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  1. Excellent . I like it.....and so much memories
  2. Very interesting alternative to the Luftwaffen-B├╝cker. Looks very good the Swiss version And excellent built.
  3. I have this kit also at home. He is no longer justified. No comparison to the HSG kit. But you've built a phantastic phantom out of it And an F / RF-4 in this Israeli painting is always something special. Thanks for sharing Michael
  4. Good lookomg 109's . My favourite is the White 7 Michael
  5. Looks great . Well done .. and Inspiration ... I have the 1/48 HSG- kit of the F-14D at home...should start it Michael
  6. Also my condolences on the loss of your mum . I feel with you - I lost my mum last summer. Your fortress is excellent built and has a very interesting color scheme. Thanks for sharing it with us. All the best for 2017 Michael
  7. Interesting alternative - without weapons. Good looking T-cat. Love the painting/weathering too Michael
  8. Absolutely 2 beauties. I love these classic airliners.Very well done Michael
  9. Hello Skyhunter66 ..you are a big phan of the Phantom ?....you are not allone Both are excellent - love it too Thanks for sharing
  10. Always good to see a phantastic phantom. Good job.
  11. 1/72 ? ...the result is impressive. Great weathering. Oh yes I can remember the danish jets of the 60s/ 70s (F-100 ; F-104..) You did it very well Thanks for sharing Michael
  12. Fantastic .. looks so realistic and excellent photographed Thanks for sharing Michael
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