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  1. Cheers for the replies & yeah no pic doesn't help but not being able to paste images into posts is a pain. I haven't used image hosting sites for years. SimonT's Aber link & post picks up the screens but the tools hide the fixing location of the lugs. I think I've sussed it after finding some hi-res versions of the B&W pics Simon posted earlier. Aber are great but sometimes the instruction graphics are very sloppy.
  2. Have got the Tamiya KT with production turret on the go & using the Aber PE set but am struggling with the anti mine mesh screens that were fitted to the forward end of the rear engine decks & sat almost directly under the turret bustle. I've formed them ok with the correct curve to them but the lugs fitting them to the deck seem to compromise the deck plates sitting astride joints. ABer show the lugs toes out which makes sense but I can't find any ref pics online that show this, were the lugs toe in & fitted from inside the mesh so to speak.
  3. Lost my log in dets an age ago & got around to getting a new account. Usual middle aged bloke making kits & spinning dits. Been back making stuff in most scales & genres for about 5 years after a 20yr hiatus. Started doing a few commissions here & there but mainly do it for my own enjoyment so set up my own page on FB, The Modelarium.
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