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  1. A few more jobs to strike off the list of things to do on the Big Old Girl! I started pottering around this morning and before I really thought about it I had fitted the main armament. I had been putting this off for ages, because once it`s in thats it as far as the internals go. That's it, done, It`s now fixed in place, forever! Just the radio sets to slip in now! The mantlet cover in the kit is a nasty DS rubber thing, so that went in the bin and I have started a milliput replacement. Next weekend I can add creases and seams and so forth to the basic
  2. Some more fots! Dry fit of the turret and hull top with the turntable fitted and the FCT interior dropped in as well! Gunners safety shield visible through the hatch, also .30 cal stowage for the FCT and CoAx. Gunners sight and rangefinder visible, and part of the Mollins gear. Turret turntable visible in this one! The breach of the 120mm will fill this void completely! Radios! These sit on top of the .30 cal stowage rack visible in the previous image through the FCT opening. FCT dropped in FCT interior again and a nice view of the Gu
  3. Just a quick update before I head off down to the shed for what I hope will be a leisurely morning of plastic based fun since the "Leg Iron" is off to visit her Granddaughter! Earlier in the week I got a shot of clear on top of the silver in the fighting compartment. Yesterday II went to work with the Flory!! I also fitted the Gunners safety shield, this was designed to prevent him being "Scoffed by the Recoil Monster" during moments of heightened excitement! The Operator also had to keep his wits about him because the "Recoil Monster" and the "Traverse Monster" could be reas
  4. I couldn't resist a dry fit of the turret bits and removal of the masking tape........................... Turret basket in, guide roller nicely in contact Masking tape off! Gunners seat in place............. Gun control equipment in place............... 7 round stowage on the turntable, clips still to go on.................... Coming together nicely now! Ta for lookin` no G Granto
  5. Time for another half bottomed update! Working off and on I finally managed to populate the fighting compartment with sufficient bits and get a shot of Stynylrez on it! Across the rear bulkhead are the L/H air cleaner with the Charger Unit air cleaner on top of it, the generator blowers top L/H Ammunition stowage across the front of the access plate, R/H air cleaner surrounded with .30 cal stowage and the vehicle interior lights at the top of the bulkhead. This`un shows the L/H side hull wall with all its stowage. the 120mm case clips need trimming back a tad.
  6. Oooh Progress! Things are settling down, the "Leg Iron" is back at work......Just, and moaning that the holidays are too short, which as a teacher she is contractually obliged to do apparently, she's had 24 weeks off, but it`s still not enough, My Lad is starting College, he`s actually looking forward to it, and the two dogs are play fighting all day every day, which means I can get some shed time in! And this is what I did with it! Here is the fighting compartment, main engine air filters are fitted, charger unit air filter is fitted, just a hose/pipe to go, moving clockwise from
  7. Thank you for the comments Gents, In answer to Kiwidave4 I am going to leave the hatches open! My original intention was to just put enough detail in to draw the eye away from the void, but I got carried away......... Being an ex-Army Tank crewman I don't like seeing models of armour closed down, We rarely did it in my time (70`s-80`s), only on a "Battle run" on the ranges or for NBC guff in "Troop tests", the rest of the time the lids were open, in the summer we got dusty, in all other seasons we got wet, because the engine drew its air in through the turret. Most Commanders and
  8. Well, I had hoped to get a bit more done in the last two weeks, however the addition of another rescue dog to our family put paid to that, but the last two days have seen some definite progress! The curved stowage bin for the FCT .30cal ammunition has been painted and fitted. The three small compartments are for spare episcopes. And as I expected, once the FCT is dropped in you can hardly see it! The main engine air cleaners have been fitted, each one consists of 43 parts, most of which will not be visible! The stowage bases for four of the 120mm main ar
  9. Yes it is! Four years! I`m back on it today after a slight delay due to the arrival of our second rescue dog, she has kept me out of my shed for two weekends straight! Granto
  10. So with my enthusiasm boiling over I got cracking on the stowage at the crack of late morning! This will be the FCT .30Cal stowage, it goes around the left rear of the turret bustle, this will require some fettling since it is already very tight in there! This little stowage box goes on the hull floor just behind the vertical stowage of 8 or 9 120mm charges which stand in front of the 14+ horizontally stowed ones next door to the driver, it is supposed to contain two respirators and a four man 24 hour ration. To the right and left are roughed out 90 degree bends that will
  11. I started this beast four years ago. I love the Conqueror, from my first day at Stanley Barracks I was mesmerised by the hoofing great lump of a gate guard. Later on I got to go inside it, it was awesome, a proper tank. Loved by many of its crews, but not all, loathed by an Army that never got to grips with it logistically, mechanically or tactically. I couldn't wait to get the Dragon kit when it came out , despite its flaws. I intended to build OTB and just correct the major faults.......Glacis height and front roof armour, rear profile of the turret and gun barrel length/fume extractor posit
  12. Well, here is My Lancaster ASR III, I tried to take some better images but like a lot of things this year, it hasn't turned out as I expected! Base kit is the Revell Lancaster, with a Freightdog ASR conversion. In addition I used the Extradecal Post War Lancaster set, and Eduard canopy masks, paint was Vallejo air. This was my first group build and the largest Aeroplane kit I have completed since I joined the Army 42 years ago! When my Mojo for 1/35 armour evaporated I returned to 1/72 Aircraft, vowing to steer well clear of the mainstream Spitfires/Lancasters/Mosquitos that appear every day..
