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    German WW2 AFV'S, German WW2 Aircraft and plane spotting. As I get older the more time I spend building models with the aid of a magnifying galss, life eh.
  1. Nice camo pattern, what division are re-resenting on the kit. Chris
  2. A very nice build and a great paint scheme, the weathering looks good and the wheels are excellent, more of the same. Chris
  3. Awsome, not so must plastic modelling as real engineering. Very impressive Chris
  4. Actually Adrian, that is a dam good idea Saves me a couple of quid and a lot of major masking. Chris
  5. Nice clean start to the build...Are you adding zimmerit?...Any ideas on the camo scheme you are going for? If you are into panthers the the old Italeri Bergepanther is not a bad build with added etch, skirts and tracks. But using the skirts and some heavy weathering you could hide the plastic tracks. chris
  6. Afternoon, I am building this as well and will follow with interest. The canopy is a bit, well, eh, crap, so are you replacing it or going with it? Thinking about replacing mine with a Falcon clear vax one, but that means more cash spent on the this one as I am going to get a camo mask and new wheels as well, Will follow keenly, Chris
  7. This should be good. I built this oldie a few years ago and without and aftermarket etch it looks a bit, dated. This will be a challenge and one to watch. By the way, with all the newer Panthers on the market, why go for this one? Chris
  8. Greetings and hello from a dull and wet Aberdeenshire. After making many German 1/35th WW2 I lost in mojo and modeling stopped So for Christmas I picked up a couple of Airfix 'wingy things' in attempt to get me going. I am starting with the JU-88A4, which I am now told is a rather old kit, the box art was so shiny and new(cue Madonna song). Well, having started I will complete I know there is no canopy mask, but will the Falcon luftwaffe clear vax canopies set 4, with the ju88A-4 in fit before I spend the cash? Last question, for now at least, as I have a collection of Tamiya paints for German AFV'S can any of the greens be used, and what is best range of Tamiya/Revel colours. just to get started. Thanks for looking. Chris
  9. Nice built, starting the same kit myself .The canopy is awful so are you replacing it or just masking as I can't find a mask.
  10. NikonChris


    Hello, my name is Chris, I am 52 years old, a new member, a WW2 AFV German fan who has lost his mojo..... To correct this I bought 2 WW2 German 1/72 bombers, Airfix JU88A-4 and BF110C and I hope this works, if not I am lost. So where is this going.......that's up to us. So to the crux of the matter, scale and fit...... Let's start with Scale. Let's use Me109G as the standard. If you study the plans, look at the real aircraft then if the wingspan is 12.2 metres then that's what is. So how do various manufactures get away with different sizes???? If I want to buy a canopy mask for this aircraft then they should all be the same. No, some say Airfix,ICM, Revell, Tamiya....but in truth 1/72 should be the same?????? So who is right????. Do we buy the latest kit because it is what we want or because we want to have the latest add ons, etch brass and decals??? Then onto fit. Having looked at this site a gentleman building the Trumpeter 1/16 Tiger II has had to chamfer the inner wheels this kit costs £300 GBP or more, is this right??? Some one else is building the Airfix 1/24 Mosquito and the fuselage does not fit, he is not the only one, this kit costs £100 plus and again this is wrong So where do we stand, do we boycott manufacturers until they get it correct or do we accept sub-standard models/kits because that's what we do? So, please tell me, am I wrong or right.....as we know we love our hobby, but we are not fools Nikonchris
  11. This is a beast of a model... When I fall back in love with German armour after building some 1/72 German bombers, a Trumpeter 2cm flakvierling and trailler, Tamyia Famo, trailer and a Hummel to add on then THIS will be my next project Hopefully it will be less than £200, lots of etch and some better decals, and I should have retired..hooray
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