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  1. NigelC

    RAF Ground Crew

    Possibly not the right place to ask this: I've seen this set on ads etc and wondered about the guy who looks like he's wearing a 1960s-style wooly-pully - surely that can't be right for the period, can it?
  2. NigelC

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    Thanks for the link, @hairystick. Why does my skin crawl when I read "more inclusive"? Who felt they were being excluded in the first place, and why? Was some RAF Police corporal standing at the door casting his/her eye over potential visitors and "excluding" some people? No, I thought not. Isn't it more likely that some (many) people just aren't interested? And guess what? They STILL won't be interested, because this isn't a subject that interests them, any more than I am interested in (for example) Italian-language opera and no amount of "more inclusive" change would get me to go to La Scala. Oh, and returning to the original topic: I went to IWM London for the first time 3 years ago and was incredibly disappointed - lots of space, incoherent and just - well - worthy and dull. I think they are trying to remove the "Imperial" (ooh - Empire - evil) and "War" (ooh - war - death and nastiness) from IWM, which kind of makes you wonder what the point is. Sorry ... should have posted in GrumpBritain ... On the other hand, I also visited Middle Wallop the same summer for the first time and that was much more interesting.
  3. Built one of these beasties myself not long ago. I reckoned that if left in the box it would probably assemble itself given time and a little shaking. However, the extra detail you've put in takes it to another level - looks superb!
  4. NigelC

    Quick build

    Wow! (further words superfluous)
  5. NigelC

    1/48 Roden JOV-1A Mohawk

    very nice indeed! excellent
  6. NigelC

    1/48 Roden JOV-1A Mohawk

    Hi. Sorry, this one passed me by, or I'd have commented earlier. I built one of these and really enjoyed it, with the exception of the following (hence not putting up an RFI, as I haven't finished it yet) I could not get the canopy to fit. You've done it, so clearly that's my ineptitude rather than the kit (though it might be because you've not used the OOB cockpit? In mine, the roof instrument panel fouled the upper canopy) I stuffed the nose and the front of the engine nacelles with fishing weights, but still got such a tail-sitter that I wished I'd not bothered and gone for cotton from the ceiling (which I still might, in a homage to my long-past youth) The in-box decals were terrible - fell into a zillion tiny pieces. I did think about getting some aftermarket US decals, but my current plan is to do a "What If" pseudo-civilian scheme Not sure whether those comments are a help or a hindrance! One day, I'll get the beast offthe shelf of doom and finish it - it's too nice a machine to leave gathering dust. Yours looks the biz!
  7. NigelC

    SU-27 Flanker, Red 36

    Very! And all in 1/72, too! I'm trying some scratch building and struggling at 1:48. Nice work.
  8. Looking good. Especially the FW190 - I took that as 1/48 or larger before I read the caption!
  9. Good work (and welcome from another recent newcomer!) There's something fantastic about a Mozzie. Having got back into this recently, I'm putting off doing one until my skills can do it the same justice you have.
  10. NigelC

    1/72 VEB Plasticard Ilyushin Il-4

    That looks a lovely job! If you hadn't said what it is, I'd almost have taken it for a kit-bash: He111 nose, Beaufighter engine nacelles and main undercarriage and Anson dorsal turret?
  11. NigelC

    1/48 A-1J - my first RFI

    Thanks again, guys. I have had a go at the canopy, by hand. I've tried scraping the excess off with a piece of sprue, but it won't shift. maybe the sprue is too soft? It's really lifted it, but for future beasts I'll mask and paint first (done the Gnat and it's come up a treat - not sure whether I'll do a WIP for that and the Mohawk, or just RFIs and some in-build pics when they are done). At some point, I'll spray this with some matt lacquer, but otherwise this is done.
  12. NigelC

    1/48 A-1J - my first RFI

    Thanks all for your encouragement. I fell into a bit of a mental spiral with respect to the decals. On one of my trying-things-out kits I found that using Decalfix made a mess of acrylic paint, so next time I applied gloss varnish first. Unfortunately the gloss went a horrible yellow shade. In the end, I took a chance with the Spad and it ddn't quite work out. Never mind - still better than the 1/72 scale Airfix A-1 I built in about 1983. At least the decals are in the right place this time, and there aren't gluey finger prints in the paint! Next one in progress is an Airfix Gnat - also 1/48 as the eyes (and stubby fingers!) aren't up to anything smaller. I might break my WIP duck with that - really pleased with the cockpit. After that, an OV-1A/JOV-01A that landed this afternoon. I'm going to do some more paint experiments, too - though that's just an excuse to use my shiny airbrush
  13. Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. After many (30-mumble) years, I've got back into this hobby, so please be gentle. After a couple of semi-sacrificial builds, getting my eye in and trying new techniques, this is the first I'm calling finished. Tamiya 1/48 A-1J of 56th SOW. Tamiya acrylics through airbrush, with Humbrol enamels on the pilot and wheel wells etc. I know there are things wrong with this beast (silvered decals for example, and I haven't plucked up the nerve to do the canopy frames yet), but I'm really happy with how it's turned out. This guy looks happy enough (I suspect the double-chin is a helmet trap I forgot to paint - whoops!) N