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  1. No nose wheel scissors? [Edit] Nope wait... There's one. Cheers, Mario
  2. Thanks you all for the comments, Gents. Really happy to see more insight for these kits, and it's all helpful. I saw the review of the Fokker Dr.I, and I can see why many recommend it, If there's any available locally here I'm surely would've buy one now! But, I can't find one, while sourcing it from international sites such as eBay is a no-go for me at this moments due to extra cost it took (New tax custom tax now stated any item valued $3 and above, and the shipping cost also will be subjected to tax, which means it will cost me double or even triple the original price). The list I made above is the only I found in the local marketplaces. Cheers, Mario
  3. Sadly, no local seller has the Fokker DR-1 (although having one would be interesting since Anthony Fokker was born in the same region my wife family came from ). And although it's challenging, rigging is not my main concern yet... The alignment is worst fear Thanks for the link... And yes, most review says the construction is actually fun. The only complaints is about the wheel struts which is shorter than it should be (But honestly, I can't see the difference though). How was it on your build @dnl42? Did you make any change in your's? Cheers, Mario
  4. Hi, Ever since re-watching the Lord of The Rings trilogy, I started to feel the urge to build WWI fighter plane (yeah...weird, huh?). And being mostly build 1/72 Aircraft and occasionally 1/700 modern ships this thought scares me a lot.. Yet, after watching 1917 and Tolkiens, I start searching for kits, and came up with several options for my first WWI build, but got confused to which one I should pick between the below list; Eduard 1/48 Sopwith Camel f1 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-8056-sopwith-f1-camel--115317 Actually my top options, but reading the review, it got problems with the instructions, and failure to identify this will guarantee a half built camel flying into the wall fueled by anger And the scheme on those albatrosses just beautiful isn't it? Eduard 1/48 Albatros D.III https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-8097-albatros-diii--100984 Beautiful schemes! And I really want to try to simulate those wood grain. there's a review said something about wheel struts being too short (without explaining how long it should be ). slightly more expensive than the others here in Indonesia. Eduard 1/48 Albatros D.Va https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-8111-albatros-d-va--667464 Same case like the D.III Eduard 1/48 Nieuport Ni-17 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-8033-nieuport-ni-17--179249 Not on my top list, but I've read this kit is "easier" than other Eduard offerings, this particular kit doesn't come with "stork" marking though Any suggestion on which one should I pick? Cheers, Mario
  5. Hi, Like to join with a stalled build from 2017 Mirage GB. Kinetic 1/48 Mirage IIIE. The build stalled when I broke the fin antenna and failed with the NMF. Will follow on with pictures later. Cheers, Mario
  6. I just got back from my workplace, and since the JS Shimokita had her microscopic parts on, I can't bring her on board my work site. But, I was able to spare some time on her and install all the vehicles and PE's. And after several hours, she's done. I also added several PE Figures. As planned I'm going to make a small diorama depicting the ship almost finished loading the vehicle. So, I'll go ahead and try to find what method I should use to make a typical calm water in the dock area.. Cheers, Mario
  7. Aaah... Noted. It's actually already on my to do list... Cheers, Mario
  8. Thanks @spejic... What hooks are you referring to? My current plan is to use a white thread as mooring lines and attach it to the mooring point on the provided dock... And use the provided fenders for the bumpers. Cheers, Mario
  9. Thanks @spejic, Adapting to your idea and reference pictures I played with vehicles; I'm following the deck tie downs point and placed the vehicle between the points, and as you can see it leave an empty rows on the center line of the deck just on the transparent area of the deck, so it won't cover the below deck visual. It might be not so accurate, but so does a transparent deck, right? 4 Type 82 Command Post Vehicles will be parked on the port ready to be loaded into the ship, while 2 4x4s stand guard near the loading ramps. As for the rigging, I use a poly strand which my LHS sells. Any comments are welcome. Cheers, Mario
  10. Back from the job several days ago and just found the will to continue with the LST.. The kit decals already start to yellow and has lost it's film, nothing that a coat of microscale decal film can't handle, although it makes the decal thicker. Also finish with the vehicle decals and painting. I decided to use 2 SH-60J and 1 CH-47 Chinook. Partly because I hope it will help mask any marking imperfection due to the decals. I played around a bit earlier with rigging hread and make some rotor tie down for the chinook. I will load up the ground vehicles later, but currently still trying to figure out the best parking spot for all vehicle but will still get a view of below deck. Any comments / suggestion are very welcome.. Cheers, Mario
  11. Great start... I never know the PLAN color would be good for JMSDF. For what it's worth, Mr.Color got a special set of modern JMSDF Color, which now they sell it separately. I use it, and looks just like the one I saw on the real ones. Cheers, Mario
  12. Small update... Finished the island rigging last night, and I decided to install the island on the main deck. Just like the dry fitting no problem found when glueing the island on the main deck. This would be my last update for the next 2 weeks, until I'm back home from work. Here she is momentarily displayed beside 1/700 USS Cole which I'm still working on her display.. Cheers, Mario
  13. This was actually intended for Lockheed GB But one thing led to another, I missed the build deadline, and finished it several days ago... So here it is.. Hasegawa 1/72 CF-104, OOB beside wires for the ejection seat. I use mostly AK Interactive Xtreme Metal, Mr.Hobby Super Metallic, and Mr.Color paints. Cheers, Mario
