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  1. Hello All, Let me present you the great kit from AZ Models of the 1/48 scale Zlin Z-50LS in the Hungarian "Aerotriga" Aerobatics team livery. Thanks for looking and all comments / recommendations welcome
  2. Hi All, I hope you don't mind seeing another Mig-21 completed from Eduard. For me it was a first time trying the NMF on a plastic model. I used Vallejo's metal range paints. (Note: I'm absolutely aware that all Hungarian Mig-21Bis was painted grey, so you can take this model as a "what if" before you start hammering me in the comment section ) Thanks for all improvement comments / recommendations in advance
  3. Great review and an impressive looking kit, Thanks much! Actually the holes on the upper wing parts are for the fuel level gauges. The filler caps are located in different places. If anyone interested in more details about this topic, I'd recommend the following link: http://vvs.hobbyvista.com/Research/Yakovlev/FuelGauges/ Thanks Roland
  4. Hello All, During the weekend I had a chance to finish the Aeroplast 1/48 Mi-2 kit in the Hungarian livery. There are a good few mistakes what I did made during the build, like not cutting the liquid mask around upon removal ended up in lots of jagged edges, but I'm happy with the overall result. Hope you like the pictures. Any comments and critique is welcome. Thanks Roland And it's placed into the final location in the cabinet...
  5. Hello All, Here is my completed old Revell 1/32 Ju-87 kit completed in the Hungarian Air Force paint scheme. The number B.601 plane was received from Germany (together with B.602) as a test and training samples, the original plan was to purchase the building licence of the Ju-87 plane. The correct version of the delivered plane is the "K-2" which denotes the export version of the original "B-2". My assumption is that the planes was received in the early German RLM 61 / 62 / 63 / 65 paint scheme, but I only have black & white photos available for reference. (There is still a huge debate on the colors / shades of the HuAF planes nowdays in Hungary...) For the paint scheme, I used Vallejo acrylic colors. The HuAF insignia is spray painted and the side number is a custom printed decal. The plane B.601 itself have a rather interesting story as well... In August 1940 near Börgönd airfield - Hungary during a training flight around 7500m altitude the pilot lost consciousness due to the fault in the oxygen supply system. The plane went into a uncontrolled dive and in the mean time the radio operator bailed from the plane. Unfortunately his parachute shattered due to the high speed and possibly collided with the vertical stabilizer (see the picture below) and died instantly. About 2200m altitude the pilot gained consciousness again and landed the plane safely. Here are some pictures from the finished model. Thanks for any improvement comments. Roland
  6. That is a piece of art! I would like to see more pictures as well if it's all possible. Thanks
  7. Perfect job on this Hog! Love the paint scheme much. Congratulation and thanks for sharing! Roland
  8. Great work on this model. I really like the "texture" painting of the wooden prop. Thanks for sharing Roland
  9. Thanks Alan Yes, indeed. The wingspan is 17m (55ft) on the real one, so it is a big model. Especially for me as I was stuck to the 1:72 scale most of the time. Thanks Andy, No, you are not old. Glad that driving down on memory lane gave you some good time.
  10. Thank you! I'll try to source it for sure as the diameter looks perfect for this scale.
  11. Oh, I don't really mind... Painting figures is well beyond my capabilities...
  12. Great job on this model! Can I ask, what did you used for the aerial wire to reach the perfect thin diameter? Roland
  13. Hi Alan, Stunning build, congratulation! There is nothing wrong with the pictures... If you don't mind, can you please give me some instruction or pointer how do you create your own decals? Thanks Roland
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