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  1. Looking good George. That alpine figure should fit nicely in there.
  2. Interesting subject and a big gun for a small car. Nice work on the insides so far.
  3. I’ll join in with this GB if I may, although I’m going to go with a tank! It’ll be one of the Royal Marines armoured support group centaurs used on D Day, hope that is allowed.
  4. Thanks Robert, bit hard to navigate that sight but eventually found something that gives me an idea for it. Not had a lot of time recently until the last couple of days. All the interior parts are now built and I’ve even got a layer of paint on now. Gecko calls out the interior to be silver which was the norm for British vehicle interiors until about 1943 before switching to white. I went with white, correct or not, as I think it will look better than silver and easier to weather. I used AK real colours insignia white for that slightly off white look. Next stop detail painting and weathering then assembly.
  5. The RFM one by a country mile.
  6. Outstanding work, love the used and weathered look you’ve achieved on both.
  7. They do, I’ve got one of their PTO composite Shermans, the first I think they released with the new indy tracks. You get a small bag of track links designed to around the sprockets and then a large number of regular ones. I’ve not tried assembling them yet but I’ll get some pictures later. I’ve just seen dragon are rereleasing their M4A2 PTO kit but with indy tracks, 3D printed light guards and duckbills and a metal barrel.
  8. That looks great Bertie, odd little thing that it is. Nice scratch building. You’ve flown through this thing, plenty of time for another!
  9. Thanks for the comments and the luck, going to need it I think to get this finished for the end of the GB. The next steps are the suspension which look extremely fiddly. I might bite the bullet and get some 3D printed alternatives.
  10. Some of the plastic parts are tricky as well (see below). I know you’ve built some miniart kits so you’re probably going to be alright with some of the fiddly bits and dubious connections. Thanks MD, it’s definitely coming along. Slowly. So an hour and a half at the bench last night and what have I got to show for it? A few tiny radio bits, that what! Doesn’t look much but it was a good lot of work. Each microphone is two parts, the earphones on the headsets are only and they expect you to join them to a small spine on the end of the head band smaller than a gnat’s you know what. The canvas shade shade on the left is made of the four sides that butt joint to each other with the backpiece that doesn’t fit snugly. I needed two pairs of hands to get it square and together whilst I glued it. The PE bits were the easy part here. Gecko don’t give you any guidance on wiring up the headsets and microphones so if anyone has some good pictures of the radio sets and where they plug into, please share!
  11. Thanks for the comments both. Thanks John, sanity intact but think my eyesight might have suffered. I felt like my eyes were pointing in different directions after I had done all that!
  12. I have a soft spot for the pakwagon, that would get my vote Darryl. Whilst not a big fan of German half tracks there is something about the big cannon on the back that appeals, particularly in a late war three tone camo. Will be following along whichever you go for!
  13. There’s not an awful lot of information about them and only a few pictures. I believe they were only used by the inns of court recce regiment, attached to 11th armoured in NWE, something of a field mod. On the subject of PE, after some time at the bench over the weekend there was a lot of PE involved. Most of the interior detail is now added and ready for a touch of paint before further assembly. Most ejector pin marks are in hidden places although there are two on each side wall which, although tucked in corners, will be visible when built so they got filled with some Mr Putty. Lots of PE straps going on 9 separate pieces of PE in the battery holder alone! The only PE parts lost to the carpet monster were two legs for the control panel on the right side, each a hairs width and 4 bends required in each! Panel just got spaced with some PC off cuts instead. Insides have now all had a coat of primer and ready for some paint before I close it up.
  14. The MkIII* was in use all the way to pretty much the war’s end, although they were few and far between. There are records of them being used (and lost) at least as far as Feb 45. I’m building one based on that period that I’ve found records for. The suspension can be a bit tricky, there is a good guide to doing it in the ITA building Churchills book that makes it significantly easier.
  15. Yes, I’ve seen that and was tempted to get some of the 3D printed suspension units someone was offering but think I’ll just stick with the out the box. Cheers Ed, I was hoping for a quick build with such a small vehicle but don’t think that’ll be the case!
  16. Classic armoured car Stuart, can’t beat a good Bulge theme. Off to a good start
  17. Interesting kit John, and some severe changes going into this! Will have to keep an eye out for your armoured car at Telford, would be good to see your builds in the flesh.
  18. Thanks John, and fiddly it has been. Made a start on it, and lots of small PE bits so far. The drivers seat, made up of 7 plastic bits and 5 PE bits, lived up to the name of the vehicle! I needed two sets of hands to get it all together but got there in the end. The floor is complete, good detailing. Some general thoughts on the kit so far: Detail is very good and sharp, plastic is a little on the softer side than usual stuff I build (dragon/Asuka) Lots of small pieces akin to miniart Mostly well moulded although small amount of flash and some mould slip, especially on the steering? linkages that run either side of the drivers seat. Ejector pin marks are well placed Fit is good although some more positive placement parts would be good. Overall a very nice little kit but not for the novice!
  19. I saw this picture too and confused me. Could it be spot welds from where track armour was attached?
  20. Thanks, yes think this is going to be quite fiddly.
  21. I think that’s just the light on the cellophane, all the same grey. Yes, looks to be a very detailed kit.
  22. Welcome to my build. I thought this would be a decent build for a group build, nice small armoured car but then I looked at the contents! Lots of parts, full interior detailing and a fair whack of PE. We shall see how far I get with this one! Kit is Gecko Models 1/35 sawn off Daimler armoured car. Box is nice and full, lots of good detail in it. This will be the first Gecko models kit I’ve built and I’m hoping for a fun build as I’ve got my eye on their LCA that’s being launched soon. kit box: contents: Comprehensive instructions. Look at all that PE!: Wish me luck!
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