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  1. Absolutley fantastic model. A little beauty. Could i ask a quick question what make and colour blue did you use for the seatbelts. Thanks very much and once again excellent work.
  2. What an absolute fantastic pair of Hawks. Excellent work.
  3. Antti thanks very much for the info. Great pics. I also have books on the Reds and like you i thought the landing gear legs look white and so do all other images of them that i have seen but i am informed that they are actually a very light grey so i am going to paint them light grey with some added white. Do you have any images of the actual Finnish aircraft itself as i would like to look at the paint scheme. Thanks again, Mark.
  4. Just taken a look at the images on here on the walkaround and they are absolutely fantastic just what i needed. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you all very much for your great answers. I have looked at loads of images online, in books and walkarounds but the images seem to look white. But thank you PhantomBigStu and 1903flight i don't normally use Humbrol but i have just bought Humbrol 196 Tamiya equivlent XF-66 light grey and maybe add a touch of white to that if it needs it. Thanks again all, Mark. P.S. i presume this is also for the undercarriage legs as well as the wheel wells.
  6. Hi all, Just starting a 1/72 Airfix Red Arrow Hawk T1a and at a dilemma as to what colour the undercarriage and wheel bays should be. Instuctions call out for Humbrol 166 Light Aircraft Grey but i was always of the understanding that they are White. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Paul J Thank you very much for your reply. I did what you said with a small flat brush and hot water and i did manage to lift the decal and move it into a better position. It did leave a couple of tiny bits of white behind but i managed to remove them and i used a fine brush to touch up some white (Grey scheme Lightning). Not the best but with a bit of weathering it should cover up the slight mistake but hardly noticeable. Thanks again for your tip, much appreciated.
  8. Hi all, Just wondering if i can rehydrate my decals after setting with Micro Sol 24 hours after applying. Thought the No Step lines on top of my F6 Lightning were straight but on inspection the next day noticed they were not very straight on one wing. Just wondered if i could soak in Micro Sol again and reposition or should i best leave well alone as i have'nt any spare. Any help and tips would be very greatful. Thanks, Mark.
  9. Hi, all, Finishing my Lightning F6 in grey but just wondering what final top coat varnish would be best, matte or satin varnish and what make. I remember from my days up at Binbrook in the eighties watching from the crash gates the Lightnings seemed to have a slight sheen rather than fully matte. I would be very greatful for any suggestions. Thank you, Mark.
  10. Hi Mike, Love the new site layout.

  11. Hi Darth Vader, yes i have actually seen this Lightning in his garden at Binbrook. I live in Grimsby not to far from Binbrook and spent many many days up their throughout the eighties. Some of the best days of my life. I remember seeing this aircraft flying in these colours and seeing it taxy past crash gate 3 many times.
  12. Hi Lightning 770 i have the F-6 Airfix 1/72 and the Hasegawa F-6 1/72. It is the Hasegawa one that i am doing as 11 sqn grey with black spine and tail.
  13. Hi Black Knight, yes its different top and bottom, light aircraft grey, barley grey and medium sea grey with black spine and tail. That is a really great help to me i shall do it in the order you stated thank you very much for your reply.
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