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  1. Thankyou they are just what I am looking for!
  2. Thankyou for the responses guys, that's some good info. It shows that every sub type of 109 seemed to have different O2 setups. Tank I've sent you a PM.
  3. This will be a question for the 109 experts. I have just started building Artesania Latina's skeletal 1:16 Bf 109G. Though not specified, I'm assuming it is a G5 or 6 model. It has the earlier heavily framed canopy and cowl bulges in front of the canopy. My question is to do with the pilot's oxygen bottles that are behind the cockpit and fuel tank. Do any of you know how exactly they were mounted and what shape they were? I have spent all night researching this and looking for schematic drawings or photos. The kit contains spherical bottles mounted behind a fuselage rib, and this is shown in the 1 photo of a restored aircraft I could find. However the photo doesn't show how they are mounted. All the line drawings and cutaway drawing I can find show 3 straight cylindrical bottles mounted n front of the fuselage rib.
  4. Thankyou for the update guys. That's great to see plans are afoot.
  5. Yes apologies, I did have a look through the different sections but could not find an appropriate one. The reason I chose the Cold War forum was due to the parts I was ordering was for a Cold War subject - lame excuse I know. Also just wanted to say wait times were no problem, was mainly just asking if anyone had any knowledge where Alleycat would be moving forward.
  6. Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right section to ask this question, apologies. What is happening with Alleycat Models? The homepage states Alec is closing up shop due to health issues. Doing some searching on this site reveals there may be a change of ownership in the coming months. I placed an order with Alleycat several weeks ago before realising the current issues. I received an automated email recognising receipt of my order. I have sent 2 emails since hoping to add to my order but have not received any reply, and am worried that my order will fall through the cracks during the transition period. Obviously though Alec's health is paramount.
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