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  1. If you want to make your life easier and still produce a first rate outcome, consider Tamiya rattle can silver. You can get about 5 shades in their range. They spray amazingly, dry fast and hard. Metallic Silver and Silver Leaf are bright, Mica is bright but more matt, Gloss Aluminum and Bare Metal look more like stainless steel or clad aluminum. Light Gunmetal is for steel or darkened areas. I love the stuff for appearance and ease of use
  2. Julien,

    Like that model loads. I used those Xtracolors on some 48 builds and they look good to me as well. There’s only one place that sells them in the US since they cant be shipped anymore. I just love ‘em. 

  3. wschurr

    Mirage 2000c

    I just rec’d the new KH kit. It really looks a treat. I need to confirm cockpit color for the French. Gray, Black, what? I guess struts look silver laquer; same for wells. I’m going with Xtracolor Mirage 2000 grays for the airframe. Thoughts.
  4. I can’t speak with any authority on the Mitchell but I have a photograph of a Mustang lll with the standard US harness installed. I tend to think US harnesses were left in place as they were simple and the inertia reel was installed on the seat. I’m not sure how Sutton’s inertia reels worked. Maybe the “Q” was compatible with US seat anchor points. Interesting topic.
  5. Fins on the AIM-7s were titanium color. Radomes are an egg shell color vs pure white. I believe there was a white plastic cover on the rocket motor nozzle as well. Better check photos on that though. Cant tell you anything about AIM 54s as I’m former USAFer. Oh, the gray on these missiles in 36375. That applies to all US air to air stuff at that point.
  6. What was ‘Sky Base Blue” and “Flight Blue”? I’m wanting to do the 32nd kit as Hangover Haven.
  7. wschurr

    P-38 Turbochargers

    Since Tam’s ‘38 has two types of turbos, I wonder if one style is the GE B-13 and the other the B-33. I need to find out if either kit parts would be appropriate for an H.
  8. wschurr

    P-38 Turbochargers

    I’m working on Tamiya’s ‘38 and I’m waiting anxiously for the Xtradecal sheets. These will have some H models included. What external differences are there between the three. Along with a couple of panels and tank sway braces, there are slight differences in turbochargers. What constitutes an H?
  9. I’m working on Tamiya’s ‘38 and I’m waiting anxiously for the Xtradecal sheets. These will have some H models included. What external differences are there between the three. Along with a couple of panels and tank sway braces, there are slight differences in turbochargers. What constitutes an H?
  10. I’m wrapping up the Airfix kit myself and in digging through tons of pics I found one with wings folded and gun access panels open. I also found one with one wing folded and the other extended. I ended up doing both wings extended but the right gun bays are open as is the engine cowlings on the right. I couldn't stand to cover all that detail! This thing really looks good but I had a considerable amount of binding assemblies, for example the cockpit assembly binding when joining the fuselage halves. Same with the wing to fuselage mating and engine cowlings fitting over the exhaust system and intake ducts. My best advice to anyone considering building this kit is to make sure everything lines up and is correctly seated before the glue sets. There’s definitely a lot of model in that big box! .
  11. I’ve built multiples of all three brands and think ZM is the best by a fair margin. As mentioned above Academy and Hasegawa produce a good looking J as well.
  12. Oh man, my fav topic. Google Great Planes History Channel P-51. There are several edited versions narrated by an Aussie on the Mustang. There is LOADS of color footage of Apaches in SoCal training and lots of footage of Ds rolling down the assembly line in Inglewood including shots of the cockpit area. In one sequence assembled rudder pedals are being installed and you can CLEARLY see the color details. No question the cockpit area was a version of interior green but more brownish than greenish. There is an interior shot of an NAA test pilot going through preflight checks at the end of 25R at Mines Field now LAX. You can clearly see the trim console in color. There are also shots of the wing assembly being painted. Structural components Are yellow zinc chromate with interior skin being aluminum. They zinc chromated the hell out of interior areas. I love this topic as my father was an NAA mechanical engineer at LA and Dallas. I was born and raised near the LA plant and now live 5 miles from the Dallas plant! I can totally relate. As a side note, this color footage shows freshly built Mustangs being test flown with zinc chromated wings and temporary insignias. Prior to delivery they were shot with silver. Reason being is some of those skins were milled and needed corrosion coatings. So, after a ramble, I’m sure export airplanes were delivered the same as USAAF aircraft.
  13. Hey You Guys, Great discussion and I tend to agree that on bunches of RAF stuff, upper colors especially were tightly free handed. I appreciate all of your comments.
  14. I’m getting ready to decal an Airfix Hunter in mid 80s wraparound as flown by No.12 Sq. Do you guys think all stencil data would have been applied to this Hunter late in its life? In my USAF experience on F-4s and F-16s during repaints most stenciling was reduced to the very basic. I’m thinking same same on Hunters.
  15. I’m convinced most Spitfires and Hurricanes had hard edge camo. What do you guys have to say about Lancs, Mosquitoes and Tempests? It’s so hard to tell topside color demarcation.
  16. wschurr

    The best 1/48 F-14

    In case anyone is interested in my opinion here are my thoughts: back in the day the Hasegawa offerings were the best and even by today’s standards still make a nice replica. The old Monogram kit wasn’t exactly awful and can be made in to a credible replica too. Tamiya’s kit is a model building orgasm. I just finished the D and loved every minute because from the git go I knew it was going to go good. My only issue was a mistake I made in decal application which Tamiya remedied by sending me another set of decals mosh kosh. It’s worth every bit of whatever currency you spend. While your’e at it, get that new Spitfite whether you build recips or not. That thing is shear pleasure.
  17. I just can’t believe I have been free handing this as meticulous as I thought I was. I poured over photo references all day and although it looks like freehand in several images, there is no doubt to these old eyes the edges were hard on the preponderance of examples. I wonder if this was true on the Lanc. Mossie etc.?
  18. Can you guys give me some guidance on whether all Spitfires, especially the MK ls had hard demarcations between colors?
  19. I’m loving this topic. I’ve got the HKmonster but my hang up is the markings I want to go with. I’ve always loved no.9 “Still Going Strong” but the problem here is the bulged bomb bay doors. When and where were these fitted? I wonder if Johnny had them while wearing nose art. Regarding “Grogs the Shot”, when would the yellow markings have been applied? One profile I’ve seen has two horizontal stripes on the vertical fins and others illustrate it with yellow fibs and wing tips. I surmise those were painted on for the daylight raids on the Eagle’s Nest. Does anyone have any more insight?
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