work with an exellent figure painter. Hope you enjoy. Alain
  7. Excellent A good scale for such a big plane. Thanks for the analysis, it's on my " to buy list" now. Alain
  8. Excellent choice ! knowing what you're able to do I look foward the result. Alain
  9. With late, thanks again for all your kind comments. I' don't know if something exist for Spanish plane, it's obvious that the Syhart decals are a big support for the final result. For sure, but as I taste 1/144 I become interested by plane like A340 or 777 and it won't be the size! Appart the engine fairing issue it's nice model, you must not forget (like I did) to fill the engraved doors, they doesn't match with the decals. Cheers Alain
  10. Very nice model Dave, it's a good idea to build "traditonal" companies planes, even I prefer ancient liveries. About Alitalia, B727 is the nicest in my opinion. Alain
  11. What a job !!! It really looks like a true one Congratulation. Alain
  12. Thank you very much. Go raibh maith agat Dermot agus Naomh Pádraig go maith (I hope Google trad is correct) Alain
  13. Hi all, this is my first finished of the year. The model is rather correct in shape apart rear engine fairing where I removed 1.5 mm in height, Decals come from the excellent Syhart sheet, the only issue was that they refused to slide as they should and apply the "Sécurité civile" ones was a nigthmare. I hope you enjoy. Alain
  14. You makes an uggly plane a beauty. Fantastic result.
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