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  1. I’ve decided on A84-215 around 1962. This aircraft was with 1 (B) OCU at that time in that paint scheme. In 1963 it got the first camo and later transferred to another squadron.
  2. I want the best of both worlds! The unique bomb rack configuration but something other than the green and grey.
  3. I have been on your website. Fantastic resource! I came across it when I was doing a B(I)8 and have been using your site for reference since. Great job! wrt the B 20 I may just use a different serial number as I really do want to hang the wingtip bomb racks.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I’m doing an Airfix 1/48 B20. The serial they’ve got is A84-205. From research 205 was converted to Mk 21 in 1958-59 long before it was assigned to 1 (B) OCU.
  5. Anyone has info about the RAAF Mk 20 conversion to Mk 21 and pics of the Mk 21 cockpit?
  6. Anyone has photos of the RAAF Canberra Mk 21 cockpit? Any details of what converting a MK20 to 21 entailed?
  7. Can anyone say if the Jet Provost T.mk.5B of 6 FTS had the spin strips as well as tip tanks?
  8. I’ve found that the rattle can Humbrol Enamel Gloss Varnish can be workable. A couple key things to remember is hold it very far away from your model and a little goes a looooong way! It’ll yellow and crack if you put on too heavy a coating. Also you can get bubbles on the finish if your spray coat is too heavy. Getting the can to spray can be a challenge but warm ambient temperature and a lot of agitation prior to starting helps.
  9. Looks like Q3 2021 for ICM B-26K
  10. Thank you very much for this info!
  11. I’ve been trying to find out if the outer pylons were fitted along with RP rails A,C and D. If so could the RPs and other types of ordnance be carried together?
  12. Hello all. Could anyone provide some guidance as to the AdA Mirage 2000C color scheme? FS numbers or paint line numbers?
  13. What color was the belly of the kiwi FB1 with the black rudders?
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