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  1. Hi All, One I completed a few months ago but only got round to photographing today. This kit is a mix of original Tristar parts and later Hobbyboss additions so a much simplified kit compared to a Tristart Pz38t. I added Kasten tracks and a Eureka tow cable. That's it. A short and simple build. Nothing spectacular. Thanks for looking. Tim
  2. Hi All, Here is my Meng King Tiger with interior. I stole the presentation idea from some photos I saw on the web of the new Rye Field Panther G interior kit on display. The Meng kits were incredible. The fit of the interior was PERFECT… yes PERFECT. So much so that a lot of it is just clicked together with no glue. I added Model Kasten tracks, Voyager skirts, parts of a Voyager etched detail set and either a Voyager or Aber barrel. I forget… I used Ammo interior paints for the interior, they were okay, a bit fragile. For the exterior I used a mix of Gunze and Tamiya acrylics with oil washes, streaking and some dust effects inside the various crew compartments. The base is 3mm acrylic sheet (there is a box to go in top as well) and I used 3mm plastic tubing to hold the various bits and pieces. 7 and a half months to construct but I enjoyed every bit. I’m no KT expert so please don’t worry if I got some colours or details wrong. I’ll be okay with it. Thanks for looking. Tim More at: http://www.timboth.com/models/armour/kingtiger/Kingtiger.htm Ti
  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. Much appreciated. Tim
  4. Hi All, After 2 months my Tristar Flakpanzer is finished. I added an RB barrel, Masterclub tracks (amazing!) and painted it with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. This kit, while complicated and fiddly had PERFECT fit... yes, perfect. Everything lined up beautifully. The 4 piece etched shell basket drove me mad at times but I wrestled the sucker into submission. I based my kit on a few photos I found on the web of a newly completed Flak38 which had little to no weathering and the early drive sproket. Interestingly, as this is the Hobbyboss repop of the Tristar kit it only comes with the early sprocket whereas the Tristar had the late. Hope you like the result: More pics here: http://www.timboth.com/models/armour/Flakpanzer/Flakpanzer.htm Thanks for looking. Tim
  5. Thanks very much for all of the comments. They are greatly appreciated. Tim
  6. Hi All, Here are a few pics of my recently completed Stug. It was an excellent kit. Finished with Tamiya and Gunze paints. I managed to stomp on the PE gunsight cage so had to use the plastic part instead. Not loving that. Anyway, thanks for looking. Some more at: http://www.timboth.com/models/armour/StugF/StugF.htm Tim
  7. Thanks for all of the comments. Much appreciated. Sorry, I didn't take any interior pics before I closed it all up. Regards, Tim
  8. Here's my Tristar (now Hobbyboss) Brummbar. Put simply, this was an excellent kit with outstanding detail and fit. I added Atak zimmerit, ModelKasten tracks, a brass antenna and mainly Tamiya and Gunze paints. I've kept the weathering light on purpose to show off the detail and the zimmerit. I left out the radios as they blocked the view of the ammo racks inside. I 'googled' for ages to try and find a picture of this particular vehicle and as luck would have it stumbled across one of poor quality just two days ago when this was close to completion. I got the camo pretty close but now I'm ready to move onto something else. This was a 3 month marathon for me. Thanks for taking the time to look. Tim More at: http://www.timboth.com/models/armour/Brummbar/brummbar.htm
  9. Hi All, My most recent armour completing using the excellent Dragon kit 6594. I also added some Friul tracks, an RB machine gun and an antenna from a company whose name currently escapes me. I used some custom Tamiya mixes I found on the web for the RAL 8020 and RAL 7020. I'm no expert but the lack of contrast between the two colours seems reasonably accurate from what research I did during the build. I painted a 'chocolate brown' base coat first just to try something new and it gave the final model a warm appearance which I like. I used various washes, pigments and 'streaking' products to produce a weathered machine but not one covered in sand or dust. I think it looks quite used and abused and am happy with it. No clangers from me during construction or painting which I think is a first... I don't include having to strip the paint from the entire turret and armour due to poor paint mixing and spraying... Anyway, here are some pics! Thanks for taking the time to look. Some more photos at: http://www.timboth.com/models/armour/PanzerIVG/PzIVG.htm Tim
  10. Thanks very much Ian. Greatly appreciated. Tim
  11. Thank you to everyone who took the time to look and to those who commented. All very much appreciated. Regards, Tim
  12. Hi All, Here is my recently completed Meng Panther. First of all, I know little of Panthers so if there are errors then please keep me happily oblivious! The kit itself was fantastic. Everything fit like a glove and it was a hassle free build. I left the poly caps out of the road wheels as I heard they were nothing but trouble. The wheels still fit fine, if anything the small amount of play helped in getting the tracks on after painting was complete. I used some Bronco tracks which were excellent and highly detailed (and cheap!). They are marketed as workable but I glued them anyway, just like Dragon Magic Tracks. I also added some RB machine gun barrels, Eureka cables and not to mention the Atak zimmerit. The zimmerit fit just so amazingly well. Worth the money in my opinion. I used Gunze Dark Yellow and Tamiya Nato Brown and Nato Green for the paints. To weather the Panther I used a range of pigments and washes and mud and slowly worked up to a used looking tank but not one that was ever turret deep in mud. Perhaps I was a bit heavy on the rear of the tank. A special thank you goes to 'The Internet' which provided me many videos and build blogs to assist me along the way. Thanks and now some pictures! Thanks again. More pics at http://www.timboth.com/models/armour/panthera/PantherA.htm Tim
  13. HIiAll, Friul produce a number of Tiger 2 or 'King Tiger' tracks but does anyone have any input which ones are correct for the Meng? Thanks very much for any suggestions. Tim
  14. Hi All, My most recent completion finished with Bison decals, RB barrels and Gunze and Tamiya paints. This kit came with a relatively complete interior but I left it all closed up and have a box spare of parts as a result. The Magic Tracks were excellent. No huge dramas with the build. It looks okay but not as nice as I would have liked. No biggie though. Too much light with the photos makes it looks rather washed out. Thanks for looking. Some more pics at:http://www.timboth.com/models/armour/PanzerIIb/PzIIB.htm Tim
  15. Hi All, Here is my recently completed Stug III from Dragon's 6581 boxing built out of the box except using some Voyager PE armour and Star decals. I also used Atak zimmerit which was excellent. Painted with Tamiya and Gunze acrylics and weathered with Vallejo muds and pigments and Tamiya washes. Mistakes and inaccuracies abound but at least I got the tracks on the right way round this time... Thanks for looking. More pics at: http://www.timboth.com/models/armour/Stug3g/stug3g.htm Tim
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