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  1. Great finish, love the weathering, it always requires a bit of bravery to commit to it over such nice markings.
  2. Finished this nice kit a few weeks ago, I added Quickboost seats and Begemot Decals. The model depicts a well worn aircraft Yellow 35 of 396 Ship Based Antisubmarine Squadron in 2004. Painted with Mr Paint Laquer.
  3. I had laid it over Gunze Aqueous Acylics, I would only use it over Humbrol Acrylics (which are also awful, so its gone in the bin!)
  4. Humbrol gloss is awful, I had exactly the same issue with crazy paving. I stripped my model down using Gunze Aqueous thinners rubbed on with kitchen roll. I now use Gunze Aqueous for clear coats. I've tried Johnsons Klear as well but found it a little too runny.
  5. Going to leave the Merlin now, there are still a couple of lines to add as well as bits that go on after mating with the fuselage, there is a bit of paint touch up needed as well. I've settled on the markings, the 'high' back is going to be SM311/DN-P of 416 RCAF Sqn (Xtradecal sheet X49-128) The 'Bubbletop' is going to be TD240/WX-V of 302 Sqn (both kit and Xtradecal have this scheme)
  6. Back at it after a break of about a month. Still working on the Merlin... The engine bearers are quite delicate with a fair bit of flash to remove: Painting with Vallejo 71.010 Interior Green: Hoses and weathering added to firewall: Coolant lines added... Side view: There is a fair bit of PE that represents various links and rods. Coolant lines removed (sigh) to allow for fitting of bearers, in my defence I was following the instructions (pays to read ahead!) Getting close to the finish line with the Merlin
  7. I've managed to get a bit more time on this, the fuel lines took some effort, a coat of paint is next before it gets too cluttered.
  8. Winsor & Newton Series 7. Not cheap, but you get what yer pays for.
  9. Work begins on the Merlin I got fed up trying to remove the flash from inside the ignition leads (a couple bought it) Replaced with 0.2mm brass wire
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