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  1. P.S. I am held myself as it was decided that I build a new laundry/linens room before I get a hobby room, tough but fair is her motto!
  2. Matt, Better safe than sorry, esp. after all of your hard work. I do know from personal experience that coming down the home stretch taking pause is often the wise choice. Keep it up, do what you think is right, we can wait! Good luck, Brian
  3. I am suffering withdrawals. I hope all is going well.
  4. Hi. For those trying to buy one of the Trumpeter 1/16 scale King Tiger (TSM -910) kits, they know that they are difficult to find. I looked up the US distributor for Trumpeter, Stevens International ( www.stevenshobby.com ) and emailed them this weekend asking if they knew when the kit would be in stock. I just received a reply and they said that they expect the kit to arrive this week. There goes another pile of money... I have the original Porsche Turreted version with the clear parts included. I want the Porsch/Henschel version for my build. Brian
  5. Matt, Thanks for the advice. I am watching these builds with awe. I have the Pz IV (and the Tiger II) , but I am beginning to consider doing the new Classy Hobby 1/16 Luchs Pz II for practice. It is a bit smaller and I can get spooled up for the big builds, honing my technique. Sounds fancy. I simply need to get used to seeing the details and how to add them. For room, there is always the chicken coop to sleep in... . at least It would be warm in there Take care and have a good day, Brian
  6. Matt, I have a question if you don't mind? When you replaced the cooler fan blades, did you attach the new blades with a butt joint (I see they are curved) or did you slot the hubs to receive the blades? Did I see somewhere that you are a Boeing A/C driver? I work on the 787. See you and thanks for sharing!
  7. Beautiful Job! I have been watching for a while and am I awe. I have this and the Pz IV kits (BTW are you planning on doing the Pz IV kit?). Good luck and thank you for sharing, Brian.
  8. Wo ist dem Schwimmwagen, der muss ein Schwimmwagen sein! Ha Ha, looks really good. Have you thought to add a Schwimmwagen? Thanks for sharing, Brian
  9. Hi, This link to the Bovington Tiger I from the side shows the Glacious/Panner join http://www.tiger-tank.com/secure/journal8.htm Good luck to you
  10. I am not in England, but I do have a lot of info on the Tiger in Bovington. What is it that you need?
  11. Very nice job! Very professional. Thank you for sharing this with us. I have bough a copy of the Pz IV H as practice for the King Tiger. In my dreams I will do a build like yours (good luck to me ). Have a nice day and thanks again!
  12. Doctor Gaz, You have a good sense of humor, I like it! Nice 88 too. I will apply at the Facebook page, thanks Brian and Kristi
  13. Good afternoon all! I an in Seattle Washington, USA. I like the 1/16 because it is large enough to detail without a microscope, yet small enough so that you do not need to build an addition to your house to display it. Those Tiger IIs are truly impressive. I have bought one of the Trumpeter 1/16 Pz IV H models and intend to build it doing as much detailing as is possible. After the Pz IV H I would like to build the tiger and if there is a Pz III N that would be sweet! I am primarily Tiger I and Pz III fan and have an extensive collection of books, DVDs, etc. on these subjects. Now I need the get myself some Pz IV references so that I might start my build. Panzer Tracts has not released their Pz IV book yet. I have the Meng AFV Modeler subscription. What other references would you recommend top me? This will be a very long build and my lovely assistant, Kristi, and I are looking forward to starting it soon. Thank you for the help and have yourself a good day! Brian and Kristi
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