  13. Done! Right I`ve had enough of this one now I need to take some better images, but as far as the Lanc is concerned we`re done. I`m happy with some parts of it, and less so with others. I consider it a good kit for twenty two quid, there are several assemblies that are below par IMHO, turret interiors, flight deck/cockpit, I have a couple more of these in the stash, so I know what to tackle next time, but on the plus side the surface detail is nice and it is a reasonably easy build with only a few mistakes in the assembly instructions, the Freig
  14. Proper Minging, just like every one I pulled up alongside during countless tactical "Replens" on Soltau and across Germany in the 80`s, Excellent! You just need the SQMS`s "choggy wagon" parked at the end of the line now! Oh an Wolfgang's blue Merc to get the heads up on where you were going the next day! Granto
  15. Masks off, everything but the lifeboat fitted, some touching up to do, and a good clean all over, but I think I`m going to make the deadline.........probably Ta for lookin` no G Granto
  16. Almost done now, undercarriage doors are on, main wheels are glued solid, landing lights are in, just three antenna, the pitot and the rudder mass balances to go. However, there is also the question of the Airborne Lifeboat, It is a hoofing great lump of resin and there are some fit issues, so with five days to go I might quietly slip the lifeboat back in the stash for another day and another Lancaster, I don't know, I`ll have a ponder and a scratch......... But everything else is going in the win column!
  17. I read in Hank Adlam`s book "On and off the flight deck" that at the end of the war off the coast of Australia, a good number of Corsairs were as you say pushed over the side, but not all of them, from what I have read elsewhere the selection was made by the Air Engineering Officers who ditched all the old or troublesome aircraft, when Hank returned to UK in early 1946 he as senior pilot, lead the ships remaining Corsairs to HMS Daedalus at Lee-on-Solent before the carrier docked in Portsmouth, complete with a paying off pennant attached to his antenna mast, which subsequently jammed his rudd
  18. I found this by accident just now, it`s probably been posted before but I thought what the hell, some good stuff, Corsair, Hellcat, Firebrand, Mosquito and Vampire, all supported by some dreadful acting! Granto
  19. Props and spinners on, exhausts fitted and sitting on her wheels for the first time! So, there's a forest of antenna to go on, the weathering needs tidying up and I need to sort the lifeboat out. Winning! Ta for lookin` no G Granto
  20. A bit more work done while I wait to see if I`m going back to work next week yet. I started on the extensive exhaust staining. Its taking a while to get the appropriate mix and depth of pigment, but it`s getting there! Ta for lookin` no G Granto
  21. Got a bit more done this afternoon, Flory wash........well, Flory bath! Minging! This took about ten minutes! This was about two hours later. Some of these Maritime Lancasters had a very lived in look, which is handy, because that goes with my style of modelling! There's a lot more cleaning to go, but the finished article is starting to emerge. The panel lines have come out well in my opinion. But still more to come off underneath. All good! Yeah, a productive afternoon! Time to think about exhaust stains!
  22. Here is My Spitfire PRXIX, it`s been sitting on my bench or thereabouts since last year, It`s probably got Eduard belts and a Pavla upgrade inside and out but it`s been so long I cant remember, oh and an SAC undercart, and four spoke wheels from an AZ box of bits, and a spinner and resin upgrade prop from a Mk14 along with the exhausts, I think I had issues with just about everything, the more I think about it, it wasn't a very enjoyable build, still it`s done now, and I can park it up and move on! ta for lookin` no G Granto
  23. Getting near the finishing line now, I was able to spend a few hours getting the Decals on yesterday, they all went on beautifully! So I left it all to settle overnight with my "Bench Blocker" PRXIX! I used the stencils from the kit and the rest came from the Extradecal Post War Lancasters set, all with a liberal application of setting solution! Very fetching in it`s Maritime scheme! I still have to insert the landing lights, which will entail punching two little holes through the buzz number. So today I will be mostly sea
  24. Nice to see a Whippet opened up, from my own experience we almost never shut the hatches unless we were forced to! Granto
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