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  1. Looks like the Monogram kit to me... nice work!
  2. I was actualy thinking at this option as well.....
  3. Thanks guys....I think I'll just wait for Airfix to deliver a proper MkIV!
  4. Hi to all ! Has anyone ever tried to mixed Airfix recent 1/48 Blenheim MKI to the Classic Airframes mkIV nose? Jus wondering if this option is feasable to get a state of the art MkIV.... Phil
  5. Hi, Good choice and good job with the Aires cockpit, always a chore to insert ans particularly this one. I Have the same kit (Hasegawa box) on the bench right now 90% completed. The build is trouble some expect the wing/fuselage joint on the nose underside. Phil
  6. Absolutely stunning! and inspiring..I have the same kit in progress, reaching the paint stage. What colour ref have you used? Phili
  7. Great build and what a memory lane! I have quiet a lot on those in my pile... should consider doing the same one day
  8. Great Build Massimo! A pleasure to see a French A/C build in such a way. Just to let you know: the biggest inacuracy of the kit is the undesized sliding canopy. On the real aircraft, when fully open, it should rest on the two rails on the side of the fuselage.. Phil
  9. phil23

    Phil 2020

    Hi to all and a very happy new year ! Here are my 2020 builds: First a A6M3 Tamiya 1/48: Back to the gentlemen scale: Hobby Boss F9-F Panther part of a "one week one kit" challenge on a French forum: The big one: 1/32 scale P-51D Mustang Tamiya... what a treat! What if? Tamiya 1/48 scale do-335 B2 from JG-300 Wilde Sau and last but not least, without uneeded presentation (1/48th scale) Philippe
  10. Hi to all Here are the frist in progrees pics i've ever posted on this forum, and to do so what else than then a majestic British Phantom It's the venerable but respectable Hasegawa 1:48 F-4 GR2 Phantom, with some add ons: Aires office and exhausts, AlleyCat seamless intakes, Res Kit wheels, and decals from Airdoc's British Phantom in West Germany. Adapting the AIres Cockpit is a pain as usual but so it's such a beauty... on the other hand Alleycat intakes are a breeze to adapt. So far I'm here Aires Seats awaiting paint Now for the exhaust... well to make a long stoy short: Aires on the left, Hasegawa on the right Something's wrong here! when installed ,the Aires parts fall into the fuselage, they are way to small in diameter! I've therefore cut the inside of the Aires parts ton adpat them to the external Hasegawa part... much better: once gain original on the left, modified on the right: To be continued! Phil
  11. Ciao Massimo Amazing work on this one! A plane dear to my French Heart. Our "Stuka" was a typival design from the late 30's. Designed as a dive bomber, it was used in desperation as a level bomber without any success in 1940....A tribute to the brave men flying these lameducks in quasi suicide missions. Regarding the flaps colour, Chamois or underside colour is ok I guess. Philippe
  12. Amazing job on this oldie! One of my favourite plane and kit
  13. Hi No offense at all, I’ve always questioned this Russian Cyrillic marking on a Ukrainian aircraft ! You confirm my concern. Anyway, it will remain as it is! thanks to all for your kind comments. Phil
  14. Hello folks, For my second "ready for inspection" post, here is my 1/48 Kitty Hawk Mig-25 finished in the lovely Ukrainian Air Force deco. All Barracuda resin sets have been used, namely exhausts, corrected nose and wheels, as well as Eduard sets for the intakes and cockpit. A lot has been said about KH kits and this kit in particular. True it's not an easy one but very rewarding when finished. Paints from MRP range, decals from the box and Flory models washes as a finish (I just love that stuff!). Hope you'll enjoy Phil
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