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  2. I bought the speed silver and British Interior Green and they seen to match okay although I had to really shake them a lot. Mr Mastercasters was telling me he was working on this range although I seem to recall him saying they were gloss and not matt (which they are).
  3. I'm just scribing/riveting a Matchbox Seafire/Spitfire. You should see all the patching I've done with Mr Surfacer to hide where my scriber got jammed on a bit of Milliput or super glue. Andrew.
  4. Regarding yellowed canopies. I made a plaster cast of the Lightning canopy. I then gave it a coat of gloss lacquer and spent many frustrating weeks forcing it through lots of sheets of acetate. I got here in the end after about 30-40 atempts. Going through it again with a DH88 nose light dome, except in this case I have to make the mold. I hate vacform acetate...by the way. Regarding (again) Paul Fisher. Try him again. I contacted him for a Sea Fury canopy to replace the Vac form MDC Typhoon version. He responded quickly and I only paid postage. Andrew
  5. I shall enjoy watching this. I have the Echelon Lightning. As vac-form kits go these are a class of their own.
  6. I saw one of these flying at the Old Warden air show on Sunday. If you Google it there are loads of pictures against a pure blues sky. It will give you some extra inspiration. The low pass at 500 knots was superb. Andrew.
  7. 15th June. Pay day..good timing... The irony is that this is the same price as the PCM kit and it's so much more in everyway .
  8. I wish somebody would make some big 1:32 Griffon Spits. I may have to cut up a Tamiya kit after my Seafire. Look great. Well done. Andrew.
  9. There will be a Vixen flying at the Shuttleworth Collection this weekend if anybody can make it. Andrew
  10. Yeas it's good at Buntingthorpe isn't it? You get to crawl underneath the Lightnings and even....touch.... Andrew
  11. Alclad grey or white primer. Tougher than or Humbrol and can be polished and smoothed easily unlike Vallejo Andrew.
  12. Find some pictures of what you are making and copy them. If anybody says you've done it wrong, produce a picture. I'll be adding oil stains, light exhaust marks, scrapes on the mudguards, wear on the tips of the props and some dirt to the wing roots on my DH88 to represent a few test flights and a journey to Australia. No fading but some shadowing to add scale. Andrew
  13. Put what you want on back order. You get them eventually.
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