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  1. Thank you buddy.I ll give a try on my next day off. However I still stuck with the colours as in my country sovering colours are not available . Im trying to find the closest match. thanks
  2. Nope. I got it from Hobbyeasy in HongKong. Even with the expensive postage, is more affordable than in my country
  3. Hi Thank you Paul and James. Your post are very helpfull. So far Im assembling and gluing parts, some of them have been very disappointing (IE the degaussing cable -I think that s the name of the thing- Its repreented by raised lines on the hull, looks good, but they not meet eachother in the bow!) Thank you again
  4. Hi Guys Im about to start this beautiful ship but I have a lot of doubts, specially regarding the color chart. This will be my first "serious" attempt to build a carrier and I want to do it properly. I dont know yet how to post images however I will try to describe the box contents. Grey plastic, single piece deck, two halves hull and 7 or 8 intserts that must be applied to the hull halves before closing them. The deatil is good but some of the parts have a little flash (i dont know as this a new moulding) and some them, like the one piece island, had texture and irregular Surface. The fit for now seems to be really good, specially the deck / hull seam, with careful dry fitting and use of tamiya extra thin need of sand will be mínimum. There is also 7 frets of photo etched details, 2 for the ship, (cranes, booms, catwalks, railing) and 5 really small for the swordfish (braces and wiring for the wings). The inserts for the hull detail doors, vents and other things and PE railings must be attached before to install them on the hull halves. The hull pieces have HUGE attachment points to the sprue as many other small parts, so carefull cutting is needed to avoid tediuos fixing after. By the way, Merit did not highlighted the waterline as usual in model ships so you must draw it by yourself. There are 13 (????) aircraft kits 5 swordfish, 4 fulmar and 4 skua. They look good molded in grey plastic. There is one half A4 decal sheet, including deck markings (mainly White lines), roundels for aircraft -in my sample out or register- and thats it. Im sure this kit will be stunning in more gifted and skilled hands, however just by itself will be an eyecatcher in any WW2 collection. The subject was very anticipaded by ship modelers and the size is really good, around 70 cm (more tan 20 inches). So long story short, thats I found the thing. Now the questions: Do you know the colors for this vessel in1939 ? Does these type of aircraft where in service at same time onboard? As son I learn to post pics I will share. Regards from Mexico J
  5. Happy new year to everyone! Mike, superb build it looks so nice. Mate, I just got one of this for Christmas but no instruction manual at all. I hope not to disturb you. Could you be so kind to share yours with me please? I want to see the final work! Best
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