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  1. So, thanks for the replies so far. I have searched and contacted the UK National Archives, RAFM, AHB and the IWM. So far I have been able to get limited information. Below is the information/research that I have got so far. D-Day invasion stripes were painted on for June 6th around the whole fuselage and top and bottom wings. The stripes on top of the wings were removed and the stripes from the waterline (Basically the floor) up were painted over post D-Day. The code YS-J was painted on the aircraft. YS in red and J in white. The RAF serial FZ668 was painted in red
  2. I managed to get a reply from the RAFM. The aircraft SQN code is YS-J
  3. Just realised you posted back.

    Try getting in touch with guys who are more local to DA than I am. A good place to start is:








    Sorry that your visit to the Archives didn't provide what you need. I know the feeling! Like all these searches, it can be fruitless for years (decades!) until you meet the right person. Someone has an old log book with just the entry you need. Good Luck.


    1. Brenden S

      Brenden S

      Thanks for that. I completely forgot about that I posted on here.

  4. Ossington, as I live in Perth Australia I have no idea how to get in touch with any of the folk you have suggested. Are you able to assist at all please?
  5. Hi all, I am after some help if possible please. I am trying to track down some WW2 images of a Dakota C-47 from RAF 271 SQN FZ668 I have attempted to search the UK National Archives and the usual spots on google but nothing has come up. Any leads would be welcome.
  6. Top job painting by brush that is for sure. I would be interested in a video on how you did it, as I just don't have the spare $$ for an airbrush kit.
  7. You are more than welcome
  8. Dennis https://goo.gl/images/5h24fr https://goo.gl/images/VSHThi http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/foliagegreenrefgb_1.htm Clem, you can't take flammable paints, but water based model paint should be fine to take up onto the aircraft. Best to pack it into your checked luggage though.
  9. Run some images through this website to give you a bit of an idea on colours http://demos.algorithmia.com/colorize-photos/
  10. Fantastic link, thank you for sharing
  11. Spewing, looks like I will miss it when I come there in Feb/March next year
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