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  1. Neat looking!! Did you correct for the dihedral problem in the Academy kit and if so, how did you do it?
  2. Nicely done!! I like this color scheme - may I ask what paint you used?
  3. thank for your input on colourcoats! I'm learning so much on britmodeller too!
  4. it's so easy to open that can of worms about the "right" shade of color and I don't want to be the one doing so! Yep, could be my screen too! That said, thanks for letting me know the paint, I've never used colourcoats before - is this acrylic and is it generally a good paint?
  5. wow, a lot of effort put in, and it shows! well done!
  6. Neat rendition of the aircraft you made there! I like that last photo of the F4F in pursuit of the Kate. Only question in my mind is the "right" shade of blue-grey for the F4F - what paint did you use? It could be the photo itself...but in my mind, should it be bluer? Doesn't take away from the nice finish you got there though!
  7. nice flanker! And very interesting and eye catching scheme too! - is it based on a real-world flanker scheme? which paints did you use?
  8. yes - and i just did a google translate and azul acero = steel blue; a few of the stores i looked at also list 71087 as steel blue i hope it is the same? Anyone know?
  9. Is Vallejo model air 71087 Dark Sea Blue the same as Vallejo Mode Air 71087 Steel Blue? Thanks again! I do like the finish!
  10. I like the blue! Exactly which Vallejo blue did you use? Did you apply a whitish grey wash for the panel lines? With oils?
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