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  1. Frame and subframe are now done, can carry on with some more building, at least till something needs painting again!! Rear subframe is coming along, I have painted all the heads of the silver screws in satin black. Rear foot peg and exhaust hangers fitted and rear mud guard and indicators.[
  2. Fantastic! Your paint is top notch and the weathering is just perfect, very impressed!
  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this build. Excuse the pics, but my photo tent is perfect for 1:35 scale, but a tad to small for 1:16 scale!! Hope you like them, and thanks for looking.
  4. The rear sprocket and carrier have been given a face lift! The sprocket fitted to the rear wheel, it does look good! Air box and radiator assembly done. Not much to mod here, radiator cap was painted and the screw in the back of the fan. Rear swingarm is done, and the rest of the frame pieces getting a coat of satin black.
  5. I fitted the front wheel and then had to do a scale comparison with a 1:12 replica of my own bike, this thing is HUGE!!! Frame getting its coat of satin black! Swing arm is finished! The frame is now done in satin black and the paddock stand has had a coat of post office red. The paint I will be using for the panels.
  6. I have finished the rear shock unit, just waiting for the new spring and then I can re-assemble it. Now to finish the front forks. I gave the starter body a coat of champagne gold, looks much better. Front forks are really coming along now, a couple of points to flat back on the caliper carriers and then another coat of satin black and they are done! Front forks are done and assembled in the yokes (Called triple trees, go figure!). Really pleased with the way they came out.
  7. Fantastic work, paint and weathering are spot on!
  8. Very nice result and good use of the camel!!
  9. Next mods was the throttle bodies, fuel rail and intake manifold rubbers. The intake rubbers have had the clamps painted in, fuel rail has had the mounts for the injectors painted and the breather hoses have been done. Throttle pot is now satin black. The assembly mounted on the engine.
  10. So while I wait for my paint for the shock and the body work to arrive I made a start on the engine casings. I applied 3 coats of flat aluminium and once it has dried over night I will give it all a coat of satin lacquer as it has a bit of a shine to it. Next up will be the throttle bodies and fuel rail. Really pleased with the way they turned out, although the pics dont do it justice, you can really see the difference between the painted sump pan and the stock gearbox casings which are more grey! All painted, the bolt heads will be picked out in chrome. And a dry run with the cylinder block and head, I may give these a coat of satin yet as they are a bit to shiny, but then again I may not! I made a small dent in the parts box and assembled the gearbox, block and head. Not pleased with the starter, needs modding! But I am pleased with the overall look of the engine to the point I wont be lacquering it as I think the shine it has, being the heart of the Busa, makes it stand out really well!! In the next two pictures you can see where I have painted the bottom of the cylinder block to match the crank cases, making the block look like it is a separate part.
  11. Well if they can put it together, I can take it apart!! Rear shock unit now ready for some paint work and possibly some re-working as the spring is way off scale, the full size spring is only 7 coils, this one is 10 and too thin. First job on the rear shock was to remove the paint from the piston and polish it. Next will be paint. I am going for a look similar to the Ohlins set up, but will see how it goes!
  12. Fantastic work Roy, I admire people who can scratch build, and this is no exception!!!
  13. So I have made a start. Front mud guard has been flatted back and a coat of grey primer applied. Once dry it will be flatted again and primed then base coat, top coat and lacquer. Tip for those wanting to lacquer the original colour, do not flat back!! The colour coat is really thin and it took no time at all to rub through! If you want to lacquer, polish it only!! Rear swing arm main parts now in satin black and the bottom of the front forks.
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