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  1. Phabulous! Very convincing looking Phantom. I especially like these slats. Geno
  2. Simply brilliant! Fantastic looking Zipper. Removing the rivets really paid off and I also like the appearance of the sindwinder's seekers. Geno
  3. Brilliant model! Die Mäander Tarnung is simply awe-inspiring, as well as all these tiny little details all over the model like the oil spills at the bottom of the engine nacelles and the dirt at the tyres. Great work! Geno
  4. Terriffic Beagle! Details are spot on. Excellent work, thanks for sharing. Geno
  5. Breathtaking Buccaneer! It definitely takes a lot of effort making the Airfix kit look that good. Kudos! Geno
  6. Great looking Six. What shade of blue do you have used for the cockpit and avionics bay? Geno
  7. @TGA You are really kind mate. The P-61 is a complex piece of art, the Mitsubishi just almost straight from the box. @Martin Thanks for your comment and the welcome. Happy New Year Geno
  8. A really nice one. I especially like the slightly grubby look and the fine rigging, btw the golden tint of the Claude looks great too. Geno
  9. Thanks very much guys. I had some trouble taking the pictures due to different colour temperatures of lighting and the bright contrast of the red areas. So I've used a tool to adjust brightness, saturation, contrast and a sharpness filter. Maybe a bit too much... Um, unfortunately not... Wrong end of Germany, but a splendid looking Black Widow, isn't it? Geno
  10. Big and shiny, I really like it. As far as I remember the nose glazing was a tricky part of the kit, it looks like you have done a perfect job. Geno
  11. Thanks for your kind comments. The base was made of bamboo by a fellow member of a german forum, I've added paint, a decal and some sweat for polishing... Geno
  12. Good evening Gentlemen, I'm the new one. After a while of only window shopping, I thought it's about time to show something of my own stuff at britmodeller. Coincidentally I've just finished a model... The Mitsubishi Ka-14 as it appeared in the Hayao Miyazaki movie "The Wind Rises". It's a very nice kit and went together without any fuss. I've just added IJN seat belts by Fine Molds, a hand hold below the cockpit sill and the foot step at the belly from scratch. The model has been sprayed with acrylic paints from the Tamiya range. Comments are welcome, please enjoy the pictures. Greetings from the Black Forest, Bodo
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