  14. Thanks @spejic n @beefy66.. I'd love to post larger image... But I think I've read somewhere the recommended size for posting image in BM Forum it 640x800... But here's some latest pictures with higher resolution... As for the boat launch well, I installed it rather early before closing the main deck, and before installing the lifeboat for easier access. I agree it was really tricky.. I ended up replacing one of the platform PE with the generic one by Lion Roar. Cheers, Mario
  15. Update... Painted the deck and hull, also added some railings detail on the main deck, and scratch small mast which shows in reference photos. If you see some discoloration on the main deck, it's started as an accident. I put too much flat coat and have white powder effect on the main deck surface. It strangely look like salt effect I sometimes see on vessel's main deck. So, I decide to play along and add little oil wash on it instead which also lessen the white powder effect a bit... I like the results and I consider the painting and wathering process on the main deck is done. So, I thought why not as well peel out the masking tape and dry fit the island... Cheers, Mario
  16. I knew it looks funny... I should've done more research... Unfortunately nothing can be done for now, unless ripping off the aft main deck section, which is too scary for me. Thanks for the info though... It will sure be useful for my LHD-6 build. Haven't got the kit yet... But yesterday the postman delivered a PE set for 1/700 WASP Class LHD which apparently I bought from the E(vil)Bay. And I swore this ship-modelling is just a fling.... Cheers, Mario
  17. Hi, Yes @spejic I actually start painting the trucks several weeks ago. And yes, I did considering to add containers.. but it will took more time and money for me so probably later. Meanwhile, the build continue with painting the deck and vertical area of the structure with Mr.Color 608 (JMSDF Dark Grey N4), then followed by masked the decks.. Dry fitted the island to determined the masked area... White for the fore decks and Mr.Color 607 for the aft, then red, then Mr.Color 608.. I want several area of the main deck to be transparent, and I'm hoping the red color will shows the tip of the cutaway. I also want to try some preshading to highlight the hull framing. I robbed this idea from the build by a member in this forum.. I noticed the kit lack of several antennas above the bridge and aft of the funnel area, so I scratched some from stretched sprues. I don't know the measurements of the real thing, so overscale are very likely... Although it does make the top deck area populated, almost like antenna farm saw in reference photos. Cheers, Mario
  18. I decided to finish the LCAC and the ground forces... I didn't use the PE parts for the LCAC because I'm planning to use it for other project.. Weather all the vehicles, and the internal decks with acrylic wash, just enough to give some variation on the shades. Then problem... I really don't know the proper arrangements of the vehicle inside the vehicle decks. So I took t liberty to load the tanks and AFVs first, with 4 unit of Type 74 MBT being loaded into the two LCAC. Later I will add some figures also Here's what it's look dryfitted with the upper deck and island.. I planned the soft vehicles (trucks, utilities) will be stacked on the upper decks.. All the vehicles are glued with pva, so it will be easily moved/changed if I got references.. Cheers, Mario
  19. Wow! That's even better than mine with all the PE on! You should continue your build @spejic ... Thanks to Spejic's pattern and instruction, I'm able to build additional modification for shimokita's mast... I will probably add more details as per spejic mast... Prior to building the additional platform, I add some PE grill and railings around the hull parts Also paint the interior.. the vehicle deck area is Tamiya XF-23 (Light Blue).. yes I thought it's just another Tamiya effort to only listed their own color code on the instruction sheet.. But when I went aboard JS Suzutsuki several months ago I saw light blue on their hangar wall.. The flood deck looks to have the same shade as the external of the ship, The instruction said TS-32 (Haze Grey). But I choose to use Mr.Hobby 607 (JMSDF 2704 Gray N5) instead. Mostly because I want to try to see how it looks compared to the real one. And it's spot one with the shade that JMSDF ships had on. Slightly darker than USN or RN grey.... Next...paint the island, and weather the vehicle deck and flood deck Cheers, Mario
  20. Please do Spejic... Warship is just a fling from my usual genre, so I am a little short in reference. And finding one for the ohsumi class (or any JMSDF Vessel) is really difficult... I'll surely wait for your drawings and pictures @spejic... Cheers, Mario
  21. Several more photo.. Add more bits to the island... I opt not to use the stairs from the PE set, and use lion roar's Kriegmarines stairs set... Not accurate, but I like the shape better. I'm experimenting by replacing the anchor chains with braided wire after reading about it; It's actually pretty easy and quick to do.. I got around 20 cm after 10 min of braiding.. The braided wire vs the kit parts What do you think? Cheers, Mario
  22. Ahoy, This is my 3rd 1/700 Ship I build, and my 1st Maritime WIP here in BM. The basic kit is Tamiya 1/700 LST-4001, and I will add it with Pit-Road PE Set (Fun Facts; I bought the PE set first before the basic kit) Construction start with the PE and the ship's mast and island the Pit-Road PE set does not provide the grating and railings for the wet deck, so I decided to make one using leftover railings from Flyhawk railing set. it wont be 100% accurate, but it would be suffice by the end. Bot much now, but more photos will follow... Cheers, Mario
  23. I usually build 1/72 flying things But it seems that lately I'm smitten by the sea gods... luckily I've set my limit to 1/700, and must have helipad/flight deck on it. So I definitely will follow this! Any aftermarket involve? Cheers, Mario
  24. My 2nd entry... And another Black Widow on this GB! Dragon 1/72 P-61A Black Widow "Virgin Widow" Oob, scratch details and upper turret, kits world decal WIP: The result; It's been fun... Thanks @trickyrich for hosting this Group Build! Cheers, Mario
  25. Install the scratch built 50cal turret, kits PE parts, wire antenna using fake hair, other small parts.. And finally finished.... Will follow up with gallery posting tomorrow... Cheers, Marion
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