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  1. Thanks for the replies yes there is another tail section, wondered why good answer ☺ I reckon you could make a good copy out of both kits , decals I've managed to get a letter and number set, the roundals I can use from a tornado set I have. thanks again for the help
  2. Hi thanks for the replies I've looked through both sets of instructions, & there is no mention of the extra bits to make the other variant, as they are there, I assumed they made it at some stage can't seem to find to add pictures to show the bits I mean. Not to worry I'll sort it out I'm sure
  3. Hi all I've just brought this Kit, & wanted to build it as a RN version. I noticed that there are several parts not.used in this Kit, which make the version I want to build. Obviously at some stage they made this version as a Kit, but I can't find any information on it. Does anyone know of it, or have a set of instructions they could scan for me ? Also are there any decal sets available ? Cheers Dan.
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