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  1. Thanks for that. I was dead unlucky that the colour guide included in the box was unfortunately blank on the reverse side (this side listed the Tamiya colours). I managed to get a photo copy from the Shop from which I bought the kit. Once again thanks.
  2. Just bought the kit - my 1st figure! Can you recommend paints for his tunic and trousers please?
  3. Hope everyone is in fine feckle. My child minding duties have prevented me from doing any meaningful bench work. So I was initially confused to see the new web site style/format, and not a little disappointed. Has the build stopped? And is there an alternative to photo bucket? I have had a thought that maybe I'm missing a trick here - the last post I can see is dated 10 Nov last year at the bottom of page 3 - is there more perchance?
  4. 'Morning Everyone and hope Bank Holiday Monday is going well. This might be 'old news'/ redundant info/ of no interest, but I stumbled across some interesting background information (for me anyway) on the 806. There's not an awful lot but have a look: www.bigscalemodels.com/cars/fiat806 Banny
  5. Andi I just love those dials! I think your seat is just the job - it's given me a better solution for mine (configuration not material). Makes my day when I see a post from you. Banny
  6. Andi I'm lost for words (and that's a first!). I'll finish my current mini-build (Belkit Skoda) and get back to the 806. This is inspiration to the nth degree! Keep it up Bloke. John
  7. Andi I'm lost for words (and that's a first!). I'll finish my current mini-build (Belkit Skoda) and get back to the 806. This is inspiration to the nth degree! Keep it up Bloke. John
  8. Hurrah! I'd just about got to the point of deciding that the rest of my build would be OOB (no wheel lacing, no fancy bonnet etc.), when I see your new thread. Allowing for my new family commitment I am determined to see this build through. Many, many thanks Andi. Banny
  9. Well having seen some of the recent posts I now know that I have made the right decision to 'bale out' of the thread. As a relative newcomer to this size of build, I was thoroughly enjoying the tips and advice I was getting from the more experienced builders - that came to an end when the drive for historical accuracy excluded everything else. I am not going to explain my stance as a 'modeller' other than to say that I continuously strive to improve my techniques - the target is ALWAYS to produce work that pleases ME! (I'm not too proud to accept Kit manufacturers' box specifications). Good luck with your collective builds and new thread(s).
  10. I actually used some clear acetate(?) from a chocolate box! Can't get cheaper than that! (Except the chocolates were quite expensive). John
  11. Bonjour Olivier Crazycrank beat me to it! I was also going to advise the use of electric cable. One of the things I learned from this site was not to throw anything away - cable, wine bottle foil, aluminium pie tins. Credit must go to Andi for these tips. I wish I had seen the Bugatti T50 tutorial it would have saved me a lot of time. However, I found some suitable cable, then aluminium tube of the same inside diameter and followed the same process as above. By the way, I will not be adding nipples to my wheels. Best regards John
  12. Ah! Well. After 55 years perhaps my school French has been too heavily weathered (not by Andi)!
  13. Bonjour Olivier Oui - le meme chose exactement! Je voulais me souvenir de mon écolier français mais hélas il a été trop nombreuses années! Ceci est ma première construction «grave» et à travers ce forum je l'ai tellement appris (mais ont beaucoup à apprendre). Cela dit, il a été très bien une accumulation d'amour / haine.I hope my attempt at French makes sense!
  14. Olivier I had exactly the same problem with 118D - see my modification on page 21. John
  15. Andi Having seen some of your other work, I'm not surprised at your work on this build - awesome!!
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