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  1. I restrained myself from buying a kit since june. THIS one I can't and won't miss. Won't mind the price, even more so as there are decals for a Belgian version. No aftermarket to buy, great!
  2. I can't believe the Mk. IV is the same kit I built in the early seventies. A cracking job!
  3. Just being able to put a on that one is clearly not enough. We should have also the opportunity to use
  4. Happy to see your commemorative Tiger finished. I say it again (with emphasis): niiice!
  5. Hi Tim, I've no complaints about the kit. I did a global test fit saturday, some filler will be needed at the booms/wings joint but I saw nothing problematic. If you can find it, go for it. It's a pity that Tamiya doesn't downscale their 1/48 P-38's but I consider myself well served enough with this one. The correct colour is indeed still doubtful .... so we have room for interpretation Nice blue on yours. Cheers. Pat
  6. I don't know how I missed your build. You did a mighty fine job out of a poor kit. Like it (blue P-38's always remind me of Antoine de St Exupery RIP).
  7. I just stumbled upon this A moment of pure bliss. I like 2Cellos and AC/DC AND I saw SV performing live twice, with Whitesnake and David Lee Roth.
  8. I tried different brands of masking fluid "for modellers" over the years and quite often experienced problems, from difficulty to remove the dried masking to (dis)coloured and even sometimes literally melted paint. That even if the product was said "not aggressive". I found out (thanks BMers) that the problem is that most masking fluids contain more or less ammonia which is really not friendly with the water or alcohol based acrylic paints I use. I decided to take a look elsewhere, at artist's masking fluid that is. As it's used with watercolours it should be harmless for our paints, shouldn't it? Well, beware, these may also contain ammonia (bought, opened, smelled, binned). Finally I found (at a local artist shop) one from Schmincke, available in a transparent or blue version. That one states "neutral - ammonia free". Very happy with it: easy to apply and remove, zero adverse effect on paint until now. One caveat: (very) pricey.
  9. Hi, you gentle people at BM and thank you for your kind comments @trickyrich, the salutation is sincere but also a preemptive attempt at relaxing the onlookers before showing them terrible pics. Macro shots are decidedly most unforgiving. Steeled yourselves? OK then. The PE seatbelts are far too large but I had a spare of USAF/USN superfabric ones (they are not yet glued). As as they were off-white I repainted them with Gunze H85 "sail" colour. Most of the pit is done. Clearly touch-ups are still needed but that's for tomorrow under good lighting. I'm happy with the mix of painted/drybrushed plastic and PE. For now, I'm trying to slightly reshape and rescribe the engine intakes. Still, it's not advanced enough for pictures. Have a nice evening. Pat.
  10. That's a hell of an eye catcher Roger. Wonderful build and exceptional painting from A to Z. Congrats. Pat
  11. Great progress. The resin pit is indeed a looker. I'm still in the process of trying to reshape and rescribe the cowling intakes of the kit ... got a bad feeling about it. Maybe I should have let them as is, just as you wisely did.
  12. I'm always eagerly awaiting new Tamiya plastic. A Tamiya made 1/48 F-35A shall certainly build and sell very well. Not sufficiently interested by the subject, though. Let's see the bright side, now I can put money aside and I won't have to choose between the forthcoming Dora Wings Beaver AND the Airfix Anson. Wait ..... that's If I don't yield to temptation before that.
  13. It looks real nice for an "easy kit" ... and no booms aligment problem to boot! Nicely done and going for a foreign scheme, I like this.
  14. I can't shed the impression that a NMF is making the P-38 look at it's best. Perfect natural metal painting here.
  15. As an indication, the instructions for the 1/72 Italeri/Academy P-38J kit say to put 10 gr in the nose. Nice start. Cheers. Pat
  16. Your improvements make old plastic look quite younger. Nicely done.
  17. Speaking of refrigerators .... Some years ago my parents neighbour in the back got a pricey pedigree cat. Each late evening, just as they had gone to bed, the neighbour came out on her terrace and began to shout for the cat to get inside. Her dog then joined in going out barking nearly as loud as she. As it is quite common with felines the cat didn't oblige so the shouting and barking went on for quite some time each night. One night, my mom finally grew tired of it and asked my da to call the police to stop the nuisance. No need said my da and he stood up, went into the garden and told the neighbour to stop shouting and to open the door of her fridge. Problem solved that same night.
  18. Oooh! What a Beau. Got one in the stash, I will be more than satisfied if it comes out half as nice as yours.
  19. That cockpit simply looks great. Well done with the nose conversion. That's what I call doing a tidy job.
  20. If it's armour I'd really like a M-3 halftrack. And for aircrafts I'll add my wildest rambling dream, wish, a F7F Tigercat (as I think it's useless to wait for a Lizzie, Battle or Hampden from Tam). As for cars, a Jaguar E-type would make my day.
  21. Just like me to not see the obvious. I'll keep that in mind for a future build. Thanks @Christer A I'm feeling perfectly well. Thanks @81-er James.
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