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  1. Thanks for the tip, will have to do some checking.
  2. After a quick think and beverage I made some inserts for the air brake wells from the tin of said beverage, based on pictures of the eduard etch set. Not perfect but better than nothing. Pressed the rivets in with back corner of blunt scalpel blade.
  3. An interesting choice, either one will look good but my vote is for t he e 5eme escadrille
  4. The sink marks look bad but dont feel like they much surface distortion. I think is the effect of the silver plastic but will see more one a primer coat is on. Small update before I go down to Devon for 8 days, finished the seat painting. The nose wheel bay has been bonded to one of the fuselage side, if you follow the instructions you should join the fuselage halves and insert the cockpit tub through this large hole but I have tried this without the instrument panels and failed hence only bonding once side of the wheel bay. The replacement Almark decals have arrived only to find out they are a year older than the kits but they look to be in better condition, also picked up some RoPs Blenhiem decals at the same time. I have an idea what to do with the airbrake for detailing but will need to do some experiments.
  5. I'm not surprised after you shared the stash picture last week, how many F4 does one man need. Does the Valom kit have decent colour details, FS hopefully has the revell instructions are the usual 1990's vague hints at colours if any (see pictures below) On this one only part 8 has colour indicated nothing for the intake itself and the next the cockpit side wall and the camera housing have no colours mentioned. Test fitted the air brakes and both fit extremely well and have detail on the inside but the fuselage aperture has no detail so I may have to add as the kit give the option for flaps down and the few pictures I have seen with flaps down the air brakes are deployed. Cockpit decal applied but show Revells have printed out of register so the after market set was a good choice. Oh and the instructions have the pilots and back seaters decal panels the wrong way round No2 for the front not No1
  6. Straight off the back of the Meng F102 Delta Dagger I'm starting another century series aircraft, Revell's F101B Voodoo from 1991. This was purchased from Rob at my local model club last month for the princely sum of £5, I'm pretty sure this is from 1991 as the original price tag of £6.95 was still on the box and the instructions are dated 1991. Apart from the decals looking a bit yellow the parts look good moulded in very 1970's "airfix" like soft silver plastic and were all still on the sprue. I have ordered a set of Almark decals from Hannants which has the choice of US and Canadian aircraft as I haven't decided on air superiority grey or NFM. Sprue shots first and then work started on cockpit.
  7. Finish no3 for the year is Meng's F102A Delta Dagger (case xx). Been working on this one in the back round while doing the shiny Black Widow. Built OOB as an aircraft operated by 509th FIS from Adorn RTAFB in 1969, using my usual mix of Tamiya and Mr Hobby Colour acylics. Went together fairly well but I found that the colours that Meng recommend (only Vallejo) didn't look like the photos of the aircraft so I substituted Tamiya XF11 for the dark green instead of H304 and used the H304 as the light green instead of H464. The decals went down well except the large fuselage band which needed a lot of Mirocsol to conform to the shape and ripped in one of the corners.Light weathering with Flory Dark Dirt wash. The instructions also have the main undercarriage door actuator upside down in step 8 and the canopy doesn't fit well in the closed position. Otherwise straight forward build less the masking of the canopy for the sealant tape, not had to do this before. Now this one is done I can get back to the P61A, as usual all comment welcome.
  8. Great work as usual Bill, at the rate your going you could have 2 Century aircraft ready in 6 weeks
  9. Excellent airbrush skill, love the result
  10. After some testing I have the following results. Wing was given two coats of Klear floor polish and then masked a set of 5 panels just behind the leading edge, the yellow arrow indicate the right most panel this received 2 layers of Mr Colour matt clear with a drop of flat white 30/1 ratio. The grey arrow indicates the nest panel which had 3 layers and the red arrow's panel had 4 layers. Unfortunately the Tamiya tape lifted most of the first and some of the second panels paint but the effect is still visible (not so much in the picture). Next I sprayed the tail section in Mr Colour flat clear and masked another panel section. This time a mix of flat clear and matt black at 40/1 ratio was sprayed. Yellow arrow indicates the first panel, this had 1 layer sprayed and then masked with normal masking tape. The red arrow indicates the panels that had two layers sprayed, this went opaque very quickly. I think I'll use the white mix predominately with some of the black mix on random panels. I want to get some clear enamel as I think this will stand up to masking better than the acrylics have.
  11. I thought I should do some tape tests before masking the canopy frame so here they are. With Tamiya tape there is some lifting of pigment and marks left on the surface. Also shows my fingerprints, they can be wiped of straight away but if left they cant. Tried maskol to see if they react to the super chrome This didn't tarnish the surface but left a "water mark" around the maskol spot. Lastly I tried clear coats to protect the super chrome. From left to right was Mr Hobby colour flat clear, Tamiya gloss clear and Johnson Klear. The Tamiya and Mr Hobby both reduced the shine but had tape marks, the Klear didn't dull the finish but had some lifting on the tape. I did spray only one layer and as it was water thinned it beaded up and rolled off so maybe additional layers would help. Further testing is required and then I'll respay the whole Blackwidow.
  12. Not by much. Could be bothered to watch the last 20 mins. Lovely build though.
  13. I redid a few area's I wasn't happy with on the underside and sprayed the upper side last night. Happy to report that the AK Super Chrome sands with no problems but need to be applied thick enough to be able to shine but if you put to much on can go crinkly such as wing roots. This picture shows the last part sprayed has stayed more reflective that the areas around it but it should loose a bit as it dries more. Next up is masking the canopy frames to be sprayed matt black and the radome in matt white. Then I will start experimenting in panel shading with differing tinted gloss clears
  14. I did manage to get some of the Mr Colour Super Metallic on but it went completely flat with no shine so I ordered some of the new AK Super Chrome ink. That works much better! Resprayed the engine nacelles along with the under carriage doors. I haven't sprayed the topside yet but I don't want to push my luck with a new paint untill I'm sure its hardened fully.
  15. Manage to get a coat of Tamiya Gloss Black X1 on this afternoon next will be the Mr Colour Metal Coat.
  16. A bit of delay with this one, been working on the P61 and a F102 Delta Dagger but I made up some of the pipe edge for the vent. Some trimming to length needed and I'll make up some more sets as 7 is not enough I think.
  17. The older generation of Hasegawa maybe lacking in internal detail but as you've shown it's possible to get great results, nice work.
  18. Finally got primer onto the P61 a few days ago, seams are mostly good but the nose needs more shaping and the leading edges around the booms has some filling to be done.
  19. Been a bit busy the last week but got some bench time yesterday so I removed the clamps to find one of the tail boom seams had split. So the filler came out and sorted quickly. I've got the nose reshaped 95% so that's been fitted tonight, this will need some more shaping but I can do this better on the fuselage. I would like to get some primer on soon so I can see any remaining seams to clean up.
  20. Good result but as you mentioned it look to be AV8b based as the RAF doesn't use AGM 65''s and the sidewinders were on the centre undercarriage pylons only.
  21. Put the rear clear part on before I noticed it had a mould seam so I used one of my new Flory sanding sticks to get rid of it and masked up with tape and Maskol. Also finished the front masking. A spray of my interior green mix, Tamiya XF4 and XF1. Mostly ok but found a gap. Carefully fitted the tail boom sections and clamped up. I'll leave that overnight to set and see how much filling the seams will need.
  22. A coat of flat clear has dulled down the paint nicely, now I just have to build the base and explosion. My order of Evergreen plastic arrived yesterday so I can start on the vent detail.
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