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  1. Bit of progress to report, I am finally happy with the paint job......I had a nozzle on my airbrush split which caused me a few problems followed by numerous bleeds under my masking tape into panel lines, but by reversing the masking and over spraying with the fine detail nozzle and needle in my airbrush I sorted almost all of it, just one bleed left to deal with on the front turret fairing. I still have to fit all the antennas, aerials, pitot head and rudder mass balances, but that can wait until the decals are on. And you can still just discern the pres
  2. It`ll be an FN120/121, I've only seen one image of an ASRIII from 236 OCU with an FN82, all the rest of my research where the image is distinct, either points to the standard four gun turret (usually without the guns fitted) or the images don't show the turret at all. I intend to build my other Revell Lanc as a BVII, I already have the FN82 vac-form in the stash along with a Martin mid-upper. Granto
  3. Hello Doggy, I use a Sparmax gun, for priming mainly, it has a .4 or larger needle, and an H&S Ultra? that comes with two needles, a .4 and a .2 I think, for painting proper, I do not use the H&S for primer at all. I have had mixed results with all types of paint and similar issues to yourself with both airbrushes until quite recently, and this is where the story really starts, I dismantle my airbrushes to clean them every time I use them, I mean every shoot, I use a nozzle pick, airbrush brushes clean water the lot, I use an ultrasonic cleaner at the end of a session.....
  4. So here I am in my fifth week of lockdown, I think I`m coping with it quite well, in fact this is the longest period of inactivity in my life....since I left the Army! Ideal training for doing nothing! I decided I didn't like the poxy H2S scanner in the kit, so I built a better one after having a look on the internet. Here is my Mk2c scanner, it`s probably over scale, but it fits in the dome and will only be seen from the rear. Then it was time for paint! This is the first pass of MSG. This is the second pass The starboard wing is in r
  5. So will I Dave!, TBH, I have never painted an aeroplane white, but some of the Lancasters in Martin Derry`s book Avro Lancaster Lincoln and York in post-war service look particularly "Lived in", and those images have been my inspiration with this build, so I thought I would try as many painting techniques as my skills would support! So that would be the pre-shading covered! It`s all a learning curve anyhow, I think the Revell Lanc is a good kit, there is some nice detail there, and with a few corrective mods builds into a very nice representation for £20! Granto
  6. A small amount of progress to report, I had hoped to do a bit more, but last Tuesday the "Leg Iron" tripped over the kerb in the deserted car park of the leisure centre and broke her wrist while we were walking the dog, so we have had a "redistribution of household duties" following her emergency operation! Apparently the doctor at the hospital said she can drink as much Gin as she needs to numb the pain, at least thats what she said when I brought her home! Anyway, I found time to attach the bomb aimers dome and insert the undercarriage, which is probably more robust than it looks, but
  7. A bit more progress to report I attached the canopy over the weekend, it got a good shot of black primer, then the whole shebang was sprayed with white Stynylrez which revealed a few flaws, I sorted them out and resprayed those areas. I had to do a little mod on the rudders where the mass balances will go, this involved inserting a small block of plastic strip into a hole in the rudder and gluing it solid, I also decided to fill the gap between the tail-plane and the fuselage. While that was going off I did some pre-shading with dark ocean grey, all very random to help break up what will
  8. Easy there Pete, don`t fill me full of doubt at this stage of the build, I`m four spiced rums down, anything could happen! Granto
  9. As my old drill sergeant used to say, "We are in a tunnel, but there is a glimmer of light in the distance", what relevance that has to this build God only knows, but a bit more progress has occurred. And for you lovely people I`m going to share it today! All the lovely little transparencies are awaiting fitting, there are a couple of bits still to mask, the aft end of the canopy and three areas of liquid mask. I took the plunge and fitted the wings, tail-plane and fins, there was a slight fettle required with the starboard main-plane but it`s all firm now. The tail-plane and
  10. Nice work! I think I have one of these in 1/72, I have a Sword bumper box of five Seafires of various Mks and this scheme looks familiar, unusual for sure, but familiar! Granto
  11. Yeah, what they all said! I have an Airfix Lanc and a Revell Lanc left in the stash, they both come with the parts to build a MkI or a MkIII, but there are subtle differences between early and late, early, narrow propeller blades, shallow bomb aimers dome, low astrodome above the navigator, late, Paddle blade props, deep bomb aimers dome , tall astrodome, the last Lancaster delivered to the RAF was a MKI, Turrets are another difference, as Mike has pointed out above! I found the The Haynes manual a good source of information and the wikipedia page also details a lot of
  12. So here is today's remedial work update! I had shot some primer onto the fuselage which revealed the join seam required a bit of rework, so last night I put some filler on the join and emptied the fridge of cider! Not happy! This morning I rubbed it back...... The second issue was even more frustrating, My preferred primer is Stynylrez, I have to take reasonable precautions with it because of previous problems spraying, so it gets a thorough stir from my electric whizzer, and then I pour it through a filter, then it goes on beautifully, anyhow, I was running low on prim
