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  1. There`s forty two parts been added so far this afternoon to the hull. Like I said, It`s busy underneath, and there's probably another thirty or so to go, before we get to the wheels! And six to the turret Jeez, I wonder what goes in all those little holes? Guess, go on, Guess................Yeah,all the tiedown points! So from having no opinion either way I`m starting to formulate one, did the designers get paid per part? And did they have a say about where to put the sprue gates or did they turn that decision over to someone who had never seen a model kit let alone built one? Now I`m n
  2. Time for a quick update! Nothing fell off the sprues or the pour stubs in the washing phase and the mancave was like an oven yesterday so I was able to get cracking! First impressions, the plastic is in the "Goldilocks" zone, not too hard, not too soft, which is just as well, Dragon have some hefty sprue gates! My immediate reaction was why`d they put it there? Some of them are a real pain to clean up, but a sharp blade and a skinny stick and I was off! The instructions are straight forward ish! Parts are duplicated because you get two and a half sprue B`s so there is a bit of a hunt for
  3. Well, buoyed by the favorable comments on my" first build in donkeys years" I have decided to make full use of the positive waves and start the depletion of my stash! After an exhaustive selection process involving some of my facebook chums(well three or four of them) it came down to the final two contenders, DML`s Saladin or Academy`s M60A2 (I am a mahoosive cold war armour fan BTW). Both kits have their issues as hours of trawling the interweb have revealed, and both kits have their supporters and detractors. Now I doubt my efforts will alter the opinions out there much but having come back
  4. Hello again Etienne, The drivers compartment slides out, I`ll take a few snaps and shove them up on here, I took a lot of WIP pictures to post on facebook and there`s plenty of the drivers compartment! Granto
  5. I`m sure I've seen this build before! Very nice work BTW! When I kicked off this build I didnt really know where I was going with it so a lot of my decisions were on the fly I hadn't even thought about headlights and so forth so I think the crystal is a reasonable compromise for the money, I recon there's enough for couple of hundred sets left! Although I concede you've got a nice set of headlights there! I left the commanders spotlight off my Chieftain, while the are common in photos, ours and many others lived in the commanders bin most of the time, so I chopped it off and put a short length
  6. Thanks Nick, in answer to your question, I was a Royal Hussar, I was a driver mech in C squadron when we converted to Challenger 1, and that is in the stash and I intend to build it as 34KA19! My brother was in A squadron who were first to exchange their Chieftains for Chally, he was also the first bloke to crash one!
  7. So, time for a brief update, Here She is today a few more bits done. Optics, reflectors and head and sidelights done with Mig Crystal Acrylics, I like them! Then a quick once over with some Florey sand wash! The headlights have come out much better than the photo suggests! Same treatment with the Crystal followed by Florey wash. I`ve still got to fit the fire extinguishers, but there`s a bit of me says to leave one at least missing, we used to have to hide em in a bin if we left the panzer because there was always some light fingered herbert that would switch one of hi
  8. In reply to your enquiry Etienne, the "Thunder box" was a common modification to an issue 5 gallon oil can, usually OMD 75 since british vehicles used almost as much of this as they did diesel! the base would be removed retaining the crimped edge for strength and then the top would be removed in a roughly semi circular fashion where the filler cap and handle were leaving a crude "seat" this would be filed smooth and some suitable cushioning material sought, issue masking tape "black nasty" would be used to secure the cushion. The completed "Thunder box" would then accompany any comfort minded
  9. Ben, a "winky wanky" is the amber flashing beacon we had to have fitted to make the 59 ton beast visible to other road users, final checks before coming "on road" would include ensuring the thunder box ( oil can with the top and bottom cut out and some padding around the top) was secure on the rear wing, your tow cable ends were hooked on and clamped and all sticks and bushes and kit and everything and everyone was secure and unlikely to fall off onto a local or a crusty "atomkraft nein danke" protester who routinely stood gawping at you on an FTX, the final thing was the commander shouting "w
  10. Well I've been lurking around long enough now, time to actually post something. This is my first full build in 1:35 since I was in the Army, I got out in 85! I`ve dabbled a little bit since, but nothing serious. Until now! I`ve had the kit in my stash for a few years, always intending to build it as one of "My" panzers. So here she is, Chieftain Mk9, callsign Zero Echo. She was the command tank for 7 Armoured brigade in 1983/84. The Boss at the time was Brigadier R Swinburn, He would rock up in the wee small hours and I would wreck the german countryside under his direction until he had had
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