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  1. Alex_110

    Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk. IB 1/72

    Very nice indeed, great photography too.
  2. I've got a Mistercraft Hunter on the bench at the moment, so I know the struggle. I can only hope I can get the quality up to half of yours, fantastic job!
  3. Alex_110

    1/32 AFV F-16D, Block 52

    Brilliant work, haven't seen a diorama like that before - is that a tiny box of mountain dew I see?
  4. This one was built OOB with the exception of a little wire to detail the engine, and some fishing line for the antenna. Not the easiest kit to build as many of you will know, but with a little work I think it gives a nice representation of the 190. Sorry the pics aren't great, I'll work out how to do photography someday, I promise.
  5. Alex_110

    Removing Decal Film

    Unfortunatly I haven't got any on me. Thanks for the suggestion though, I'll keep it in mind for the next time I attempt a NMF. After some more experiments, sandwiching the decal between layers of Super Clear III seems to work responsibly well without affecting the Alclad's sheen too much, so I might just do that to the whole model. It was only meant to be a weekend build after all.
  6. Alex_110

    Removing Decal Film

    So I've been having my first go with Alclad on a little Airfix 1/72 Sabre I've had lying around for years. All's gone well, the polished aluminium looks great - but inevitably there's a problem: The Airfix decals are particularly matt, and it's very obvious where the film is once the decals is down on the Alclad. I was able to trim the larger decals such as the USAF lettering, but this technique isn't really feasible with some of the other decals still to go on - such as the checkerboard tail or the "Little Rita" lettering. I've tried applying a little gloss over a smaller one, but that doesn't really help blend it in to the Alclad either. If you guys have got any tips for alleviating this problem they'd be much appreciated - pic below of the scheme in question.
  7. Alex_110

    1/32 Silverwings Hawker Demon.

    Wow, that rigging must have been a pain in the bottom. Beautiful result though!
  8. Alex_110

    Fisher 1/32 Sea Fury

    That's some great work, I'm loving that engine detail.
  9. Alex_110

    Mustang IV

    Absolutely stunning, it would be very easy to mistake it for the real thing.
  10. Hi all, this is my F4U-1A that I built for the current Corsair GB. Built OOB, Gunze acrylics for the paint and the kit supplied decals were used. As I'm sure you all know these Tamiya kits really come together effortlessly. Anyway, a few pics:
  11. Alex_110


    Vought Corsair F4U-1A VF-17, No.1 "BIG HOG" Lt. Cdr. John T. "Tommy" Blackburn Ondonga, Nov 1943
  12. Alex_110

    Corsair Dio

    Well you made quick work of that, and with a great result too.
  13. Well that's another one finished up, I'll throw some more pics up in the gallery and RFI. Fun builds these Tamiya kits.
  14. Decals on and a quick wash done. I had some real trouble with getting a nice coat of gloss varnish down this time. I use Vallejo's stuff that comes in 60ml bottles - usually it works fine, but it was refusing to give anything more than a satin coat this time. Ended up having to spray it down much thicker than I would like, so if any of you guys have got suggestions for an idiot-proof gloss varnish, I'd love to hear. One side effect of the heavy coats was that the paint on the canopy frame peeled up slightly along the edges when I was removing the mask, though that shouldn't be too hard to clean up with a blade. Anyway, next up I'll be attempting some chipping with a Prismacolor pencil - hopefully it'll look half decent this time - and I'll be getting the landing gear sorted. And after that I think I'll be calling this one done.
  15. Alex_110

    Corsair Dio

    That propeller looks very good, how did you go about bending it?