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  1. Is looking rally coil. Camo is amazing.
  2. It would be too easy..... Having the pin on the extra hidden side would remove all the challenge . The model is looking fine. Is there also some detail of the beloved Spey engine?
  3. Hi All, Just came back from a business trip. I tried to post some photos but not sure it worked. I see just a link to photobucket. Could you please confirm you are able to see the pics? Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to work on the 109. Thanks and have a nice weekend. Marco
  4. http://s350.photobucket.com/user/MarcoUK78/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160820_201121_zpsih5fp5sv.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2
  5. Hi All, few weeks ago I started this project. The aircraft is now close and almost ready for primer. This is a first WWII after many years. Ten years ago I started the SM79 1.48 (trumpeter) but was not able to finish it.... I will definitely finish this. I will post some pics soon. Have a nice day Marco
  6. Hi Robert, good start on the cockpit. I am doing the trumpeter one as well. Not sure on the camo. Need to do some search and trials before going on the model. Will follow your build with interest.
  7. Hi everybody, just got one on amazon... Should be delivered in 5 working days. Thanks for the review Mike. Ciao
  8. Sounds very interesting. Definitely I will follow you. Need to find time and space to finish my EFA2000 twin seater.... Have a nice Sunday. M
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