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  1. Nope. Fake. They are 1/35 scale and the world's most enormous thumb and 1 Yen coin. But in all seriousness .... WOW. Simply staggering work (in any scale)
  2. Didn't he play test cricket for Australia and South Africa? Oh sorry, that was Keppler Wessels. Not to be confused with Johannes Kepler, who leads us neatly back to things cosmological. Your ball, @Beardie
  3. I may have this slightly wrong, but it's something like: Vatican City has the highest rate of pickpocketing per capita in the world, based on its resident population (the logic being that the only residents are 500-odd* cardinals, but the tourists are targets for pickpockets**) *when I say "odd" I don't mean strange ** who presumably are not cardinals at that would be sinful*** *** Cardinal Sin was Primate**** of the Phillippines from 1974 to 2003 **** but not in the sense of being an ape. Though he was, of course, in the sense that all hominids are. Though the majority of the other ape species don't have pockets. That's more a marsupial thing. [it's okay, everyone. we've given him his meds and tucked him away for the night]
  4. I realise things have moved on a bit in the discussion*, but I was thinking of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-slit_experiment Which I saw performed using a cathode ray (electron) tube in a physics class in 1980-mumble. *Or have they merely returned via a loop in Space-Time?
  5. Ah! But isn't an electron considered to be both matter (and spherical) and energy (and therefore of no shape at all)? On the subject of electrons ... I seem to recall there is a theory that states that there is just one electron in the universe and it's constantly moving at effectively infinite speeds between all places in space-time. The probability of finding it at any particular place at any particular time leads to the probability-density fields that have replaced the "orbitals" in atomic theory. My head hurts.
  6. For a reason that I can't go into (taps nose cagily), I'm very pleased to hear that.
  7. NigelC

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    I think the biggest single reason NZ are so good - and there are lots of others - is that the kids there seem to grow up playing the game, so they have muscle-memory developed from a very young age and can instinctively pull off the kind of passes and runs that led to the final try today. Like it or not, rugby is still very much a minority sport in England (if not in the UK as a whole), and when the very idea of competitive sport in state schools is ... [the remainder of this rant was edited by the author to save his blood pressure ]
  8. NigelC

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    IF Scotland beat Japan, they deserve to go through ... but I haven't seen anything from Scotland for a long time that suggests they are capable of it. Job done by England, I think. 15 Points out of 15, and picking up the pace each time it's needed. I'm a long way off believing they will win the cup, but I'm starting to believe they could win it.
  9. NigelC

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    That would certainly be more interesting than the annual rinse-and-repeat money-spinners for the Home Unions, though I'm afraid they would be "as well as" rather than "instead of" and the clubs would see even less of their players through the season than they do now.
  10. NigelC

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    I mentioned on another thread that I caught the last 20 minutes of NZ v Canada and didn't see any score. I almost repeated the feat today with the last 18 minutes of Ireland v Russia, but the Irish managed to string three passes together and score a very nice try. From what little I saw of the two games, Canada and Russia were clearly second-best (no surprise there) but deserved more than they got out of the games. It's not an original thought, but why on earth isn't there a plate/bowl/shield comp for the non-qualifying teams to fill the gaps during the knock-out stages? Wouldn't Canada, Russia, Georgia, Namibia, USA and so on get more out of the competition by playing one another for something meaningful rather than battling through qualification just for the right to get pasted by the Tier One teams? I know the regions have their own qualification tournaments, but when do they get the chance to play teams at the same level from elsewhere in the world? I know there have been surprises in previous competitions (I don't count England dropping out last time as a surprise - that was chickens coming home to roost on the back of the Burgess fiasco, among other things) but the pool stage of each RWC does seem to come down to fitting the usual suspects into the quarter finals. I have fingers crossed (sorry, Scottish members) that Japan get through to the quarter finals just to shake things up a bit, but for the growth of the game the competition really needs two or even three of the Big Eight to miss out on the QFs each time round, to keep it fresh - and not the same two or three, either. It won't happen this time round, obviously - Argentina seem to be a bit off the pace at the moment (famous last words before Saturday ...) and Italy and Fiji seem to be on downward spirals - but World Rugby need to grow the game globally so that it might happen consistently in the future, or the game will whither, I'm afraid. (All IMHO, of course - what do I know??? )
  11. I saw the last twenty minutes during my lunchbreak ... which was a nil-nil draw . A bit luckier with the bounce of the ball a couple of times and Canada could have broken their duck and won that last quarter. I thought the All Blacks had a few calls go there way during that period, which they really don't need. Great to see the crowd enjoying themselves.
  12. Someone else heard Radio 4 Extra last night ... (The annoying thing is that I thought the next gag was funnier equally groan-inducing , but I can't remember it).
  13. Special Hobby 1/72 Curtiss Kittyhawk of the western desert air force Painted with Vallejo acrylics applied with hairy sticks. My first Special Hobby kit and it's rather nice (hopefully I've done it justice).
  14. A first attempt at weathering (probably so subtle as to be invisible!) and we're ready for "KIller" Caldwell to strap himself in and go hunting ... Thanks for looking.
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