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  1. Kind comments, it was all going so well. I will get back to it though, after a bit of a break. To help me get over it I built the Airfix P-51 in 1/72 over a weekend, thats a rather nice kit by the way.
  2. Test fitting the fuselage before glueing, all going well at this stage
  3. I wanted to post some update photos, despite the project being put on hold, see above. Double mold lines on the canopy, was a surprise, I thought they could work around it. It would have been better to make a two part molding like the 1/48 Trumpeter. Theres no point in Meng wrapping the plastic up to protect it from scratches, if the first thing I have to do is scratch the mold lines off. Also note the meld line right through the middle of the glass part of the canopy.
  4. Well said, things have been put on hold with this build because of problems fitting the wings in place and its all starting to unravel. With everything fitting so tightly, I made the mistake of making sure that the fuselage fitted as tight around the internals as possible, consequently when I fitted the wings there were big gaps between the fuselage and wing root. Then to compound my pain, I spilt most of a bottle of "plastic weld" over the entire airframe. I have sanded it all down now, and put it back in its box and got on with other builds I was doing. I will return to this one when I feel
  5. Knikki, I can highly recommend it. I had only just bought the Trumpeter 48th scale 106, when I saw that this was coming out. So I asked the guy in Salisbury Models (nice man) if he could get me one. I have not been disappointed, the only thing I would say is, that it a big job on a small scale, there is so much in the box it is defiantly worth the money especially if anyone is doing the "Century series" which I am.
  6. Some parts of this kit are so thin you can read print through it, but it goes together extremely well. There is a lot of detail inside the aircraft such as the air intakes to the face of the turbines. And a well thought out after burner with lots of fine detail.
  7. Wing assembly, I notice that there was a raised edge this was due to one wing being slightly thicker than the other underneath. I sanded it down to where it was flush when in place.
  8. I started with the cockpit, the photos are done with my phone so apologies if they are not clear.
  9. A few pictures of the plastic on the sprues It comes with a missile trailer and individual boxes for the AIM 4 missiles, the attention to detail is amazing for this scale. I know its not the cheapest 72nd scale, but it has a lot more detail than some 48's I've had and even the odd 32nd.
  10. I'm new to this, but I wanted to share this build with you as it looks like a well done kit.
  11. I'm looking forward to following your build on this, as I have just started my one. The paint looks interesting, I havent seen that brand before, whats it like? Nice photography by the way.
  12. I love the in flight photos, takes me right back to when I was a kid and had built a Spitfire. I would hold it up in the air like it was flying, whizzing it around the sky, even threw it out my mum's bedroom window to see how far it would fly "unaided". Although if had been a real one, it would never have got off the ground with the amount of paint on it, and the pilot wouldn't have been able to see where he was going for the glass being all fogged up from the glue. It still looked good to me though.
  13. I would paint the PE, that green they have printed on it looks way off. The part you have painted looks like the right colour. Just do a Google search on "Spitfire cockpit colours", there's probably a topic on this forum about it. The Vallejo colour I used was 71.095 and it looks similar to the Humbrol colour.
  14. Looks good, I've not seen a prop like that and I didnt know you can buy camo painting masks. Are the re-usable? Looking forward to following this build, I hope it all goes well.
  15. It looks really nice, inspires me to crack on with my Mk1.
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