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  1. Airfix 1/72 Mosquito NF.Mk II Build thread here
  2. Big push to the finish line! Canopy masked and painted then in position! Painting done while rewatching Season 1 & 2 of Twin Peaks, ready for the new series... Did the main body of the aircraft entirely in NATO Black with Flat Black for the prop blades to provide a bit of tonal difference. Finally some stretched sprue antenna wire, the decals, an oil wash and various varnishes (again to add a bit of subtle tonal difference to a very plain colour scheme) and we're calling it done!
  3. Ancient kit I picked up on the cheap at Edinburgh show last year just as something to play with. Finished ages ago just never got around to taking some pictures. Thanks for looking.
  4. Right. Wings. Lots of bits... Moulding on the tailplane wasn't great. Uneven panel lines and a bit of deformity, nothing major but another symptom of age I guess. Also like a lot of parts, a lot of minor flashing around the edges that needed sanding off. Problem... the engine nacelle. This one has an outie where it should have an innie...! Cue a bit of creative drilling... That's better! Undercarriage wasn't bad. struts for the mud guard were
  5. Suspect some of the gapping might've been caused by my shelf modification being fractionally to wide, but yeah there was a definite lip too, you can see that on the pic of the top.
  6. Did I really say "next the wings"? Don't be ridiculous. Look at the state of this fit... Deploy the filler! A few layers and sand downs later and it's going to look much more presentable once some paint's applied. It also now has a nose. OK, so maybe *now* the wings...
  7. Nice work as ever. I think it suits the grubby look.
  8. Yep, the void was bothering me too much so I decided it needed a shelf bodge job (scratch build is a bit grand for what follows) Lacking anything as refined as plasticard I cobbled together a basic shelf using packing cardboard, some CA and model filler. A few layers of filler and filing then a coat of paint and it was passable for the job at hand. Not a bad fit at all. Radio box painted up and in place and whole thing can now get closed up... Next: wings...
  9. OK, first thing's first. Cockpit sorted. The pit in this kit basically has zero internal detail aside from a stick and the instrument panel (showing it's age) but when sealed up you're not going to see much anyway I guess (which is why I also cheated and couldn't be bothered dealing with the myriad ejector pin marks either) so there's that. A quick spot of cockpit green and a wee brown wash to dirty it up a little anyway because it would be rude not to. It was sunny today, so made the most of it with some al fresco photos... Then the instrument pa
  10. Thanks. Not sure I trust my skills with even that basic level of body-modding however it probably won't be my last attempt at a Mozzie so I'll bear that in mind for future builds! Think I'm going to go with the Night Fighter variant. Challenge for me in that is that I'll probably try to mix up a slightly lighter shade for the body so that I can show up details with a pure black wash during weathering.
  11. Been a while since I've been on here, thought I'd catch up on these as I enjoyed watching the WIPs. Your work continues to be amazing.
  12. Managed to pick up a Mozzie for half price at ScotsNats yesterday so I can finally throw my hat in to the ring. Hardly original but been wanting to do one so now was as good a time as any, plus it was a good chance to make my GB debut. Multiple birds and all that. Box, sprues etc... Due to various constraints of real life and what-not it'll be an OOB job. Tempted to go with the NF.Mk II as something different from the standard scheme on the Mk.XVIII option, and I've cried enough doing a couple of NMF birds recently to put me off trying the Aussie Mk.IV opti
  13. Emerging from the wilderness to post my debut Yearbook. First up was the one that started it all. A Hurricane Mk.I starter kit gifted somewhat tongue-in-cheek by Stosh65. Mostly just like riding a bike although quickly discovered things have come a long way since the days of making up a red arrow hawk in the parent's dining room table in the late 80s. Went in strong on the weathering, perhaps too strong given my lack of practice and managed to royally cock up the matte varnish finish, but all in all not a bad start, I thought. Next up was a Vampire T.11 simply be
  14. Still alive. Just been too busy for modelling these past few weeks. Which is frustrating with two WIPs...

  15. I wish nothing but ill on Academy's decal team

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Woodo79


      No, it was a MkXIV Spitfire which now has to get weathered far more then originally planned to cover up the ridiculously thin decals which broke just by looking at them in the wrong manner. Ridiculous.

    3. Stosh65


      I found them thin but acceptable. Until you leave a wash on for 24 hours, but I can't really justify blaming Academy for that.

    4. Woodo79


      The roundels were fine but any that had a lot of clear like the squad codes, started falling apart just trying to slide them off the backing sheet!

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