  13. I decided I didn`t like the front turret enhancement, so I ripped it off and started again! This time I used a bit of styrene rod, two holes drilled into the base of the turret and the rod ends threaded through, I glued one end, and once set I adjusted the height of the hoop and glued the other end. I cut two sections of tube and fettled them to fit in the slots for the guns, these would be part of the trunion/mounting for the guns if fitted, I glued them to the turret base using the transparency to hold them in the right place. I cut two braces from rod and glued them
  14. Afternoon everyone, I`m having a bit of a drought finding images of the various radio and navigation antenna fitted to ASR and MR Lancasters, from what I can find, I think there are three "toasting fork" type antenna, one each side of the nose and one underneath the bomb aimers position, a short whip type either side of the nose just above the front end of the bomb doors, two whips on top of the fuselage, one to the rear of the cockpit and one somewhere near the mid upper blanking plate, a whip behind the HS2 dome and two short whips side by side a couple of feet further aft. From what I can t
  15. Sunday, end of week two of social distancing.......almost, and more progress to report! Tape removed......I have a reasonable bond of fuselage half's, there is a bit of filling to do, but I couldn't resist a dry fit..............Happy with that! Even if it is a bit of a squeeze! I cleaned up the seam and gave it some filler The front turret got a couple more bits, I`m going to attempt the curved pierced braces that go from the hoop to the trunions, and that`ll be that for the internals there! Obviously this won`t be going in the win co
  16. Well today is just flying by! Here is a view of the rear turret with the transparencies dry fitted, the internal framework is visible as intended! I mixed a drop of acrylic red paint with some PVA so I can see where I have applied it, I can then use it to mask the location points of the undercarriage. I can take a quick fot on my phone to use as a reference, so that once sprayed with paint I can just pop the pva off with a cocktail stick and get on with glue without spending ages cleaning up! Same deal for the props! Fuselage all close
  17. Some more build progress to report! I haven't been "sitting doing nothing" as the "Leg Iron" so wittily put it, I have been methodically pottering! I have done a bit of titivation to the interior, but I think thats about it. It`s very dark when the interior is all closed up, I did a test fit of the canopy and very little will be seen besides the pilots seat and the immediate surrounding area. So the interior will add more atmosphere than accuracy, but it has come out ok, it`s had a Flory wash and a bit of aluminium dry brushing. So with a
  18. Here we go again then, more self isolation rambling! I was going to try and get some interior green shot yesterday, but I have recently been experiencing some issues with airbrushing acrylics, mainly paint clogging, spattering and the like. I think the majority of the issues are related to the age of my paint, rather than my airbrushes and equipment. I normally take weeks if not months on a build, so the paint spends a lot of time on the shelf, which is not good for paint. So harking back to my paint spraying training some forty years ago, I decided to splash out on some paint filters, they lo
  19. I really don`t know how I used to manage going to work as well as doing all the stuff I am doing now! I`ve heard all the bitching and moaning going on regarding social distancing, this is mana from heaven for me, the "Leg Iron" is off my back, I`ve nothing to do but model to my hearts delight! My sympathy for those that are suffering, but by eck, I`m enjoying myself so far! Obviously if I end up on a ventilator I might not be so chipper, but lets look on the bright side for now! I shot some primer this afternoon, in between cooking the dinner and walking the hound. I had to use black Styn
  20. I think the polishing phase has worked out ok! I`ll mask these up inside and shoot some primer I think! the Wireless Op got a new box of electronic wizardry and a stanchion to hold the edge of his now overloaded desk up And the poor old Navigator got his promised angle poise lamp! Other than seat belts I think we`re good to go! Mask and prime? Why not! Ta for lookin` no G Granto
  21. I had hoped for some more significant progress after another day of dodging covid19 in the shed, however, you Judge for yourselves I wasnt too happy with the cockpit, the Gee box was in the wrong place from what I could tell, so I moved it to the rear corner of the pilots deck and added another box, the pilot got a trim wheel and some document holders, a compass on the instrument panel, the navigator got a large navigators square and will end up with a lamp as well, the wireless operator got a morse key, I`ll fish out some seat belts from the spares box to finish it of
  22. One of my pet hates dogsbody/Chris! Along with piling the back decks of tanks with boxes and covering it with a tarpaulin, leading to a boiled engine and an interview without coffee with the C.O and REME at best, or a fouled traverse and an enemy call-sign popping caps into your rear end and a roll-call with the Almighty! Granto
  23. Well, here is my first participation in a group build! Having been "Furloughed" by my employer, the "Leg Iron" decided there was alternative employment available "around the house", thankfully, the council has closed the tip and all non essential shops have also put the shutters up, which left little to do but show her the email from work which stated "You are not to carry out any work"! Awesome! So here she is, my entry in the Group Build! The venerable Revell Lancaster! I`ll only be using the stencils from this decal sheet. Lots of nice grey plastic, I have an Airfi
  24. Good Morning everyone, Is there room for a late addition to this group build? You see I`ve been furloughed! Currently sitting on my duff for at least three weeks avoiding the plague, with a shed full of stash.......three of which are Lancasters, I think I ought to be able to manage one before May! Granto
  25. Excellent! My Dad was one of the Airmen on the parade! And Bill Waterton flying the Javelin prototype mentions in his book "The quick and the dead" this flypast in amusing detail! Granto
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