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  1. Bandai are making awesome kits, they look so cool all together like that at the end. Im definately getting one of these now, as a bomber it makes more sense that its fuselage is so long. Looking forward to your painting Andy!
  2. Yes those guns are SO cool, but id like a plastic one thats looks real and i can always stick a cosplay style orange cork in the end if i wanted to take it outside. Adding a few fishing lead weights inside would make it feel real. I had an M16 1/1 model kit as a kid that fired orange pelets and that looked and felt so real with the weights inside. Yes they looked great, Bandai have so many cool models that they can make for decades to come! I agree Vaders Castle might be something they do right at the end, if at all, but i put it in there as it looke
  3. Id LOVE to see Bandai make a 1/1 Thermal Detonator, Hans Blaster and Reys Pistol, that would be SO cool Hopefully these can be made without licence problems, not everyone can afford £100000's high end props and not everyone wants an orange nerf gun.
  4. Thats what all stormies look like with their helmet off
  5. He looks good with a head on Take a look at these vids: This one looks fine to me Heres a Bandai 1/6 in a video next to Hot Toys Vader If measured down again, the helmets height comes down to just below the top of the control box on the stomach in those vids above. Whereas on yours in this pic the helmet height goes right to the bottom. https://www.flickr.com/photos/147621094@N05/32861396645/ My guess is the early ones had a bigger head for some reason and then a new mold was made and it got changed to a smaller head.
  6. I was thinking of getting a 1/6 head off Ebay for exampe for a Luke & Han version of these, but they were a bit expensive last time i looked.
  7. Oh cool paintjob!! Yeah that head looks massive! you sure that isnt the 1/6 helmet on a 1/12 figure From what ive seen of helmets, costumes on real people & Bandai's 1/6 box art.. If you get the height of the helmet, using that measure down from under the helmet, then you arrive at the top of the stomach control box, measure down again and your somewhere near the top of the leg thigh armour. On your 1/6 model your arrive half way down the thigh. So if it has a bigger head, and the figures the right height, then the body must be slightly too small too, right? how od
  8. Id like to see Krennics shuttle 30cms tall as it does have long wings!
  9. Oh yeah this is looking great and the pilot in the cockpit looks so cool If Bandai ever make the TIE Reaper (Death Trooper variant) then i would buy an extra one of those and base the concept TIE on those wings.
  10. I have to see Star Wars at the cinema in 3D it just blows my mind that i can be flying round in space in the Falcon, in crowded streets on a desert moon, escaping a massive explosion from the Death Star. Then in a corridor with Vader slaughtering everyone haha! It just seems so real. I think I saw TFA 4 times and Rogue One 3 times as my local showcase cinema took it off 3D then bought it back again, when i presume Assasins Creed 3D flopped, aaand now its back to 2D again, so im waiting for the DVD.
  11. Id definatley buy a 1/72 U-wing, can you imagine the interior and sliding door! My future Rogue One wish list 1/72 U-Wing, 1/72 TIE Landing shuttle (TIE Reaper) 1/12 Rebels: Jyn Erso, Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus, Saw Gerrera, Cassian Andor Krennic's Shuttle 60cm Hammerhead Corvette 30cm Death Star 94cm 1/1700 Star Destroyer Vaders Castle
  12. Oh no its not official yet but im 99.9% sure they will make one to go with the 1/48 Snowspeeders and AT-ST. Other companies have made big AT-AT's in the past, so i dont see why Bandai wouldnt, and theirs would be the best ever made, so would sell forever. A 1/48 Bandai AT-AT would be awesome, like a 1/72 Falcon or 1/1700 Star Destroyer, it would be a "Grail Kit" for every Star Wars collector. BB-8 and the 1/6 Stormtrooper are huge compared to previous Bandai kits, wouldnt surprise me if they made a 1/6 Vader too. Dragon were saying they were making a 1/35 AT-AT i think
  13. Thank you for a great box contents review and awesome photography Andy, I look forward to seeing this one go together. Good to know about TMD postage too! I think i will stick to my known Ebay source, with fantastic "free shipping" for the time being. Some days, in pictures i dont really like this TIE's long fuselage, but then in the film (seen it 3 times in 3D ) it looks great, so in reality i might love it, i think it looks odd from underneath with the wings up. But its like a single body TIE Bomber hull, so it should look great right? I think its not TIE looking because the win
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