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  1. Thanks @little-cars Paul. I think a combination of a bit of crud in the works and overtightening of the whatsit (U1) into the thingummy (R) is what's caused the lack of air. Another clean and a bit less elbow-grease and I have airflow again. On the other hand, I have foam at the tip rather than spray, but I think that's a problem for another day. I have a rather nice Cornish lager that I need to be outside ...
  2. thanks for posting the photo - I was looking for something similar. With Q to U1 connected to the airline, if I press U1 air comes out. When that is connected to the body, it doesn't. It seems to be that D isn't depressing U1 enough for the air to flow.
  3. Hi everyone, Sorry if this has been asked before, but I've done a search and drawn a blank. I have had an H & S Ultra airbrush for nearly 4 years but which, for various reasons wasn't used for a long time. The issue is that it refuses to pass air when the trigger is pressed. I know the compressor etc all work fine because they work with other airbrushes, and the adaptor/connector is okay because it does pass air when the disconnected and the central brass part of the valve is depressed. But put everything together and ... nothing. It feels like the ball at the bott
  4. Nope. Fake. They are 1/35 scale and the world's most enormous thumb and 1 Yen coin. But in all seriousness .... WOW. Simply staggering work (in any scale)
  5. Didn't he play test cricket for Australia and South Africa? Oh sorry, that was Keppler Wessels. Not to be confused with Johannes Kepler, who leads us neatly back to things cosmological. Your ball, @Beardie
  6. I may have this slightly wrong, but it's something like: Vatican City has the highest rate of pickpocketing per capita in the world, based on its resident population (the logic being that the only residents are 500-odd* cardinals, but the tourists are targets for pickpockets**) *when I say "odd" I don't mean strange ** who presumably are not cardinals at that would be sinful*** *** Cardinal Sin was Primate**** of the Phillippines from 1974 to 2003 **** but not in the sense of being an ape. Though he was, of course, in the sense that all homi
  7. I realise things have moved on a bit in the discussion*, but I was thinking of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-slit_experiment Which I saw performed using a cathode ray (electron) tube in a physics class in 1980-mumble. *Or have they merely returned via a loop in Space-Time?
  8. Ah! But isn't an electron considered to be both matter (and spherical) and energy (and therefore of no shape at all)? On the subject of electrons ... I seem to recall there is a theory that states that there is just one electron in the universe and it's constantly moving at effectively infinite speeds between all places in space-time. The probability of finding it at any particular place at any particular time leads to the probability-density fields that have replaced the "orbitals" in atomic theory. My head hurts.
  9. For a reason that I can't go into (taps nose cagily), I'm very pleased to hear that.
  10. Someone else heard Radio 4 Extra last night ... (The annoying thing is that I thought the next gag was funnier equally groan-inducing , but I can't remember it).
  11. Special Hobby 1/72 Curtiss Kittyhawk of the western desert air force Painted with Vallejo acrylics applied with hairy sticks. My first Special Hobby kit and it's rather nice (hopefully I've done it justice).
  12. A first attempt at weathering (probably so subtle as to be invisible!) and we're ready for "KIller" Caldwell to strap himself in and go hunting ... Thanks for looking.
  13. Progressing ok so far ... Painted and gloss-coated: And underneath ... And decals on (just the prop and a few touches to go) ...
  14. Thanks Alan. It's closed up and painted now but I haven't had the chance to take any photos - I'll try and post tomorrow evening. It's a very nice little kit and I can certainly recommend it.
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