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  1. fastastic job! Cant wait for the next installment Andy
  2. I am devastated! Really enjoying your builds since i stumbled accross them and have been working my way through the SE5a build thread. Got to page 33 logged on last night for my Fozzy fix and boom Photobucket ruins myweekend! Do you have the build on any other platform that i can find? Keep up the great work, you have inspired me to have a go at scratch building. Found some plans for one of my Fav Aircraft - Dragon Rapide. Just need to finish my current projects first! Cheers Andy
  3. She is looking great! Enjoying this alot.
  4. This is really starting to take shape! Keep the pics coming!
  5. Looking forward to this! Great work on the mig btw!
  6. Hi Mike, My intention at the moment is to have a go at printing them myself but as with alot of things on this build i've never tried it before, if its a complete failure ill have a rethink! Anyways as promised this is going to be a very slow build but i have actually done a little bit! so firstly got the cargo door cut out Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Then scratch built in a deck and bulkhead Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled b
  7. I have those landing gear legs lined up Jess! Do you know if there is a uk supplier of contrail parts or do you need to order direct from the states? Andy
  8. Anybody ever used Contrails models in the states? Been looking for a solution for my engine issue as i can't find a Minicraft MD-80 kit anywhere. After ages looking online I stumbled on this site who do the perfect resin Valsan upgrade set. But it comes at a high price, not sure I can justify it but I really WANT it! Lol http://www.contrailsmodels.com/Engines.html
  9. Found this thread this week and am really enjoying getting up to date! Quick question and i apologise if its been answered before somewhere along the way but what do you use to simulate all the rivet heads on the panels and structure? Keep up the amazing work Andy
  10. Really enjoyed following this build! Looks Fantastic, cant wait too see whats next Andy
  11. I am getting the wing position from laying the fuselage next to my scaled photo all the other features seem to line up e,g door, cargo door, vertical stabiliser, central engine but the wing seems to me to be to far fwd! Happy to be shown im being an idiot and missing something obvious (It really wouldn't be the first time) Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr all the strips are actually lined up its just the camera perspective Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr As for the engine's now you have said it the size difference is quite obvious! Can i liv
  12. Thanks David this is new info for me! i have not seen the term 727 super before, Is it just the engine upgrades which make it a "super"? Also what are the visual differences between the 2 types of engines? is it just the pointy reverse thruster bits (Sorry have no idea what they are called!) or are the Nacelles physically bigger/ different profile?
  13. After seeing this aircraft fly low overhead while out with the family and then again give a great display at Farnborough last year i really wanted to try and build her in plastic! Never done anything other than an OOB build before so its also a good chance to learn some new skills and most likely give myself some headaches! The Aircraft in question is the Oil Spill Response Boeing 727-2S2F G-OSRA Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Photo not taken by me but sourced online She has a couple of interesting features that i will try to capture including a spraying boom m
  14. Yes after reading the reviews that Dave linked to I think they are going to be a wise investment!
  15. Well arriving home from work it appears the decision has been taken out of my hands! After telling my wife of my plans last night she only went and got me one as a valentines gift, bless her! So looks like I will be making do with the inaccuracy of the mini craft kit!
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